10 Apps to Find Clothes Models Based on Images on Android

Android App To Find Clothes By Image

In this article, I am going to share with you a list of 10 apps that can help you find the best clothes or dress models based on images on Android. With this app, you can quickly identify cute dresses or cool shoes that you have seen on the internet or in convenience stores near your place.

I firmly believe that once in a while, you might find a shirt or outfit that you would like to have. Maybe you have seen clothes while browsing social media, flipping through magazines, or whatever. At that point, you might want a service like Shazam to identify clothes.

Having a service like Shazam to identify clothes is no longer a dream as there are many apps available on the Play Store that can do it for free.

Well, Android has always been known for its massive ecosystem of apps to identify clothes on the platform. So, here are 10 Android apps to find clothes based on pictures.

10 Android Apps To Find Clothes By Image

It should be noted that there are many third-party apps on Android available out there for identifying clothes. However, not everything is reliable and accurate. So, in this article, I have listed 10 reliable and popular apps.

1. Google Lens

Android Application To Find Clothes By Picture-1

Google Lens is an image recognition app that can help you identify not only clothes, but also accessories, computers, electronics, etc. Google Lens comes with built-in features on most modern Android smartphones.

However, if your phone does not have Google Lens feature, then you can download it from Google Play Store. To identify clothes, simply bring the clothes into the viewfinder frame and it will immediately show the shopping page to buy the item.

2. CamFind

Android Application To Find Clothes By Picture-2

CamFind is one of the best and top Android app which acts as a mobile visual search engine. With CamFind, you can easily search for anything on your mobile device just by clicking on the image.

You won’t believe it, but CamFind can easily identify things like clothes, accessories, electronics, etc. So, CamFind is another best Android app for identifying clothes and clothes.

3. Amazon Shopping

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The Amazon Shopping app for Android is equipped with a visual search engine known as “StyleSnap” which can easily identify clothes. It asks users to upload pictures of clothes to search for them on the platform.

However, Stylesnap’s results are limited to Amazon itself. That means, it can only identify the items that are available on the Amazon store. So, Amazon Shopping is another best option for finding clothes.

4. Pinterest Lens

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Pinterest Lens is the best visual search tool that you can consider. The main motto of Pinterest Lens is to show relevant and similar images. Very often, search results include shopping links for matching products, but shopping links are rare on the platform. Still, Pinterest Lens can be the best option to diversify your shopping options.


Android App To Find Clothes By Picture-5

ASOS is a British fashion retailer, and it also gets an app. The latest version of ASOS has the ability to find your next outfit by image. The reverse image search option of ASOS is quite easy to use and automatically picks up the most similar style to what you are looking for. But, again ASOS image search options are limited to the only ASOS retail store.

6. Screenshop

Android Application To Find Clothes By Picture-6

Screenshop is another best Android app which can help you to find clothes using images easily. With Screenshot, you need to import the image, and it will scan the clothes and will show the results in different tabs. This application has partnerships with several brands and provides direct shopping links of identified objects.

7. SiBi – See It Buy It

Android Application To Find Clothes By Picture-7

As the app claims, SiBi – See It Buy It is one of the best and top visual search engine app made for women fashion. With SiBi – See It Buy It, you can now match & buy items you just saw on social media posts. So, SiBi – See It Buy It is another best Android app which can be used to search clothes by image.

8. Reverse image search

Android App To Find Clothes By Image-8

Reverse image search is not an app to identify clothes by image, but it lets you search by image using Google, Tineye, Yandex, and other search engines. That means it will show you the results shown by the above-mentioned search engines. Search results may show shopping links (Depends on your luck).

9. Search By Image

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Search By Image is quite similar to the reverse Image search apps that have been listed right above this one. With Search By Image, you can now find similar images using multiple reverse image search engines like Yandex, Google, Bing, etc. The app is easy to use, and also has camera support for taking pictures.

10. PicFinder

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PicFinder is another best Android app that can be used to search for relevant images on the web. This app relies on Google image search engine to show results, and provides multiple search filters like you can search by time, size, color, model, etc. The result also has sitelinks from where you can buy items.

So, these were the 10 best Android apps that you can use to search for clothes by image. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.