5 Best Sites To Download Royalty Free Sound Effects

The Best Sites To Download Royalty Free Sound Effects

In this article, I will share the best sites to download royalty-free sound effects. This sound effect can later be used as a background for YouTube videos or for animated images. You also know? Sound effects are very important, both for audio and video tracks.

If you really want to give a proper identity to your YouTube videos, you need to integrate sound effects into your editing. It is for this reason that I created a list of the best websites where you will be able to find royalty-free sound effects that you can use, some of which are completely free too!

Important Announcement About Royalty Free

Before we start exploring these royalty-free sound effects download sites, it’s important for me to make sure you know what they mean.”royalty free” and “free to download“. royalty free doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay and free to download by no means free to use. And this is where sometimes we don’t understand it.

Most of the sites on this list let you download sound effects for free as well as use them for free, but some of the others require attribution, EG that you name the owner/creator, or pay for a license.

This will depend on several factors, especially if the track will be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. So, before using the sound effects that you download, make sure to read the license terms on the site.

5 Best Sites To Download Royalty Free Sound Effects

The best sites to download royalty-free sound effects below offer search functionality with filtering, so that you can easily find what you need.

1. Free Sound

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Free Sound is an excellent website with thousands of free sound effects. It has thousands of sounds all released under Creative Common license which makes it reusable.

This website is very easy to use. It is very easy to find the specific sound you are looking for. With a large database of voices, you can find the right voice that you need.

One thing to note in using this website is how they use their license. All sounds in Free Sounds are free. Be sure to check the right side of the page to see the license type. There will be one of three things next to the Creative Commons logo: zero (no license), attribution (author credit), and attribution-noncommercial (cannot be used for commercial purposes).

Visit the FreeSound site

2. Free SFX

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Free SFX is a UK based website that offers over 4,500 sound effects. Outside of sound effects, Free SFX offers another 850 music tracks in various genres which you have access to all of them at low prices for free.

Free SFX separates their sound effects into four distinct categories. The first category is sound isolated. These are the everyday sounds we often hear such as doorbells, horns, and dogs barking. The next category is special effects. Sound SFX considers special effects “sounds that exist only in our imagination.” The next category of sound is Foley’s voice. Foley’s voice is named after Jack Foley who pioneered the field of voiceover. This is a unique category that contains sound effects such as footsteps, the swish of clothes, and items placed on the table. These sound effects are very specific and are intended for use in post-production films. You may know this category of Foley sound as a substitute for audio sound. The last category is background sound and this includes atmospheric sounds to provide landscape sounds.

The only way to use Sound SFX is that you have to give credit to freesfx.co.uk if you choose to use their sound effects.

Visit the free SFX site

3. SoundBible

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SoundBible is very easy to use. As soon as you hit the home page of the site, you can immediately start downloading the royalty-free sound effect clips that you are viewing. The specific license for each clip is clearly marked right next to it and there are thousands. If you can’t find the desired sound on SoundBible, you can actually request it from the community, which is an amazing feature.

In the section called “Royalty Free Sounds“, under this tab you will see all the sounds they offer which are totally free with no limitations. This results in these sounds which are free for you to use as per your wish.

On the Sound Bible you will see another tab that says “Sound EffectsThe Sound Effects in this tab are also free, but you have to be more careful. Make sure you check this type of license to make sure you give credit if necessary or use it for non-commercial purposes. However, many of the sounds in that tab are zero license sounds. Make sure to do your due diligence before using it.

The only thing I don’t like about this site is that finding clips can be a little tricky and the design of the site itself can take a few seconds to make sense. Other than that, it’s a great resource and a real credit to the community that supports it.

Visit the SoundBible site

4. GameSounds

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As the name suggests, GameSounds provides royalty-free sound effect clips intended for use in video game projects. This site is made as simple as possible, with only one effective page. It mirrors sounds from other sites (such as 99Sounds) as well, with the advantage that game-specific sounds have been collected and curated from the site.

While GameSounds may not have a large collection of clips, all 9,505 tracks are focused on this single goal. So if you need backsound for video games, this site is for you.

Visit the GameSounds site

5. ZapSplat

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ZapSplat offers 55,117 sound effects across many different categories. From certain animals like pigs and dogs to kitchen utensils to broken glass, you can find anything you are looking for on ZapSplat. With 26 different categories there are tons of sounds to choose from.

ZapSplat has a thriving community where you can upload your own sound effects and even request new sound effects. Requesting sound effects is easy and they will usually make the sound you requested in a day or so depending on the difficulty or ease of your request.

ZapSplat offers many different sounds. You can find free SFX packages with several different specific sounds like mountain streams, footsteps on high heels, and footsteps on dry grass. To follow this ZapSplat offers 286 free music tracks. ZapSplat records new music every day, so if you don’t find the sound you’re looking for right now, check back later.

Visit the ZapSplat site

Those are the 5 best sites to download royalty-free sound effects. Hopefully this article is useful for you. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.