4 Free Calendar Maker Software For Windows 10

calendar maker software

In this article I share 4 free calendar maker software for Windows 10 that can be used to create personalized calendars that can be printed and mounted on the wall. Having a calendar on the wall may not be common now that we have calendars on a variety of tech devices and gadgets, but custom calendars are where exceptions are made.

Custom calendars can show things like family/friend photos, special nature photos, photos of your pets or can just have special info, like the birthdays of people close to you on the date. Okay, just here are 4 Free Calendar Maker Software For Windows 10:

Easy Print Calendar

Easy Print Calendar is a simple calendar creation software perfect for everyone who is not looking for something sophisticated, and just needs to print a simple calendar. You can download Easy Print Calendar [dari sini].

The calendar view can be changed, there are 2 themes available, “green and yellow” and “silver and yellow”. The day of the year or the chronological number of days according to the Julian calendar can be displayed on the calendar. They can be seen on the square grid each date. In the background in the image above, you can see how the standard calendar layout looks like. It’s possible to print all the moons at once or one moth at a time.

Also worth mentioning is the planner layout printing support, where planner layouts (with blank boxes for writing in appointments, tasks) can be printed. Easy Print Calendar is simple, but at the same time offers a number of excellent features.

TKexe – calendar maker software for Windows 10

TKexe is calendar creation software for Windows 10 that takes calendar creation to the next level. It does this by letting users create photo calendars of any size. During the calendar setup process, the print size can be set manually, or you can choose from standard paper sizes like A3, A4, A5. Another thing you will ask is what year do you want to create a calendar. Calendars for past, current and future year/month ranges can be created. You can download TKexe [dari sini].

The app comes with a large selection of different calendar templates. They are mostly divided into 2 categories, templates where each month goes on its own page, or where all 12 months are on one page. Calendar elements can be adjusted manually, up to a certain point (for example, left-right movement of the image is limited).

Images, graphics, and custom text can be added to the calendar. Double-clicking on an element in the preview box loads the editor for that element. Many settings for tweaking are available, so it may take some time to get used to TKexe.

HP Photo Creations

This next calendar generator software might be a bit of an odd choice, but it’s actually the feature-rich calendar generator I tested. HP Photo Creations is photo printing software from HP. It usually comes in a driver bundle, but can be downloaded and used separately. It should be noted however that the file size is slightly larger, almost reaching 40MB in size. You can download HP Photo Creations [dari sini].

Where this calendar builder for Windows 10 differs from TKexe is in the layout selection and the quality of the built-in templates. On top of the aforementioned page layouts, per month and 12 months per page, there is also 3D calendar printing which creates a stand-alone triangular calendar that can be placed on a desk.

Tweaking can be done for things like images, text, element settings, calendar sizes that are made customizable, so they are optimized even for larger prints. Some features and settings are locked and require an upgrade for a paid license to work.

Easiest Calendar Creator

Easiest Calendar Creator is the exact opposite of the kind of apps I talked about above. This calendar maker software has no fancy effects, or printing templates. You can download the Easiest Calendar Creator [dari sini].

What it does is generate a simple text calendar for basically every year after 1759. The basic idea behind this calendar generator is to use the calendar info generated by Easiest Calendar Creator and embed it into a better layout, which you create yourself.

The calendars generated by this software will be saved automatically as TXT, and can be printed “as is”, if you want a very basic calendar.

Conclusion: All 4 calendar maker software for Windows 10 from the above list have their advantages and disadvantages. Easy Print Calendar for example is too simple for my taste but Easy Print Calendar on the other hand has almost everything you need to create and print a simple but good looking calendar.

TKexe is my choice if you want a fancy photo calendar. HP Photo Creations is also great, has lots of beautiful calendar templates, but it’s too big for my taste.