6 Best YouTube Alternatives That Are Worth Trying

best youtube alternative

Here are the 5 best Youtube alternatives that you should try. YouTube is the most popular video platform on the internet today, but sometimes you need variety in your life.

YouTube is arguably the best video content platform on the internet with billions of people watching millions of videos every day. But if you are one of those who feel the need to change, then there are a number of alternatives available online.

Even though YouTube is a video platform that almost everyone goes to, having an alternative to such a service is very important and we have 6 websites that will fulfill your needs if YouTube is not accessible or you just want to explore more options.

Video is quickly becoming a popular part of the overall online experience and more and more websites are popping up, including big sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

But here we’re going to talk about something closer to YouTube – more like community – and of course free to watch. Here are the 5 best Youtube alternatives that you should try:


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One of the first video sites to start supporting HD video playback, you can add Vimeo to your daily list of websites – although it allows uploading of user-generated videos – the main emphasis is placed on high quality videos in various categories on the website.

What makes this website different from the content it offers including shows like Orange is New Black, The Royals and others? All videos are ad free. Users don’t see ads before or after the video – making the overall user experience better.


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One of the most visited video-based websites after YouTube is Dailymotion. Dailymotion is another great alternative. This website features a lot of videos and its popularity is a big plus for any creator looking for exposure to their videos if uploading on YouTube is not successful.

Launched the same year as YouTube, the interface isn’t nearly as good as its biggest competitor, but it’s easy to use and the website has some more unique content to give it an edge over YouTube and the other alternatives on this list.

The Internet Archive

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The videos on The Internet Archive are part of the WayBack Machine. It houses an extensive video library that ranges from entertaining clips to serious documentaries. Users can also upload their content in the archive.

Not much of this video is new, but it has a library of videos, documentaries, TV series and Movies that are hard to come by on other video websites.


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Metacafe started in the early 2000s but has quickly gained popularity in recent times, mainly due to the website’s short video format. The majority of videos are usually 1-3 minutes long.

There are various categories dotting the dropdown menu located at the top left of the website and if you are looking for some quick highlights, video game browsing or quick reviews, then this is the place.

9Gag TV

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You are most likely familiar with the 9Gag TV brand and as soon as you see it, your mind immediately crosses an ocean of entertaining content including images, GIFs, memes, and the like.

The video section of this website provides sensationalism and fun like any other section. Be aware that like the rest of 9Gag, the video section also has some NFSW videos – so you may want to avoid them at work.

The above website is a good place if you are bored and want to spend time with your loved ones.


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Built on the Stechain blockchain and IPFS P2P network, D.Tube is a platform where you can post, browse, fix and comment on videos in a censorship-free environment. By posting and voting on content, you can earn STEEM as well as D.Tube (DTC) coins.

If you are used to browsing videos and other stuff on YouTube, you will also enjoy the experience on D.Tube – it has playlists like “watch later” which you can create yourself, and you can see trending videos on the homepage. Also, D.Tube will NOT “recommend” any videos to you, the community will decide on them. If people like and vote for your video, it will gain traction and rank among trending videos.

D.Tube receives 10% benefit on all uploaded videos. These rewards are used to raise funds prior to the future existence of their tokens.

More Options

There are options other than those listed above but they don’t offer videos in many different categories nor do they boast a diverse content creator base.

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Websites like Ted’s, offer videos of Ted’s talks covering a wide variety of topics – mostly inspirational and usually have something useful to say at the end.

Another website is MySpace, which you might remember as a social network in the early 2000s – the predecessor of Facebook. This website is now investing a lot of its resources to produce interview based videos especially those starring celebrities.

Crackle, which is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment is another option to consider as it houses TV shows like Mad About You, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and movies like Rudy, Night of the Living Dead and more.

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