5 Best Free Polling Apps For Android and iOS

The Best Free Polling Apps For Android and iOS

Smartphones are not only used for entertainment and pleasure, but also a useful companion in business matters and work in general as well. For example, for polls, market research and customer feedback which are important factors that determine the success of a company and brand.

Polling apps are great for gathering feedback from customers, employees and anyone whose opinion matters to you. Companies can use this app to create polls, share them with employees, and take their feedback into account when making decisions. No need to ask individually and manage data from the field, just use your phone.

Here are 5 recommendations for the best free polling apps for Android and iOS. Both the Apple Store and Play Store are filled with polling apps for harvesting data. Here we selected these 5 apps based on their features, options, cross-platform availability, stats and more.

1. Pollpop – Polls and Discussions

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Pollpop is a polling app for Android and iOS that harnesses the power of social media to gather options and vote on questions you feel comfortable sharing with the world. You can also vote or share your own opinion about other people’s polls.

Pollpop has the ability to view poll results and sort them by gender, location and age group. This makes Pollpop stand out from the other social polling apps listed in this article. If you prefer to work in a group, you can create and add friends for private polls.

Pollpop is a free application to download and use without ads.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

2. Suggestify – polling, voting, groups, discuss

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I know User Interface is not very important in polling application. This app has the most handsome design. It uses a white theme with gradient colors.

From the home screen, you will see the polls go directly to the community. Tap the ‘ icon+‘, and it will open the create poll screen. You can select groups to share poll, add questions, hashtags, add up to six answers. When creating a poll, one can set the duration for the poll to expire, turn comments on/off, and let others share the poll further.

You can create groups and even join existing ones. It is divided into several categories. With voting, one can also add comments to share views in detail. You can also see the number of users by display name in voting.

Suggestify is free to download and use. This app is available on iOS and Android.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

3. SurveyMonkey

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SurveyMonkey is one of the best polling apps on Android and iOS. This app does not offer a dedicated group or home page to view the latest surveys. This app focuses on creating polls and surveys with multiple questions.

Instead of a single poll, SurveyMonkey lets you create multiple questions with multiple pages. Open ‘My Survey‘ and tap create a new survey. You can start from scratch or choose from the template menu. It has some common questions to ask users.

When starting a new poll or survey, give it a relevant name, and start adding questions. There are several ways to add questions in the app. You can add question banks, plain text with answer boxes, dropdowns, images, multiple choice questions, and more. There is something for every scenario. This app also lets you add company logo and various themes for personalization.

SurveyMonkey allows you to link your social media accounts like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to share surveys among people and employees easily. This app is available on iOS and Android.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

4. SurveyHeart – Online Survey, Questionnaire & Poll

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SurveyHeart is the perfect app for creating polls and forms. The greatest strength of this application is the integrated ready-made templates. There are many templates which are well categorized in Feedback, Education, Health, Registration, Food, Travel and Tours and others.

You can choose between them or create one from scratch. Each question comes with several options. You can also add a question description.

The app also lets you play with multiple themes, and you can also add a company logo, display poll summaries, and allow multiple responses.

SurveyHeart is geared towards large organizations that need more questions to build forms. This app is free to use. SurveyHeart is only accessible on Android.

Downloads for: Android

5. OpinionUp

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OpinionUp is one of the best apps for creating polls on the iOS platform. After registering, you will be taken to a home screen which displays the most popular polls all over the world.

Tap the ‘ button+‘ and create a poll. You can customize the poll question background and even add an image or GIF from the gallery as well. As for responses, one can add Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, and create 2-4 custom responses. Next, adjust the sharing options, and add categories. You can also share the poll on Facebook or Twitter using the in-app integration.

I like how OpinionUp lets you create groups so that people can share polls with only members of their group. The best function of this app is statistics function and instant comment. When you move the slider to vote, the poll will highlight the current result.

If you have more to say about the poll question, then you can add detailed comments to share your thoughts. One can also like the poll, invite others to participate, and share the poll using the standard iOS share menu. This app is free to use, and only available for iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

Downloads for: iOS

As you can see from the list above, any polling app can collect data without moving the needle. OpinionUp and Suggestify are geared more towards social use, SurveyMonkey and SurveyHeart offer better customization with some questions.