5 Android Launcher Apps With Battery Saver Features

5 android launcher apps with battery saving features

Every Android phone comes with a battery monitor and saving features. Certain UI and elements may vary depending on the make and model of your smartphone. The first feature is the Battery saver mode, which you can enable from the notification center itself.

The battery icon will turn orange when you activate it. It will restrict certain system activities and processes which are not necessary or essential for your phone. It will also turn off power-hungry features like GPS, sync, etc. To save more battery. The best thing is that you can schedule it to activate based on time or remaining battery.

One of the coolest things you can do with your Android smartphone is to install a launcher app. Most of the launcher apps don’t cause battery drain unless you are using one that comes with a theme or live wallpaper, or if you are using a low-end device, then it is always best to use a lightweight launcher with battery saver features.

5 Android Launcher Apps With Battery Saver Features

So, in this article, I’m going to share some Android launcher apps that don’t drain battery. Apart from that, this launcher app has a battery saver feature to save battery life. Okay, just here are 5 Android launchers with battery saving features:

1. Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher is one of the most popular Android launcher apps. It comes with advanced gesture support, custom themes, icon support, dark mode, and the ability to customize the app drawer and dock. You can not only change the home screen grid size and docks but also add up to 5 docks which you can then swipe indefinitely.

Nova Launcher doesn’t have a battery saver, but it does offer a lot of features to reduce battery consumption. For example, you can enable dark mode and disable animations to increase the battery life of your smartphone. Nova Launcher focuses on utility and productivity rather than looks and aesthetics.

2. Microsoft Launcher

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Microsoft Launcher is a lightweight launcher app available on the Google Play Store. It is developed by Microsoft, and it offers many productivity apps like OneNote, To-Do app, Stick Notes (Widget), etc. The launcher app is lightweight, and it also has a dark mode.

So, Microsoft Launcher is the best lightweight launcher app that you can use today. Mainly because it integrates with other Microsoft productivity apps like OneNote, To-Do apps, and even Sticky Notes via widgets.

Apart from that, it comes with a bottom bar widget which you can access by swiping from the top. Other features include customizable news and Timeline feature which allows you to continue the activity you started between your phone and PC.

3. Power + Launcher-Battery Saver

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Power+ Launcher is designed as light and easy resource for your smartphone battery life. How to save battery? It will continuously monitor the apps running in the background and use the Accessibility feature to close them. This will also remove the processes running in the background.

That helps in reducing battery power and should improve the performance of the phone by freeing up resources like RAM and processing power. Another useful feature is Hibernate, which usually freezes apps. This app will not start automatically in the background, but only works when you open it or remove it from hibernation. You can also hibernate system apps but I would not recommend doing that.

One of the downsides is that it will also force install the news app which you can’t uninstall without uninstalling the launcher itself.

4. Lean Launcher

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As the name suggests, Lean Launcher is built to be sleek and light on resources. It is also a free and open-source (FOSS) application. It takes a minimal approach with the bottom Google search bar. Common features like customizable grid layouts, dark mode, icon shapes, and gestures are all there.

While it does offer settings to change icon shape, text font, and color, you can’t add shadows or other effects like you get in Nova or some other launchers. Because it’s so light and has a funky aesthetic, it also consumes very little battery.

5. Pixel Launcher

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Looking for a minimalistic launcher to save battery on your Android phone? Try Pixel Launcher. While the launcher is currently only available for Pixel phones, it offers as much of an Android experience as possible with Google Assistant.

Swipe to access your favorite Google widgets like weather, news, upcoming events, reminders and more. Pixel Launcher is another minimalistic launcher that is light on battery and resources. Pixel Launcher is made to offer you Android experience in the cleanest possible way.

So, no bloatware, and filled with productivity apps. So, Pixel Launcher is a must-have for anyone who wants to save Android battery life.

Red thread: Those are the 5 best Android launcher apps with battery saving features. You don’t have to choose an Android launcher just to save battery. You should be able to solve power management issues using Android’s built-in battery tracking and storage feature.