11 Apps To Add Music to Videos [Android dan iOS]

Application To Add Music to Video

If you are a content creator, then you know that adding music or sound effects to a video is just as important as the video itself. Audio quality is what separates a great video from a good one. Nowadays video editing is easy to get on your mobile device as easy as it is on your computer, you shouldn’t hesitate to do what it takes to make your videos more interesting.

Following is a list of apps that you can use to add music and other sound effects to videos. This list contains apps available on Apple App Store and Google Play, which means most of the apps here can be used on your iPhone as well as your Android device.

1. Video Editor & Video Maker – InShot

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InShot is a free video editor & video maker that can be used to add music to videos. Having a rating of 4.8 on Apple and Google app stores, this app is a complete video editor which can be used to combine multiple video clips into one video and you can also add your own music or songs from the library as background sound.

InShot also allows users to add their own voice overs to videos and offers customization options such as music fading and volume controls. Apart from that, you get the ability to extract audio from other videos, add transition effects, video filters, text, stickers, emojis to edited videos.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

2. VideoShow Video Editor

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VideoShow Video Editor is also one of the best free apps to add music to videos. This app is a complete editor which lets you add background music to videos from free music library and songs from your device. Apart from that, there is a Video dubbing feature which allows you to add your own voice or sound effects using the microphone of your device.

You can choose from more than 50 themes depending on the video you are creating with filters, blurred backgrounds, gif-maker, audio adjustments, and voice enhancement.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

3. Quik by Go Pro

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In case you don’t know, GoPro offers its own video editor which you can use for free on iOS and Android by downloading the Quik app from the corresponding app store available for your platform. With this app, you can choose the background sound from more than 100 free songs and if that makes you dissatisfied, you can use songs from your own library.

When selecting music from your own collection, Quik allows you to upload files in supported formats: MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV. This app lets you customize videos by rearranging, trimming, and rotating videos and photos, adding text, GPS Stickers, cinema formatting, and adjusting cuts and transitions automatically.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

4. PowerDirector by Cyberlink

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Cyberlink is one of the best apps for adding music to videos. Cyberlink was in the video editing game even before video editing on mobile devices existed. And the PowerDirector app is now available on iOS and Android. You can add sound and background music to any of your videos and you can choose from hundreds of free music and sounds available as presets.

Additionally, the PowerDirector app offers full video editing controls such as trimming, splicing, rotating clips, adjusting color, brightness, and saturation, adding effects and transitions, animated titles, PiP overlays and collages, and the means to create fast-forward or slow-motion videos. .

Downloads for: Android | iOS

5. Add Music to Video +

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Available exclusively for iPhone and iPad, this app lets you easily add customizable background music or remixed songs to videos. Background music can be added from your iPhone as well as the app’s native playlist and once selected, you will get an option flag where exactly you want the music to start in the video. Once a track is added, you can adjust the audio volume, add a fade effect, or your own voice to the video.

Downloads for: iOS

6. iMovie

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If you are using an iOS device, it doesn’t make sense for you to search for a video editor in the App Store when you already have one installed when you bought it. Yes, we are talking about iMovie which is available for all Apple devices including iPhone and iPad. You can create clips with soundtracks that match the length of the video.

Moreover, the app supports cross-platform synchronization, which means you can easily work on your projects on various Apple devices at any time. You can also add your own sound effects or narration to your videos, tweak them using video filters, transitions, split screen effects, and more.

Downloads for: iOS

7. Magisto

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Magisto has earned more than 1 million ratings each on Google Play and Apple Store as well as multiple awards for being the #1 Video Editing app in 2022 in Apple’s Best of 2022 and Google Play Editor’s Choice. This video editor app has Music Slideshow feature which allows you to create slideshow of your photos with music background.

You can also use it to edit your clips and add music from the Magisto licensed song library. The full video editor also lets you trim, trim, merge, reorder your videos, add text, change orientation, and use any of the available templates to make videos faster.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

8. Intro Maker

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With Intro Maker, you can add more than 200 music and sound effects to your video story across different themes like Scenes, Transitions, Movies, Games, Actions, Instruments, and many more. This app also lets you add your own audio and decide on a piece of music depending on your video style – Intro, Dynamic, Cinematic, Fresh, and more.

Moreover, Intro Maker allows you to choose from more than 4000 templates with various themes and styles, text layouts, animations, fonts, emojis, and stickers.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

9. Funimate

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The Funimate app lets you create short video clips where you add your own music with creative effects and change them by choosing from more than 100 advanced video effects. Like the other editors available on this list, Funimate is also available for download on the App Store and Google Play with over 1.2 million ratings on both major app stores.

Apart from adding music, the app offers a way to add a mix of effects, transitions, text effects, emojis, and stickers to your video clips. Classic video editor features like trimming, merging and looping videos are also there.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

10. FilmoraGo

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FilmoraGo is Wondershare’s own video editing app that packs a lot of powerful and creative features. FilmoraGo lets you choose from hundreds of soundtracks and effects, add multiple audios, split audio clips, and edit them the way you want.

The app has a Canvas feature where you can edit your project, add borders, make adjustments, add text and sticker overlays, and much more. The inbuilt video editor offers ways to trim and split videos, adjust volume and speed, reorder clips, and play if necessary.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

11. Film Maker Pro

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Only available on Android devices, Film Maker Pro offers more than 100 free music which you can incorporate into your video clips with voice-over narration support. This app can be used as a lyric video maker and you can do all the adjustments to your audio including being able to adjust the speed, volume and fading effect.

You get all the necessary basic video editing tools like trimming, splitting, cropping, duplicates, templates, filters, transitions, and video effects. This app, apart from that, offers you to create blurred backgrounds, illustrations, animated stickers, double exposure effects, and collages.

Downloads for: Android

Here are 11 apps to add music to videos on Android and iOS. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting. Don’t forget to share yach.