10 Best Chrome Extensions Teachers Must Have

best chrome extension a teacher must have

Best Chrome Extensions Teachers Must Have | The COVID-19 pandemic has not only closed schools and colleges around the world but has drastically changed teaching and learning methods. With educational institutions shutting down to curb this pandemic, millions of students are embarking on a new world of digital learning, while millions more are struggling to adapt to this sudden transition. Regarding teaching, educators provide adequate assistance to students by holding online classes. Online education originated as the new normal amid the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, in this article I share the 10 best chrome extensions a teacher must have for effective learning during this coronavirus pandemic. The extensions I mentioned are ideal for a wide variety of tasks, especially for e-learning and online teaching.

Some of the functions of this extension consist – communicate voice memos, create engaging presentations, record & share notes easily, document and edit videos, and get access to far more resources for interactive and engaging learning. So, just check it out and make sure to get the amazing benefits of the highly recommended chrome extension for online learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Google Classroom

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Google Classroom is one of the most recommended platforms for educating students virtually. With Google Classroom, you can easily and quickly create and organize assignments, lessons, lecture notes. You can further connect, communicate and provide individual feedback effectively in each lesson.

As an educator, you can assign paperless assignments to students to upload and submit without any hassle. Google Classroom is an excellent platform for teaching, providing immediate feedback, improving communication with students even when you are away from the classroom.

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2. Zoom

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Zoom is perfect for having face-to-face conversations, conducting meetings, and online classes. The platform allows recording of virtual meetings and discussions. Zoom is highly recommended as it is an ideal platform for educators and for all kinds of business discussions, conferences, webinars and so on.

This platform ideally facilitates various discussion modes both in “audio-only mode”, including “audio and video mode”. Zoom further facilitates one-on-one meetings and group video conferencing of up to 40 minutes with up to 100 participants even with the free plan. For an educator, the platform allows sharing your screen with the participants so they can see what you want to show them.

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3. Evernote Web

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Evernote Web is an excellent platform for e-learning and online education. It is compatible with both desktops and smartphones. This platform helps an educator in creating, exploring, storing and maintaining notes, ideas, research, and getting access to them anytime from anywhere. Apart from that, you can create to-do lists and create assignments for upcoming teaching sessions and events.

You can easily dig up useful notes and valuable content with the help of Evernote browser and plugin. Evernote Web allows you to organize your notes using tags and notebooks, bookmark web pages using Evernote extension, attach images, PDFs, audio to your lesson plans, and much more.

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4. Google Keep

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Google Keep is the best for sharing ideas. As a tutor, you can take advantage of this platform to take notes and keep them organized. If you have limited time to prepare written notes, you can even record voice notes and Google Keep will perfectly transcribe your voice memos so that you can easily find them whenever you need them. Furthermore, you can easily communicate your ideas with your students through this platform.

Apart from that, Google Keep consists of color codes and labels that allow you to find your notes without any hassle. You can sync your subject content and notes on any device. You can get access to them and set them up the way you want. You can also add a reminder not to miss anything from your to-do list on this platform.

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5. Socrative Teacher

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Socrative Teacher is a great platform to engage, access and personalize your lessons. As an educator, you can carry out productive assessments of your students through quizzes, quick polls, and so on. On this platform, you can create your own quizzes, asking your students open-ended questions. Any web-enabled device like smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC is compatible with this app.

Socrative Teacher facilitates instant evaluation and assessment, and provides precise visuals of results. This streamlined process can help you identify the student’s weaknesses and also help you understand the need for further guidance to the needy.

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6. Storybird

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Storybird is a creative online story creation platform for students and educators. This app is used in 400,000+ classrooms globally. Storybird is a creative platform for adding to daily lesson plans, assignments regardless of class and subject. It is an influential and effective platform with various social tools for reading, writing, storytelling, and more.

This platform easily coordinates with your class curriculum requirements and teaching norms. You can easily assign assignments, provide productive feedback, evaluate and give grades based on student learning and performance. As an educator, you can even monitor student activity from any device by using your instructor dashboard. Storybird is a creative and engaging platform ideal for students.

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7. EDpuzzle

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EDpuzzle is a must-have Chrome extension if you use videos while teaching. EDpuzzle empowers you to prepare any video for effective lessons. Since videos are the best way to engage your students in a lesson, you can take advantage of this platform for effective lessons. You can even track student learning by embedding quizzes between videos.

For example, if you can select a video from any platform like YouTube, Coursera, Academy, Khan Academy, etc., you can further explain it in a smoother and better perspective to your students. You can even cut the important part of the video and explain it in a better and effective way with your own voice.

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8. Pear Deck

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Pear Deck is recommended for passionate teachers looking for 100% student engagement during lessons. This platform is ideal for interactive demonstrations and constructive evaluation, providing feedback to connect and engage with students on a daily basis. Pear Deck is compatible with any device and helps them understand lessons better.

You can monitor the progress and shortcomings of your learners. As an educator, you can easily convert current PPT, Google slides, PDF into interactive presentations. Next, you review learning status, student feedback, conference hints, and much more through this amazing platform.

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9. WeVideo

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WeVideo is a suitable platform for educators in keeping your projects organized. It is easily accessible to anyone from anywhere at any time. You use this platform to create and maintain your projects, lesson plans, notes, etc. The free video editing app WeVideo enables simple and straightforward professional-quality video creation for schools and even businesses.

WeVideo works seamlessly with Google drive and adds a folder labeled “WeVideo” to your Google Drive index. While teaching, you can ensure effective learning for your students by providing videos based on the topic you want to teach.

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10. PlayPosition

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PlayPosit is a dynamic platform with a simple interface where you can create lessons in less than 15 minutes. You can turn online video content into interactive learning and embed powerful questions to track your students’ learning and progress. The monitoring category provides notes on lessons that have been studied previously and students’ perceptions of a subject matter.

PlayPosit is the ideal platform for online teaching as it strictly provides actionable guidance and necessary steps for individual tutoring.

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Those are the 10 best chrome extensions a teacher should have. Hopefully this article is useful for you and thank you for visiting.