10 Best Free Android Portrait Mode Camera Apps

Best Free Android Portrait Mode Apps

Currently we prefer Android and iOS cellphones to capture images rather than using digital cameras. Android camera apps usually have all the features we need to take fantastic photos, but still, it lacks some advanced features like portrait mode.

Portrait mode requires some hardware compatibility to take pictures. However, there are many Android portrait mode apps available on the Google Play Store that can give a portrait mode effect.

Even if your phone doesn’t have portrait mode, that doesn’t mean you can’t take portrait photos. Portrait mode blurs out of focus parts of the photo giving it a unique look.

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Sometimes, smartphones that have portrait mode fail to detect the real object and blur the main subject. So, in this case, having a portrait mode app is a must.

This free Android portrait mode camera app lets you take perfect bokeh effect photos easily. So, with this app, you can select the edges of the object and set the amount of blur. Without further ado, let’s explore the 10 best free portrait mode camera apps for Android.

1. AirBrush

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AirBrush is one of the best free portrait mode camera apps on Android. This application is a photo editing tool that provides users with various bokeh effect photo editing options. If we talk about portrait mode effects, AirBrush offers users a Blur tool which can retouch any photo to give them more depth and keep only the important things in focus.

It allows the user to control the edge detection along with the amount of blur. In addition, AirBrush also offers real-time editing technology, which allows users to edit selfies before taking pictures.

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2. DSLR Camera

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DSLR Camera is another best Blur/bokeh effect app to apply portrait mode on your Android smartphone in this list. Guess what? With DSLR Camera, you no longer need a DSLR camera or no need to be a professional photographer to apply DSLR-type blur background effect on your photos.

This app allows the user to manually select a subject from the image to apply a blur effect. Not only that, this app also allows users to adjust the blur level with the blur finder bar.

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Select a picture from gallery or take a picture from camera. To get an auto blur background image, go to the blur shape section. Adjust the blur level with the blurriness seekbar. You can also adjust the brush size.

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3. Sweet Camera

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Sweet Camera is another best and top rated portrait mode camera app for Android available on Google Play Store. Guess what? Sweet Camera provides users with various real-time selfie filters which can enhance your photography. Apart from that, Sweet Camera also provides a good selfie photo editor, snap filters, etc.

Sweet Camera App main features:

  • AI Selfie Camera: selfie expert and photo editor, selfie photo editor, ai selfie, portrait selfie, teleport photo editor, art camera
  • portrait mode: portrait camera, portrait photography, portrait blur, portrait effect, portrait retouch, focus portrait and DSLR Auto Blur background
  • Make selfie video, motion background
  • Apply filters and effects, stickers.
  • Share or save results.

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4. Snapseed

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Snapseed is also one of the best free portrait mode apps on Android. This application made by Google is very similar to Photoshop for desktop computers. It is a complete photo editing app available on Google Play Store.

Compared to other photo editing apps for Android, Snapseed offers users more features. For photo editing, Snapseed offers more than 29 different tools like Filter, Healing, Brush, HDR, Perspective, etc. Also, it supports RAW files.

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5. AfterFocus

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If you are looking for an Android app that allows users to create DSLR-style blurred background photos, then AfterFocus might be the best pick for you. Guess what? This app allows users to more precisely select the focus area to get more natural and professional looking images.

Not only that, AfterFocus also has smart focus area selection, which automatically selects a subject from the image to apply a bokeh effect.

Just mark the area you want, AfterFocus automatically recognizes the focus area precisely even for objects with complex shapes. This automatic function allows you to work faster on smartphones with small screens.

Additionally, the AfterFocus background blur effect gives photos a realistic look between the background edge and the focus area.

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6. Google Camera

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The Pixel device’s native camera app is now available on the Google Play Store. However, Google Camera only works with supported devices. Compared to other camera apps for Android, Google Camera offers more features.

It features a portrait mode which adds an elegant background blur to images. Apart from that, it has Night Sight to take pictures at night, super res zoom to keep your pictures sharp while you zoom in, etc.

Google Camera Features:

  • HDR+ with dual exposure control – Take pictures using HDR+ to take fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Night Sight – You will never want to use your flash again. Night Sight brings all the finest details and colors lost in the dark. You can even take photos of the Milky Way!
  • Super Resolution Zoom – Super Resolution Zoom keeps your image sharp when you zoom in — without blur.
  • Portrait – Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to images. Google Photos can also bring out the subject of your photo by leaving it in color, while changing the background to black and white.
  • Google Lens Suggestions – Point your camera at QR code, business card, paper document or foreign text and it will help you to read, scan document, translate and much more.
  • Playground – Have fun mixing the real world with virtual AR stickers and effects!

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7. Open Camera

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If your phone doesn’t support Google Camera app for photography, you need to try Open Camera. It is an open source and advanced camera app available for Android smartphones. The best thing about Open Camera is that it gives users full manual camera control.

With Open Camera, you can quickly stabilize your image, adjust color effects, ISO, focus mode, etc. As it provides users with lots of manual controls, Open Camera can be used to capture stunning portrait shots.

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8. Camera FV-5 Lite

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If you are looking for a professional camera app for your Android smartphone, then you need to give Camera FV-5 Lite a try. Camera FV-5 Lite offers users DSLR-type manual control. The great thing about Camera FV-5 Lite is that all the photographic parameters can be adjusted. For example, you can control shutter speed, blur level, ISO, Metering, focus mode, etc.

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9. Auto Blur Background DSLR

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As the name suggests, Auto Blur Background DSLR is an Android app that allows users to blur unwanted parts of an image. The app can also be used to click portrait shots. With DSLR Auto Blur Background, you can easily blur background, focus portrait image, adjust blur level, adjust contrast/color/light effect, etc.

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10. Portrait Mode

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Well, if you are looking for an Android app to create depth effect photos, then Portrait Mode might be the best pick for you. It not only adds a blur effect, but also lets you control the amount of blur easily. Apart from that, it also gives you the option to blur the selective part of the image.

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Those are some of the best free portrait mode apps on Android. I hope this article is of use to you! Don’t forget to share it with your friends too and thank you for visiting.