5 Best Free Portable Animation Software For Windows

best portable animation software

Here is a list of the 5 best free portable animation software for Windows. Since it is a portable animation maker software, so you can use it without having to install it. Plus, you can also directly use this software from portable storage devices like flash disks, portable HDDs, etc.

Most of these software are simple 2D animation maker software in which you can create the main image using hand-drawn method or freehand drawing. After creating the main character, you can draw variations of the main image over multiple frames to show movement. To create your own drawings, this software provides various tools such as brushes, pencils, color palettes, fills, splines, and more.

In some software, you also get the option to insert images, shapes, audio and more into the animation. Once all the frames are generated, you can use the timeline editor to set the frame position, frame time, frame rate, etc. Apart from that, this software also offers an inbuilt animation player where you can preview the animations. After that, you can export the final version of the animation in APNG, GIF, AVI, MP4, and other formats.

In this software, you also get some useful additional tools like Viewing Tools, VFX, Solid Models, etc. In general, most of these software are quite easy to use. Immediately following the 5 best free portable animation software for Windows:

1. Pencil2D

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Pencil2D is a free, open source portable animation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a 2D animation software through which you can create hand-drawn animations with additional media elements like images, shapes, text, etc.

To create hand-drawn characters, it offers various painting tools along with a timeline editor where you can add and set animation frames. Now, let’s check the main features of this software.

Pencil2D main features:

  • Paint Tools: Using the paint tool, you can draw shapes or draw more than one frame manually. Some of the paint tools present in this software are color palette, brush, pen, pencil, eraser, polyline tool, etc.
  • Imports: This feature can be accessed from the File menu to import images or a sequence of images to create animations. The supported formats for doing so are PNG, JPG, BMP, and TIFF.
  • Timeline Editor: In the timeline editor, you can add new layers or frames, create duplicate frames, set frame position, and set animation frame rate. In addition, an internal player for playing animations is also included.
  • Onion Skins: It allows you to change the default color profile of the animation by applying different onion skin colors on top of the animation.
  • Exports: After creating the animation, you can use this export feature to save the final animation in APNG, MP4, GIF and other formats.

Additional features:

  • Views: This software also offers a nice set of viewing tools where you can zoom in on objects, rotate animated elements and objects, flip frames, and add grids to frames.

It is one of the best free software to easily create beautiful hand-drawn 2D animations.

2. Blender

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Blender is another free, open source portable animation software for Windows. In this software, you can create 2D and 3D animations. For creating animations, it offers a dedicated Animation tab where you get various 2D and 3D elements and editing tools to create animated models.

After creating a basic model or image, you can use this software’s timeline editor to add variations of the main model on multiple frames. To give the animation a realistic look, the software also offers a tool to add texture over the main image (model) and a light adjustment tool (to adjust the light over the main model).

Once the animation is complete, you can preview the animation and then render it into AVI RAW, AVI JPEG, and FFmpeg Video formats.

Blender main features:

  • Modeling: It offers several 3D objects which you can modify to create a basic image. To do that, it offers tools like extrude face, insert, faces, bevel, loop, spin, poly build, etc. After creating the basic drawing or model for the animation, you can use the Sculpting section to make further modifications.
  • Sculpting: It offers many model sculpting tools through which you can create curved shapes and designs. Some of the main sculpting tools it offers are crease, blob, smooth, flatten, pinch, and more.
  • Animations: This is the main part of this software for creating animations. After creating the main image or model, you can use this section to define the movement of the image over multiple frames.
  • Renders: Use it to create the final animation, after which you can export it in any supported output video format.

Additional features:

In this software, you get lots of additional tools which allow you to create 3D solid models, VFX effects, elements of games, scripting, etc. Some of the additional features it offers are B-spline interpolated bones, bone layers, colored groups, envelope, skeleton, and automatic skinning.

It is a feature-rich portable animation software through which you can create realistic 2D and 3D animations. However, it is much more difficult to use compared to other similar software.

3. Stickman Animation

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Stickman Animation is a portable animation software for Windows. It is a web-based animation software built using javascript. Unlike other software, it uses a web browser to run.

In it, you can find several predefined shapes like circles, lines, arcs, etc., to create stick images. After creating a stick image, you can modify the stick image by moving its limbs and saving it over a new blank image to generate frames for animation. Lastly, you can preview the animation and save it in GIF format.

Stickman Animation main features:

  • Figure Creation Tools: To create stick figures, this software offers several tools such as circles, lines, arcs, break joints, merge joints, and more.
  • Add frames: After creating a stick image, you can add more frames in which you can redraw the same stick image with slight variations to create animated frames.
  • Settings: Use it to specify the animation frame rate, number of ghost images, size of stick figure nodes, etc.
  • Plays: Once the animation is done, you can use this feature to preview the animation before saving it in animated GIF format.

Additional features:

  • Views: This feature allows you to retain or hide the stick figure lines that were in the previous frame.

It is a good portable animation software through which you can create simple 2D stick-figure animations.

4. Synfig Studio

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Synfig Studio is an open source portable animation creation software for Windows. It is a special 2D animation maker software through which you can easily create impressive animations. To create an animation, you have to first draw the main figure using the available drawing tools.

After creating the main image, you can create multiple frames and add your image with slight modifications to each frame. Once all the frames are done, you can preview the animation, render the animation, and then save it in APNG, GIF, FFmpeg, etc. formats.

Synfig Studio main features:

  • Freehand Drawing Tools: This software offers several tools for creating hand drawings such as sketch, brush, fill, text, spline, width, cutout, scale tool, etc.
  • Timeline Editor: Using it, you can add new frames, specify location frames, time frames, etc. An animation player is also in it, where you can preview the animation.
  • Render settings: From here, you can specify the output animation format, animation resolution, animation quality, anti-aliasing, etc.

Additional features:

  • Plugins: This software supports plugins so, you can download and add plugins in it to introduce more features to this software.
  • Imports: Through this feature, you can import and add images, image sequences, and audio elements to your animations.

This is another portable animation maker software that is easy to use for creating simple 2D animations.

5. Pivot

best portable animation software-5

Pivot is the next free portable animation software for Windows. Using this software, you can create 2D animations. By default, this software comes with a prebuilt stick man figure which you can easily move and modify to show the movement.

In it, you can also create completely new stick figures, if you wish. After completing the animation, you can easily save it in GIF and WMV format.

Main features of Pivots:

  • frames: Use it to add new blank frames to this software where you can apply different moves of one or more stick figures.
  • Edit figures: Using this feature, you can modify the default stick figure or create a completely new stick figure from scratch.
  • Load Backgrounds: Use it to load a background image which you can set behind the stick animation. It supports BMP, JPEG, GIF, and PNG format background images.
  • Plays: After creating all the animation frames, you can use them to preview the animation.

Additional features:

  • Export Current Frames: Using it you can export every frame of animation in GIF, BMP, PNG, and JPG image formats.
  • Dimensions: It lets you specify the dimensions or resolution of the output animation.

It is a simple portable 2D animation maker software through which you can quickly create simple stick animations.

Red thread: Those are the 4 best portable animation software versions of the safepedia. Of the 5 software above, Pencil2D is our favorite software because it allows you to create impressive 2D animations with additional media elements. Plus, it’s also one of the simplest software to operate. Blender is another good software that you can try if you want to create realistic 2D and 3D animations. However, it is quite complicated to use.