10 Best Basketball Games on Android

Best Basketball Game on Android

Best Basketball Game on Android. | Basketball is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world, and Indonesia is also not behind in terms of the passion for this sport, and I think even the majority of netizens will also agree that they are fans of this too. beautiful sport.

So, in this article, I compiled the 10 best Android basketball games available on the Google Play Store for you to download and enjoy. Okay just go ahead Here are the 10 best basketball games on Android:

1. Basketball Stars

Best Basketball Game on Android-1

Basketball Stars game is one of the best basketball games on Play store. This 59 MB size game is made by Miniclip.com. You can play one on one basketball match with some of the best players in this sport.

It also has two different online multiplayer modes, where you can continue to challenge real-time players around the world and then beat your opponent for good. It also comes with many amazing basketball sets and you can play using all of them. Every time you go through one challenge, the other challenges will become much more difficult and you will have to train very hard to excel in it. You should always come up with some new moves to amaze your opponent and always try to avoid all the dangerous moves of your enemy.

The graphics are also stunning, and you will surely fall in love with the whole environment of this game. This game is free with in-app purchase option.

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2. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

Best Basketball Game on Android-2

Electronic Arts has created this amazing 66 MB sized Basketball game app for all of us. First of all, you have to build your own super NBA team in it and then start your journey. Then, you have to train your team harder and harder in the best possible way, and then face your enemies and make them smell defeat.

This game also features a series of events and tournaments, and yes to your surprise it also features live NBA matches, so are you ready to go head to head with the worst dudes from the world of this sport and then compete through hard work, dedication and smart strategy.

The graphics are really cool and you probably won’t have the same complaint. This game is free with in-app purchase option.

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3. Basketball Shoot

Best Basketball Game on Android-3

Basketball Shoot game is one of the best basketball games. This 9 MB size game is brought to you by Runner Games. This is one of the most fun and action packed basketball game available on Google play store.

You have to shoot in a very limited number of chances given to you and do it in front of others to climb higher and higher in the leaderboard.

First of all, you need to touch the screen, and then using your fingers make a perfect aim by applying the power and angle as required by the respective shot. And then you can release your finger to let the ball into the basket.

It may look very simple to you, but it is not as simple as it looks to you, and you have to practice very hard before playing this game. It comes packed with lots of amazing locations to choose from like – beach, rooftop, airport, and so on.

The graphics are also stunning, even though the size of the game is very small. This game has no in-app purchases and is completely free.

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4. Fanatical Basketball

Best Basketball Game on Android-4

Fanatical Basketball is another one of the best basketball games. CanaryDroid has designed this 22 MB size game for you to play. It will surely blow you away as it is backed by its amazing features and characteristics.

The animations also look real and will make you feel like watching a real basketball game. You will face more than 30 talented and highly skilled teams and have to work really hard to conquer them.

There are two game modes, namely League Match, where you can start your journey from zero to champion, and fast mode, where you can directly start the game and face random opponents.

The graphics are amazing and you will be impressed by it. This game is free with in-app purchase option.

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5. Basketball Battle

Best Basketball Game on Android-5

Basketball Battle is another best basketball game. This game is 52 MB in size brought to you by DoubleTap Software. You can enjoy street style basketball in it, and enjoy every part of it. The controls are quite easy, but you have to put in a lot of effort to master them accurately.

You can take part in various tournaments and matches across the country and challenge the many talented and powerful competitors out there.

There are more than 100 basketball courts and the interesting thing about this game is that you can also compete in live events and show off your talent in front of the masses. You should always keep in mind that the difficulty level will keep increasing every level you pass, so you should be ready to accept and overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

It also features an online multiplayer mode, where you can fight with most of the real-time players around the world. This game is free with in-app purchase option.

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6. BasketBall Mania

Best Basketball Game on Android-6

Mouse Game created this small 6 MB sized BasketBall Mania game for you. It gives you one of the most thrilling and fun basketball games right to your fingertips. First of all, you need to touch the virtual and then try to make a perfect aim and angle through it. Once you have done that, you just need to release your finger, and then let the ball fly, now you will be able to see if your shot was successful or not and also the period of time during which you made a successful shot.

And don’t forget, that you will be competing with other players, who will go to extreme limits to beat you, therefore, you have to be very vigilant at every point of your gameplay.

You can customize your player, the sound effects and music are amazing, and you will be impressed by it. Apart from that, the graphics are also fantastic and the most surprising thing about this game is that there are no in-app purchases and it’s completely free.

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7. Basketball Tournament – ​​Free Throw Game

Best Basketball Game on Android-7

Basketball Tournament is also one of the best basketball game on Google play store. It has many modes in total there are six modes, the first mode is Challenge mode, where you have to reach the given target within a certain period of time. The second is the arcade mode, where you will get five chances to make a successful shot and the location is also different every time.

The third is the time attack, where you will be given 45 seconds, and you have to get as many points as possible by making a successful shot. The fourth one is the Not missing mode, where you have to score as much as possible but the condition here is that you will only get one ball. The fifth is the free throw mode, where you have to conquer as many as possible by standing on the free throw line and using only five balls.

The sixth and final one is the three-point game mode, where you only have 80 seconds and you will stand outside the 3-point line and score as much as possible. The graphics are perfect and the Game is free with in-app purchase option.

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8. Real Basketball

Best Basketball Game on Android-8

Real Basketball is one of the most real-time 3D experience basketball games. Real Basketball features six unique and different gameplay modes. You can fully customize your player in every little thing to big things like costumes to skin color, hair to shoes and so on.

It comes with more than 20 basketballs and you can play on four magnificent basketball courts. In the online multi-player mode, you can challenge all the gamers around the world like you and then beat that gamer virtually.

It has many tournaments and events loaded in it. The graphics are really cool, and the animations, locations, players, and more are amazing. This game is free with in-app purchase option.

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9. Shooting Hoops – 3 Point Basketball Games

Best Basketball Game on Android-9

Shooting Hoops game is 100 MB in size and created by Webelinx games. You can explore more than 28 beautiful cities around the world and then take part in several basketball games.

The day and night mode feature will surely impress you. In each city where you land, you have to take part in 3 missions, which total up to 150 missions for you to complete. You will also get one extra mission every day. There is also a practice mode, where you can test yourself and try to improve your skills. It is definitely very important that you practice a lot before stepping out on the battlefield.

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10. Shooting Basketball

Best Basketball Game on Android-10

Android Pixels has created this beautiful 36 MB Basketball game for Android. This game is for fun and unlimited action, so are you ready? If so, accept the challenge. It has three modes, namely- Arcade mode, Time mode, and Distance mode.

In Arcade mode, you will get five chances to shoot. So, you have to make the best use of every ball you give, and yes, if you manage to make five successful shots, then you get one free shot, it’s like winning the jackpot, so make the most of all those opportunities.

In time mode, you will be limited by a certain time and you have to make as many successful shots as you can in the given time period, and in the end, your score must be more compared to your enemy’s score, to win the match.

In distance mode, firstly you will start with a distance of 1 meter and if you make a successful shot then this distance will continue to increase and if you fail then the distance will continue to decrease. This game is free with in-app purchase option.

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Those are the 10 best basketball games on Android. All these games are absolutely free to download and play. I hope this article is useful for you. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.