5 Software for Cloning Hard Drives

Software for Cloning Hard Disk

In this article I will share some software for hard disk cloning. This hard disk cloning software lets you clone entire hard disk or disk partition and save it to another hard disk. Some of them let you clone the entire hard drive at once, while some let you clone only partitions.

Cloning a hard disk means copying all of its contents as they are, without changing anything. Some of them are special software to clone hard disk and some let you do other tasks too, like: Backup, Restore, manage Virtual Hard Disk, manage Disk Image, etc.

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The way this Harddisk cloning software works is quite simple, you just need to specify the Source drive or Partition you want to clone, then you select the target drive where you want to save the clone, then start the cloning process.

Here are 5 best free hard disk cloning software. I also include how to clone a hard disk using these software in the description of each software. Some of these are executable software, while some clone the hard drive as a bootable hard drive cloner.

1. OSFClone

Software for Cloning Harddisk-1

OSFClone is one of the best free hard disk cloning software. This free bootable hard disk cloner software for Windows. Although it is bootable, it is quite easy to use.

How to clone hard disk with Bootable hard disk cloner:

  1. Download the ISO image of this software. Then create a bootable Flash drive of this software. You can use any of these bootable Flash Drive makers to create a bootable Flash drive.
  2. Now mount Flash Drive on your PC, Reboot your PC, and keep pressing F12 key (or whatever key is specified for your PC) to access boot options, then select Flash drive as primary boot device.
  3. It will boot your PC from this Clone maker. On the screen, you will see several options. Choose an option Clone Complete Drive from the Actions list.
  4. All drives connected to your PC are now shown along with their sizes.
  5. On the next screen, “Select Source Drive” and “Destination drive” to save the clone.
  6. Run the process by typing ” dd A hard disk clone will be created.

The whole process is very simple to run, as you will be guided in every step. This is one of the best methods to clone a hard drive.

Be careful when selecting the source and target drives. If you accidentally select them in reverse order, then your hard drive will be completely formatted.

Downloads: OSFClone

2. Clonezilla

Software for Cloning Harddisk-2

Clonezilla is an open source disk imaging software for cloning hard disks. It is also a bootable software to clone hard disk. Download ISO image of this freeware or Zip file. Just load the ISO image to a flash drive or unzip the Clonezilla zip file to a flash drive.

How to clone a hard disk using Clonezilla:

  1. Insert the Flash drive in the USB port, and reboot the PC.
  2. Keep pressing the F12 key (or the key relevant to your system) to access the boot menu, and boot via Flash drive.
  3. The freeware home screen displays the following options: Clonezilla live, Other mode of Clonezilla live, Local Operating System, and Networkboot. select Clonezilla Live and move on.
  4. You can choose from two available modes for cloning: Clone/Restore HD or partition using an image and Disk to Disk or Partition to Partition to clone.
  5. Choose an option. The first option will create an ISO image, while the second option will create a Clone in Drive.
  6. Choose where the Clonezilla image will be stored: Local drive, SSH server, NFS, sSmba Server, etc. (Select Local Drive).
  7. Read the instructions and select the drive where you want to save the clone.
  8. Continue by selecting Beginner Mode of operation.
  9. Give a name to your image.
  10. Now select the source disk which you want to clone.
  11. Double-check the drive selected to clone and save the clone, then start the process.
  12. Reboot the system after the process is complete.

This process to clone a hard drive may seem difficult, but it is one of the safest ways to clone a disk. If you follow the instructions, you can clone the hard drive quite easily. To recover cloned disk, repeat the same process until you boot your PC with this software, then select Restore option and continue.

Downloads: Clonezilla

3. Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

Software for Cloning Harddisk-3

Acronis True Image WD Edition Software is another great hard drive cloner software for Windows. Clone hard drive option is available under menu Tools. Click option Clone Disk to open a new pop up window to choose manual or automatic cloning.

Select the manual hard disk cloning option. Select the source disk to clone, then select the destination disk to save the clone to. Now you can choose options for restoration method: copy partition without changes, copy partition and use disk as non-system, and GPT style (unbootable drive). Choose the Move method from: As is, Proportional, and Manual. Finally Complete the cloning by rebooting your PC.

There is a backup option to back up a full PC and a Rescue Media option as well.

Downloads: Acronis True Image WD

4. CloneDisk

Software for Cloning Harddisk-4

CloneDisk lets you make hard drive clones of entire hard drive quite easily. The interface displays all the connected drives and their partitions. Options for hard disk cloning and other operations are available on the right side of the interface. Select the drive/partition you want to clone, then click on the Clone Disk option. Select the destination drive where you save the clone from the pop up window that appears. Make sure the HDD size of the source drive is smaller than the target drive, otherwise an error will appear and it can crash your OS.

The Clone tab has various options, such as: Backup to image, Restore to image, Clone disk, Copy files, Backup to devIO, Restore to devIO, etc. Volume options allow you: Set volume offline/online, Format volume, Chkdisk, Extend volume, Shrink volume, Wipe volume , Clean volume, etc. Virtual hard disk and Disk Image options are also available in this software to clone hard disk.

Downloads: CloneDisk

5. Easeus All Backup

Software for Cloning Harddisk-5

Easeus Todo Backup is a free software to clone hard disk. The clone option is not available for a full hard drive at once, but it can only clone a hard disk partition at a time. To view hard disk cloning options, click the button Clone. A new pop up appears which displays all the disks connected to your computer with their partitions as well.

To perform harddisk cloning, select the source partition that you want to clone, then select the target partition or drive to clone the source partition. Note that all data stored on the target drive will be erased and lost, so save any important data elsewhere before proceeding.

Cloning is one of the many options that this freeware provides. As the name suggests, it is basically a backup software with lots of backup options. It provides the following backup options:

  • Full backups.
  • Incremental backups.
  • Different backups.
  • Scheduled backups.
  • Partition backup.
  • Backup files.
  • Migrate to SSD/HDD.

You can view Logs if you wish, create emergency disks, wipe data, mount drives, unmount drives, etc. Apart from the free version, it has 2 paid versions: Home and Workstation.

Downloads: Easeus Todo

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Red thread | That’s 5 software that works for hard disk cloning. If I had to choose, I prefer Easeus Todo Backup for cloning a hard drive because it’s quite easy to use and makes a hard drive clone in a few easy steps.

I also like OSFClone, because it is a bootable hard drive cloner, and it also lets you clone a hard drive in easy steps that even a beginner can do. You just need to copy the files into the flash drive and make your flash drive executable.