6 Best Free Portable Antivirus Software

portable antivirus software

On this occasion I will share the 6 best free portable antivirus software for Windows. You can use this antivirus software without requiring installation. This software helps you protect your computer from viruses, malware, trojans, worms, spyware, etc.

In most of the software, you get the option to scan the entire system at once or multiple drives, folders, files, etc. After scanning, each software provides a detailed report on the number of files scanned, threats detected, threats neutralized, etc. In some portable antivirus, you get a very useful feature called quarantine which is useful when some important files might be infected by virus.

By using quarantine, you can revert back all or some of the selected files back to the system. Apart from that, you can find various other features that are specific to the software.

The performance of this portable antivirus software is as good as the full version software, but one feature that almost every portable software lacks is real-time protection. Nowadays real-time protection is very important as any virus can enter your system from internet. However, you can use this software to scan for viruses from your PC by connecting the device to the system.

1. Nortan Power Eraser

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Norton Power Eraser is a great portable antivirus software for Windows. Through this antivirus, you can scan the entire system at once by using the scan for risks option. It will detect and remove all viruses embedded in the system.

Since this feature is quite aggressive, there is little chance that it might delete some important files or programs. To protect you from losing important data or files, this software has a special option to undo the previous repair which restores all files deleted during system scan.

In this portable antivirus, you also get various scanning options, with which you can perform reputation scan (to check the reputation of files or folders like good, fair, or bad.), System scan (to perform standard power scan), multi-boot scan. (to perform scans on certain Windows OS when working in some Windows environments).

This software is also quite good at finding all unwanted system programs. Unwanted application scan helps you to find out all unnecessary or potentially harmful apps. Overall, it is one of the best portable antivirus software.

2. McAfee Stinger

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McAfee Stinger is a standalone and portable antivirus software for Windows. This portable software can scan and remove viruses, rootkits, malware, etc. However, this standalone antivirus is not a replacement for full version antivirus software.

It only scans the system for certain threats. You can see a list of all threats that this software wants to find from the menu Advanced > Threat List. To do a quick scan, just press the Scan button. Quick scan by default targets the parts or sectors of the system where most viruses and threats are known to reside.

You can customize the scan behavior from the settings menu. Through the settings menu, you can vary four parameters for the scan named scan targets (registry, rootkit, boot sector, etc.), scan options (subsidiaries, inside archives, and report applications), on threat detection (repair, report, and replace). name), and GTI sensitivity (high, low, medium, etc.).

After scanning, this software can remove, repair, or move threats to quarantine according to user-defined “on threat detection” settings. If the detected threat moves to quarantine, then you have one more option to restore important data or files which were deleted or stopped working after scanning.

3. Dr.Web Cureit!

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Dr. Web Cureit! is a free and portable antivirus software for Windows. It works like a USB antivirus software which you can use from any portable USB device without installing. This portable antivirus provides complete protection from various types of viruses, rootkits, trojan horses, spyware, and other harmful objects.

In it, you can scan the whole system at once or scan a specific directory or folder. All detected viruses by default move to quarantine. From quarantine manager, you can restore quarantined files or folders or you can remove detected threats manually.

You can also set the action “automatic after scan” to cure mode which allows this antivirus to remove all detected threats immediately. Apart from cure mode, you can also set some other scanning actions like sound alert, turn off PC after scan, etc.

This free application has one more interesting feature in its settings menu called exclusion. This exclusion feature is useful as it allows you to exclude important files, folders, programs, etc., which you don’t want to scan.

4. ClamWin Portable

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ClamWin Portable is a free and open source antivirus software for Windows. This antivirus comes in a portable package which allows you to deploy and use this antivirus from any portable storage device. This software is very capable of detecting and removing various types of viruses and spyware.

This software does not provide all kinds of real-time protection like most portable antivirus software. However, you can manually scan drives, folders or files at the same time. It not only removes viruses from the hard drive, but also from RAM or primary memory. It has options scan computer memory for viruses to scan and uninstall all viruses or threats containing programs from RAM.

Some of the statistics and other interesting features of this software are: Higher detection rate for spyware and viruses. Regular and automatic virus database updates. Standalone virus scanner. Scan scheduler. In general, it is a very useful and powerful portable antivirus software to protect PC from viruses and other malicious programs.

5. Spybot – Search & Destroy

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Spybot – Search & Destroy is another free and portable antivirus software for Windows. This portable software is mainly used to detect and remove malware and spyware from PC. Apart from that, you can also use it to clean usage tracks and to fix registry problems.

When you launch this software, it will ask you to do whitelist scan. This scan creates a list of programs that are known to be safe. The main purpose of this scan is to reduce the system scan time in the future as it will not scan everything that is whitelisted in the future. After the whitelist scan, you can manually perform a full system scan or a specific file or folder scan to neutralize threats and viruses.

The detected threats will be automatically moved to the quarantine zone, so that they cannot affect the system in a negative way. If some important files or programs are blocked or deleted after system scan, you can restore data again using quarantine menu.

Immunization is another useful feature of this antivirus which allows you to immunize PC from different types of spyware. This option basically changes various browser settings like cookies, malware installation, ActiveX, bad websites, etc., to protect your PC from spyware. Some other useful features of this antivirus are secure shredder, system repair, report creator, startup tools, etc.

Overall, it is a simple and feature-rich antivirus software that will help you to secure your PC from virus threats.

6. Panda Cloud Cleaner

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Panda Cloud Cleaner is the next free portable antivirus software for Windows on this list. It is a simple software which mainly scans PC for malware. On its main interface, you only get one option named Scan to start a full PC scan.

After scanning, it shows three categories of results namely, malware, unknown files & suspicious policies, and system cleaning. Details like number of files scanned, number of files deleted or cleaned, and viruses detected are also provided by it. In it, you don’t get options like quarantine.

This portable antivirus also provides two advanced options that may be useful, namely, kill all processes (kill all running system processes) and unlock files (unlock files that are locked due to some malware).

This software does not have features like other antivirus software; but, most importantly it can perform its basic task (virus protection) brilliantly and quickly.