10 Best Language Translator Camera Apps For iPhone

translate camera app for iphone

The best language translator camera application for iPhone that functions to translate text by taking pictures is the application that I will discuss in this post.

Camera translator becomes a must tool especially when you are on a trip to countries like China. It seems very difficult to understand other countries’ languages, But if you use this translation app, you can understand those unfamiliar languages ​​in seconds and stay calm while enjoying every new place.

This app requires you to set the language in which you want to translate the text. Then, you can fetch the text content and get the result in the desired language.

10 Best Language Translator Camera Apps For iPhone

Most of the apps I’m going to mention offer text, voice translation, and some only provide text translation. You can see the list below and take pictures to get translations in hundreds of languages.

1. Google Translate

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Google Translate is one of the best free translator camera apps for iPhone. Using this app, you can get translations by performing various tasks. This app lets you translate using camera, text, voice, and conversation. Moreover, you can translate without connecting to the internet.

For each task, the app supports a different number of languages, for example, camera translation supports 90 languages ​​while text translation supports more than 100 languages. In offline version, you get 59 languages ​​for translation.

Once you launch this translator camera app, you will get these options (camera, handwriting, voice, and conversation) on the homepage. At this point, you can tap on the Camera icon.

After tapping the Camera icon, you will get various options for camera translation, namely: Instant (live translation), scan (take a picture), and import (image with text from gallery). You can choose one of the ways to translate, then change the language from above and leave the text facing the camera. This app gives you accurate translation in your desired language.

2. Scan & Translate

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Scan & Translate is another translator camera app for iPhone devices. This app is quite easy to use. You have to capture the image of the text and you will get the translation with the selected language.

When you launch the app after installation, you will see two options on the homepage; Manuals and Snaps. To get better results, you can use manual option. With this option, you will be able to manually take the image and edit the image to crop so that you can select the text area. Then, you can tap on the button located at the bottom center and get the translation in your chosen language.

If you tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left, you will find all the previous translations in the Text section and take a picture in the Scans section.

3. Microsoft Translator

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Microsoft Translator is a smart camera translator app that you can use on iPhone. Along with camera translation, this app supports text, voice, conversation translation with support for more than 60 languages.

Once you install the app, it shows different translation ways. Here, you can tap on the Camera icon. Now you can change the language using the dropdown located at the bottom. After this, you can enter text into the camera.

This app gives you instant translation of the original text. You can also embed or share the translation with others as well.

4. Camera Translator

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Camera Translator app is available for iPhone to translate using your phone’s camera. It supports more than 100 languages ​​and provides instant camera translation results.

Once you open the app after installation, you will see two ways to use the camera; text and objects. First of all you can select the language to be translated from above. Then, you can go with the Text camera and start organizing the text into boxes.

This app gives you instant results with original text. You can copy, share or listen to the subtitles.

5. Waygo

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Waygo is an application that can be used as a dictionary for translations. This translator camera app is suitable for Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations. So if you are going to travel to China, Korea or Japan, this app will help a lot.

On the app homepage, you can scan the text by one line, multiple lines, or you can take a picture to get the translation. Apart from that, you can select an image from your photo gallery to translate text in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

6. Translation & Scan Camera

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Translation & Scan Camera is an app that you can use to retrieve text for translation. Using the app, you can upload images from your photo gallery to translate images.

Once you launch the app, it shows an option on the homepage to set the language. You can select the original source language and the language you want to change. Then, you can decide whether you want to use the camera or upload an image from your photo gallery.

This app comes with instant translation. You can also check the previously translated images in the History section of the app.

7. Naver Papago

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Naver Papago is a smart app to translate your documents. This app lets you translate text by voice, image or conversation as well. You can also use the offline app if needed.

With the help of this translator camera app, you can easily translate text into 13 languages. All you need to install and launch the app. On the homepage, you get different translation options. At this point, you can tap on Image and start retrieving the text that you want to translate.

To fetch the text, you can translate the whole text or rub in one by one from the text that you want to translate in the image. If you want to change language, you can do it from above and get fast camera translation.

8. Photo Translator AR

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Photo Translator AR can work very well as a camera translator app. With the innovative AI technology, you can get fast and accurate translation results.

You can use this app as a real-time translator, text scanner, and photo translator. When you open the app after installing it, firstly, you can switch to the language. After that, you will see the options mentioned above.

Here, you can select the camera to capture the text and get a quick translation. Apart from that, this app also lets you check the history of previous translations.

9. Camera Dictionary

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Camera Dictionary is a free translator camera app for iPhone. Before starting, you need to sign in with your Google account.

Once you are logged in, you will find a camera to take photos. It is recommended to focus the text from a distance of 8 cm. Once you click on the image, it shows a number of words taken from the clicked image. Then, you just need to click on the word to get its translation.

PS: This app is only for English translation. Does not support other languages ​​to translate.

10. Translator Box

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Translator Box is an amazing app because you can get translations via text, voice, and photos. Using this app, you can get quick results with multiple language support.

To use the app, you can select the language and then you can go with camera translation. For this, you can tap on the Camera icon and take a picture of the content you want to translate and crop the image to focus the text.

Then, you will find your translation in the language you have specified. You can listen to the translation or copy it in other languages ​​too.

Red Thread | I hope the above mentioned apps will help you to quickly translate text content. You can choose your favorite translator camera app which is suitable for you. Especially if you are planning to travel to other countries, you will find this app useful. Very fast to take pictures and get instant translation in multiple languages.