5 Best Anime Wallpaper Download Sites For PC/Laptop

Best Anime Wallpaper Download Sites For PC

Best Anime Wallpaper Download Sites For PC/Laptop.| Japanese animation (also known as anime) has become something that is most loved nowadays. “anime wallpapers” it covers every genre, every taste and every kind of story you can imagine.

The easiest way to find live wallpapers is to do a simple image search on Google, and yes, it turns up most of the good results, but will never show all of them.

Most often, the wallpapers on Google Images are the most popular that everyone has seen. However, if you want something unique, or even better and high quality, you need to know where to look.

So, if you are confused about where to find a site to download the best free anime wallpapers, in this article there are several sites that you can try. Here are the recommendations for the best anime wallpaper download sites for PC/Laptops.

1. WallHaven.cc

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WallHaven.cc is one of the best anime wallpaper download sites for PC/Laptop. Following in the footsteps of the now-defunct 4Scrape and 4Walled, Wallhaven offers a wallpaper database and an intuitive search tool with a dedicated section for anime wallpapers and filters to remove adult content or borders.

You can set the wallpapers by popularity, newest or in random order. There are comprehensive filters for finding images of a certain resolution or shape as well. Keywords and tags are community driven, so there are times when you will come across something unsafe for work, which has been mislabeled. The good news is that you can fix these tags yourself.

Another very useful feature is available if you register for an account and login. This site will remember the wallpapers you have viewed and bookmarked.

The coverage and range of anime wallpapers on this site is staggering and you will even find lots of related geek wallpapers under the “General” section. This is a great first site to put together a good collection of anime wallpapers.

Visit: WallHaven.cc

2. Minitokyo

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Minitokyo is one of the most respectable anime wallpaper sites on the web and has been around for a long time. This is a typical anime pop culture site, but it is famous for its wallpapers as well as very high resolution scans of anime and manga media that can be used to create wallpapers or as wallpapers themselves.

Compared to other sites, Minitokyo does feel a little outdated. You will also find lots of wallpapers on other sites, but this is where they come from and some of the more unique and less mainstream ones will only be found here. The scan is also very valuable, even if you just want to use it as wallpaper directly.

Visit: Minitokyo

3. Abyss Wallpapers

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Wallpaper Abyss lives up to its name, with a huge collection of wallpapers on offer. The anime sub-section contains approximately 180,000 wallpapers at the time this article was published. You might expect it to be difficult to find what you need with such a large collection of images. In fact, Wallpaper Abyss has a pretty good filter and search system to help narrow down the options.

You can choose to only view images of a certain resolution and even change the wallpaper display from paginated to infinite scrolling. While it might not look quite as slick as the new sites, Wallpaper Abyss has it in its place.

Visit: Abyss Wallpapers

4. Zerochan

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Zerochan is also one of the sites to download the best anime wallpapers. This is my personal favorite for anime wallpapers as they often have different wallpaper variations and not the same ones you see everywhere. Plus, many of the wallpapers are high-quality, high-resolution images that are great for larger screens.

Visit: Zerochan

5. WallpaperCraft

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This is just a regular desktop wallpaper site, but it has an anime section. Although you can search for characters or series, chances are you won’t get many hits as tags in most wallpapers are more common. If you just want to browse by resolution, this is a great choice as it also has lots of great anime scenes.

Visit: WallpaperCraft

These five sites are the ones I consider the best for anime fans, but there’s certainly a long list of good sites to add to this group. Hopefully this article is useful for you and don’t forget to share it.