2 Best Free Open Source CCTV Software

best free open source cctv software

Below are 2 of the best free open source CCTV software for Windows. This open source CCTV software is free and allows you to access its source code. Plus, you can also edit its source code as you want without any restrictions.

Through this software, you can manage, track and view live feeds of locally and remotely connected CCTV cameras. To access the CCTV camera remotely, you must first establish a connection between this software and the CCTV camera. You need to use remote camera IP address or control system for connection.

Once the connection is successful, you can easily view the live feed. The software I’m reviewing can easily handle multiple camera feeds. Apart from that, you can set up camera feeds in the form of tiles or cascades and view multiple CCTV feeds at once.

In these two CCTV software, you also get advanced motion detection features. This motion detection feature helps this software to immediately notify administrators of suspicious activity. In addition, automatic actions such as start recording while moving, alert while moving, etc., can also be triggered via motion detection.

To alert administrators, this software can generate alert sounds and send alerts via email. Read on for this article to know more about this software.

1. SecureCam

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SecureCam is a free open source CCTV software for Windows. Using this software, you can track one or more CCTV camera feeds. It lets you track both live connected cameras and remotely connected cameras via internet.

The main advantage of this software is its ability to detect motion. You can also set an alarm in it so that when it detects some suspicious movement or activity, it activates the alarm. Plus, it can also alert you via email. Now, let’s check the main features of this software.

SecureCam main features:

  • Security System: Using it, you can configure live and remote connected CCTV cameras. Plus, the option to enable or disable the camera feed is in it. Apart from camera feed, you can also input CCTV camera footage in it to use this software’s algorithm to identify movement in input video.
  • Properties: This feature is under System Security section which allows you to set login password for this software. Plus, this feature also lets you configure alert sounds and email alerts so that you will immediately know about any suspicious activity.
  • Video-Input: Using it, you can start/stop camera feed at any time. It also offers multiple files (contour, gray, smooth, blob, etc.) which you can add above the input camera feed. Plus, the option to choose motion detection algorithms like Frame Differencing is also built in.

Additional features:

  • Layout: Using it, you can arrange multiple CCTV camera feeds in the form of tiles or cascades on top of this software interface.
  • Event View: In it, you can see all the events (authentication requests, security system activation, etc.)

This open source CCTV camera offers all the essential tools to manage and monitor multiple CCTV cameras from a single location.

2. iSpy

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iSpy is another free open source CCTV software for Windows. This is another useful CCTV camera software through which you can manage and view live feeds of locally and remotely connected CCTV cameras. Plus, there is an advanced motion detection feature that allows this software to immediately warn its users about suspicious activity.

You can use it in many applications like Office Surveillance, Work Monitoring, Home Automation, Nanny Cams, pet monitoring and many more.

iSpy main features:

  • Add: Using it, you can configure and add CCTV cameras, IP cameras, Microphones, Video Files, and other locally connected devices with this software.
  • Media Access: Using it, you can access live feeds of connected CCTV cameras along with stored CCTV video archives. To access the remote camera, you need to provide the IP address and login details.
  • Grid View: In it, you can view feeds of all connected CCTV cameras at once. Plus, the options to add, edit, and delete camera feeds are also built in.
  • Record Alerts: By enabling it, you can allow this software to start recording camera feeds as soon as it gets an alert.
  • Record Detection: This feature starts recording the CCTV camera feed as soon as it detects any movement.
  • Apply Schedule: This feature allows this software to record camera feeds at scheduled time intervals.
  • Commands: Offers several commands that you can activate quickly like alert on, alert off, record detection, all on, all off, and more.

Additional features:

  • Plugins: In this software, you can also add third-party plugins to introduce more features to this CCTV camera software.
  • Merge Records: Use to merge two records into one record.


In the free version of this software, some of its features are not available such as multiple server connections, email services, access to agents, etc.

It is a feature-rich open source CCTV camera software which contains all the necessary features that you can expect from a good CCTV camera software.

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Those are the 2 best free open source CCTV software for Windows. Of the two software above, SecureCam is my favorite software because it can handle CCTV cameras that are connected locally and remotely. Plus, it offers advanced motion detection algorithms to detect suspicious activity.