5 Best Free Light Meter Apps For Android & iOS

Best Free Light Meter App

I’m sure you’ve heard of light meters in the world of photography. For the uninitiated, it is used to measure light in order to get the ideal exposure for your photo. When you take photos or videos, light plays an important role in color. If you use a professional camera, these devices usually have a built-in utility and light sensor.

But when you use your phone, you don’t have the option to use the light meter (Light Meter) on the camera. The light meter helps you determine the exact value of a photo’s shutter speed, brightness of the light, and more. If you really like photography, you need a light metering app. Although your smartphone may not have such a system, there are many specialized apps that you can use.

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Here are the best free light meter apps on Android and iOS that work to determine the shutter speed value of a photo on the camera, the brightness of the light, and much more. These apps are used by hundreds of photographers. However, you should note that the quality of this utility depends on the model of your smartphone – meaning, the value may differ slightly from the actual one.

1. Exposure Light Meter

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Exposure Light Meter is the best free light meter app on Android and iOS. This one is quite a lightweight app as it is under 2 MB in size. You can start measuring immediately after downloading the Exposure Meter. Just set the ISO (top right) and aim at the subject you want to capture. The app shows the aperture value and shutter speed according to the current exposure. As you move the camera, you will see the exposure value change at the top of the screen.

There is also a capture button which freezes the screen and takes a photo with the current exposure value. This might be useful if you don’t want to keep values ​​in your head.

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2. Light Meter

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Light Meter is also one of the best free light meter apps on Android and iOS. While the previous ones were limited to basic light meter functions, this one has a lot more features. You have several features like camera meter (light reflected from subject), sensor meter (event light), manual calculator, white balance meter, etc. Apart from that, you can also read EXIF ​​data i.e., ISO, shutter speed, and various other image values.

Remember if you upload images online, make sure to clear the EXIF ​​data to hide sensitive info like location, capture date, etc. If you want to hide elements on the preview screen, you can also do so from the preferences tab.

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3. Pocket Light Meter

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If you need a simple and effective tool to measure light levels, Pocket Light Meter is the right choice for you. This utility is indispensable when you are going to take pictures with a smartphone camera or a camera without a built-in sensor.

The application calculates and measures the light reflected by the surface. All you have to do is point the camera at what you want to take a picture of and the Pocket Light Meter will immediately give you the light level.

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4. Lightmate

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Lightmate has the sleekest interface of all light meter apps so it will encourage you to use it more often. The settings are more or less similar to other apps. You can select ISO and shutter values ​​as per your camera specifications. This application has two modes, namely aperture mode and shutter priority. You can quickly switch between the two by tapping the shutter value.

The developer also recently introduced an experimental pin-hole camera feature for calculating exposure. So if you are on iOS, Lightmate is definitely worth checking out.

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5. Lux Meter (Light Meter)

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Most of us are familiar with stylish and modern app designs. If you really want an app to look modern, then you can try Lux Meter. This app is a simple tool for measuring light.

Every smartphone has a special light sensor that adjusts the brightness of your screen. With it, Lux Meter calculates how bright you are currently and the level of light you have in your room.

The app displays the maximum, minimum, and average light values. All Lux Meter data is obtained with the help of sensors, i.e. the accuracy of the app directly depends on the quality of your smartphone. For better accuracy, you can calibrate your device yourself.

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Those are the 5 best free light meter apps on Android and iOS. Hopefully this article is useful for you and thank you for visiting. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.