6 Best Farming Apps on Android

The Best Farming Apps on Android

The Best Farming Apps on Android |

Keeping up with the latest advances in agriculture and implementing them is important for farmers to get the best results. If you are a farmer or want to farm, I will share the right app to help you keep up with the latest farming trends and help you achieve better yields.

There are many applications on the Google Play Store that can help farmers in farming. From farming education to helping create virtual crop maps, there are enough farming apps to suit your needs. Today, I am going to introduce 6 Android apps for farmers that you should know if you want the best results.

The following are recommendations for the best farming applications on Android that can help farmers in farming and gardening.

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Crop Farmers App is the best farming app on Android. This application focuses on agricultural education. This app provides information about crops, fruits and vegetables, including climate, soil requirements, and harvest details. And not only grow them but there are also guidelines for protecting against pests and diseases. You just need to select the item you want to study and all the details will be listed with the image.

It not only provides information about your results, but also offers tips on how to improve your results. This app can act as a guide for new farmers or anyone practicing agriculture around the world. Learn new farming techniques/methods to prevent attacks on your crops and how to combat them.

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Plantix is ​​also one of the best farming apps on Android. If you see your plant infected by a disease or pest, then Plantix can identify the problem and provide solutions to fix it. Plantix is ​​basically your plant doctor, you just need to take a picture of the infected plant, and Plantix will recognize the damage pattern and provide a solution.

The app will even recognize deficiencies in plant health and provide tips for growing healthier crops. If automatic help is not enough, you can also join and share your problem with Plantix community for help.

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BoosterAgro is another app to help keep your plants healthy. BoosterAgro protects your crops by offering accurate climate forecasts using various weather forecast sources. It can even tell you important weather information around the exact position of your field, including temperature, wind gusts, humidity, rain, and more.

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Apart from the necessary weather information, it also provides warnings regarding pests and diseases infecting crops near your area (if any).

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Farmer’s Income & Expense Manager is a very simple income and expense manager application specially made for farmers. You just need to make entries for whatever expenses and income you generate and the app will keep records and display the analytical data accordingly.

You can add a title to each expense or income and sort them. The app also has a reminder feature to remind you to make an entry in case of any new expenses or income.

This app is for anyone who practices agriculture/farming like poultry farming, dairy farming, crop cultivation, fish farming and poultry farming as it helps them with simplified transaction recording for their agricultural products by simplifying record keeping/farming

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Soil Sampler is also the best farming app on Android. Soil sampling should be carried out at least every two years before seeding and fertilizing plants. This app makes the process faster by creating a virtual map of your field.

You can use this app to create a virtual map of your field by hand or get around the field using GPS. After that, create points on the map where you need to sample, then the app will guide you to make sure you sample optimally.

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Agrobase is the best farming app on Android right now. For anyone who wants to grow crops seriously, especially to develop in the field of agribusiness, this application is very suitable for use. There are so many features in this app that really help users to keep growing.

This application provides a lot of information that is so good for farmers. There are very many types of plants that are in this application. In addition, the application also has a website version that also supports the use of this application. Agrobase itself also gets special attention from its developers because it will continue to get updates.

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Detailed descriptions and nice pictures will really help the users of this app to take farming seriously. It’s just that, for those who use this application for free, there will be a lot of unpleasant ads when this application is run.

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Red Thread | The real-time education and assistance provided by this app for farmers will help increase the average yield of their gardening. Apart from more advantages, this app will also lighten your load and make farming easier.