5 Wind Speed ​​Measuring Apps on Android and iOS

wind speed meter app

In order for you to do business in peace, take a walk, exercise on the road, or plan a picnic, you may need to know the direction, strength and speed of the wind.

If you like sports like surfing, skydiving and many others, you need wind speed data. You can get it in various ways, one of which is with a wind speed meter application.

Okay, let’s get straight to the point, let’s dive into the 5 best free wind speed meter apps on Android & iOS, which provide you with the most accurate information about all the weather conditions outside.

1. WeatherFlow Wind Meter

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WeatherFlow Wind Meter is one of the best free wind speed measuring apps on Android and iOS. Usually, wind speed is measured with a special instrument (anemometer). WeatherFlow app will be a handheld device that will help you to get accurate wind speed data wherever you are and at any time. This app uses the audio jack of your device to get the data and displays it for you on the screen.

The developers note that this wind speed measuring technology is not compatible with all devices. Basically, WeatherFlow is designed for smartphones that have been released recently and have advanced in their field.

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Wind is measured in different units – meters/second, km/h, and so on – there is even a Beaufort scale. WeatherFlow can measure not only wind speed but also its direction, but it should be noted that its direction is not always accurate and reliable.

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2. Wind Speed ​​Meter Anemometer

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Wind Speed ​​Meter is another app that can measure wind speed in the best free way on Android. With the help of your smartphone’s microphone, the app receives data about wind noise and all the received data is shown to you on the screen.

The prototype of the device that measures wind speed and direction will be displayed on your smartphone screen while using the app. Wind Speed ​​Meter is not intended for scientific experiments and accurate measurements, but is perfect for those who want to know all wind parameters.

To get accurate data, you can select your smartphone model in the app. This Wind Speed ​​Meter will calibrate the microphone and the data will be close to real.

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3. Zephyrus Lite Wind Meter

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Want to get real-time data? In this case, Zephyrus Lite app can help you. It functions as a quality anemometer that provides users with data on wind speed and direction. Most importantly, the app is completely free and available for download for every user.

In Zephyrus Lite, the metering range is limited to standard data (from 1 to 20 m/s). Usually, the wind speed does not exceed this value – but there are other limitations. The microphones on most devices will not be able to detect stronger gusts.

Apart from that, Zephyrus Lite has a built-in compass that shows the wind direction on your screen. Graphics, data – everything will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone in Zephyrus Lite on the timeline. So you will see which wind gust pattern goes up or down.

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4. Windy.app: precise local wind & weather forecast

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Windy.app is one of the popular services for getting weather data anywhere in the world. This is perfect for people whose activities or plans depend heavily on the wind speed outside.

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You can use Windy.app not only as an app but also as a widget on the home screen. It will keep updated on the weather data around or at your favorite place. Wind data can not only be seen at this time. The Windy.app archive contains all the information from 2012, so it will be suitable even for researchers.

The forecasts that users receive in the app are very accurate and detailed ranging from wind speed, direction, gusts, precipitation and more. Windy.app is loved by all athletes engaged in yachting, kiting and sailing.

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5. Anemometer – Wind speed

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If you are using an iOS device and want to try a tool to measure wind speed, Anemometer is a great choice for you. It has an amazing yet simple design that simulates a device. No matter where you are, you can get accurate wind data in real time over the Internet.

In order for Anemometer to get all the data, you have to enable location. The indicator is taken from the nearest weather station, so you can consider it reliable.

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If you are interested in wind not where you are now, but somewhere else – just find it on the map in the Anemometer app and the data will immediately appear on the screen.

You also have to pre-select, in what format you will be shown the information – a total of 5 image blocks in the app. Save your favorite places in Anemometer and you will have access to them every second.

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Those are some of the best free wind speed meter apps on Android and iOS. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who need it, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too. Thank you.