4 Face Blur Apps on Photos and Videos (Android & iOS)

Face Blur App on Photos and Videos

Face Blur App on Photos and Videos (Android & iOS) | Taking pictures with a smartphone is fun because it allows us to capture the most beautiful moments that we share with the people we care about the most. But sometimes these photos contain objects we want to hide or elements we want to highlight and because of that, a blur effect can be a quick and efficient way to make photos taken with Android phones more visually pleasing.

Lens Blur, Motion Blur or Tilt-Shift are among the most common blur effects used to blur faces in photos and each of these different types of blur creates a different visual effect. Lens Blur or Tilt-Shift will help you highlight the subject of your image, while Motion blur effect will help you in simulating motion in your photo image.

You can add blur effect to face on photos on Windows or Mac with several photo editors, while in this article, we will show you some of the best apps to create blur effect on your Android phone.

Here are recommendations for 4 best face blur applications for photos and videos on Android & iOS. This app works to blur faces in your photos and videos.

1. Signal

Face Blur App on Photo and Video-1

Signal is one of the best face blur apps for photos and videos on Android. And recently this app introduced a fast AI based face blur feature.

To use it, download and install Signal app on your phone. Once you open the Signal app, you will see a camera icon on the home page. Tap on it and take a picture. Alternatively, you can tap on the bottom left corner to use an old image from your gallery. Once the image appears, you will see a “Blur Faces” icon which looks like a checkered circle above. Tap on it and turn on the “Blur Faces” switch.

Signal is good enough to detect faces and blur them out. However, sometimes not all faces are in the shadows and dark. Luckily, you can use your hands and face scrub to blur it manually. The only thing Signal is that this app doesn’t work with videos.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

2. ObscuraCam

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ObscuraCam is a face blur app for photos and videos on Android. This app was developed by the Guardian Project, the organization behind the popular Tor browser. This app is designed to blur faces in photos and videos.

To use ObscuraCam, just install the app on your Android smartphone (unfortunately, it is not available for iOS). The home page of the app shows the images and videos from your device. You can tap on any image and it will automatically detect the face in it and duplicate it. Furthermore, you can adjust the position, pixelation amount, etc. before saving the photo.

You can also manually tap on the face to pixelate it. In the case of videos, the process is a bit manual. You have to manually tap on the face while you browse the videos. You also have to manually move the mask and trace its path.

Compared to Signal, ObscuraCam does an average job of blurring faces in photos. In the case of videos, this effort is manual, processing takes a long time, and the results are nothing to be proud of.

Downloads for: Android

3. Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo

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Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo is another face blur app available for Android users. Compared to the above 2 apps, this app does not automatically blur the face and you have to do it manually. The app is very minimal with 4 basic options – Pixelate, Blur, Color, and Reset. You just need to select a photo from your gallery and rub your face to blur it. I like the Reset button inside the app which brings everything back to default.

Downloads for: Android

4. YouTube

Some of us may not be aware of the ‘face blur’ option in the YouTube editor, but it’s quite effective and takes a few seconds and creates a “blur mask” on moving objects. All you have to do is upload your photo to YouTube via this link on your computer. The YouTube video editor cannot be accessed via a smartphone.

Once the video is uploaded, publish it as private. Next, go to the Video tab and click the Edit button.

Face Blur App on Photos and Videos-4

Navigate to the Editor tab on the left and click the “Add Blur” link at the bottom. You will have 2 options – Blur face, Custom blur. Select the “Blur face” option.

Face Blur App on Photos and Videos-5

Now, Google’s algorithm will process the video and detect the faces in the video. Once done, you will have the option to select those faces and blur them. The result is very good.

The only challenge is that you have to upload the video to Google servers. If you can get past that, YouTube does a great job on blurring the face.

Red Thread | Using different blur effects will no doubt help you in creating more memorable images as you will be able to highlight the subject of your photo and add a touch of artistic value to your photo also maybe for the sake of privacy as well.