7 Best Calorie Counter Apps on Android and iOS

Best Calorie Counter App on Android and iOS

Best Calorie Counter App on Android and iOS.| If you decide to get in good shape, and lose weight, calorie counting is the ideal way to achieve this goal. A calorie-free diet will help you lose weight effectively, efficiently and most importantly, safely.

Moreover, you can easily add food to the app even outside the home. Some applications do not even require the Internet to access the full list of products.

7 Best Calorie Counter Apps on Android and iOS

This article contains the best calorie counter apps on Android and iOS. With this handy program on your phone, you will always have a nutrition diary. Immediately, the following 7 best calorie counter applications on Android and iOS:

1. My FitnessPal: Calorie Counter

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My FitnessPal is the most popular calorie counting app on Android and iOS. According to the developer, the program has the largest database (more than 6 million product names). It is refilled every day. This application has a series of functions. For example, unlimited self-made plates, convenient statistics and reports on weight dynamics.

There is also a barcode scanner. It includes statistics on basic nutrients including protein, fat, sugar, fiber, and cholesterol. The Calorie My FitnessPal app also provides handy workout functionality. First, it is the ability to create an unlimited number of your own workouts. Second, you can enter personal stats on cardio workouts and strength training. Includes the number of approaches, repetitions, and weights in repetitions.

You need internet to access product list and exercises. Another handy feature of My FitnessPal is full synchronization with websites. You can fill out your diary from computer or phone. The app is free, but some additional features are only available with a paid subscription.

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2. FatSecret: Calorie Counter

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FatSecret is a free calorie counting app with no premium accounts, subscriptions and ads. One of the main advantages of this program is its pleasant, concise and informative interface.

FatSecret has a large product base (including product barcode input). It is divided into several categories. For example, Products, Restaurant Chains, Popular Brands, Supermarkets.

In addition to the standard macros, information on the amount of sugar, sodium, cholesterol and fiber is also available. There is also a simple exercise diary to track calories burned. Interesting features include image recognition: take photos of food and plates and keep a diary on your photos.

If you need a simple and convenient calorie calculation to lose weight, Fatsecret app is a great choice, available for free download.

This mobile program does not take into account your exercise and physical activity but gives you a clear picture of your diet. App calculates daily calorie intake based on your physical data and goals. Next, you will find the right product through the quick selection menu.

This application has a useful rubric. Food can be searched through the restaurant’s about food section, by popular brands and general categories. It is also possible to add products via a barcode (for example, if you are currently shopping in a store) or via a label image.

This app keeps an accurate track of each unit of WRL, fiber and sugar. All results are displayed on a graphic graph. They will help you see how well you choose food.

Signing up with the app gives you access to the Fatsecret community. Here, app users share recipes and talk about their achievements. You can subscribe to any of them and follow their healthy eating history.

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3. Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

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Lifesum is another very popular calorie counting app. It will delight you with its attractive design. It has a large product base, the ability to add recipes by portions, and a barcode reader.

Lifesum also remembers what foods you have eaten, making it easier to control your diet. The app has a convenient reminder system for daily weighing, meals and water consumption.

The program is free, but you can purchase a premium account. Thus, you will have access to additional information about the product (fiber, sugar, cholesterol) and the percentage of fat tissue. This function is not available in the free version. But there is a good database of physical activity, which includes all the popular group exercises.

The principle of operation of the application is not much different from similar programs. Fill out the questionnaire, get the calorie level for the day. Also, the number of LCDs will be indicated. Then in the list, you specify the products to be included in your menu.

The app will automatically calculate whether you should add more products. Or, conversely, remove the extra position. The advantage of this app is that it doesn’t make you go on a strict diet. You can eat ordinary food: meat, fish, dessert. The main principle here is not to eat too much.

Be sure to take note of whether you will be exercising during the day so that Lifesum will give you more correct recommendations on how to drink water. For example, if you have planned an hour workout in the gym in the morning, the app will ask you to drink 2-3 glasses. This is more than your daily allowance to compensate for fluid loss in the body.

For those who are unsure which foods to include in their diet, Lifesum will recommend a different nutrition program. A 40-point health questionnaire is available in the appendix to help you clarify your final diet plan.

Like most of these apps, Lifesum offers a premium subscription to access all features.

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4. Technutri: calorie counter, diet and carb tracker

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Technutri: calorie counter, diet and carb tracker is also one of the most popular calorie counting apps. The diary comes with pictures, so it’s easy and fun to keep it.

This program has all the basic functions. A ready made product table with all macros, add your own products, and create a favorites list. Barcode scanner, sports and activity tracking, record weight.

However, adding your own recipe is not provided, you should limit yourself to the introduction of individual ingredients. Like previous calorie counting apps, Technutri has some limitations in its free version.

For example, in premium account, you will get more than 100 healthy and delicious recipes. You will be able to track nutrients (sugar, fiber and salt). Track body fat percentage, blood pressure, blood sugar level, measure bust, waist and hips. But the basic functions are also available in the free version.

By adding certain foods to your diet and showing daily exercise, you can see how the calorie ratio changes. The ratio of the target to the current one.

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5. Fitatu Calorie Counter and Diet

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Fitatu Calorie Counter and Diet app is also one of the best calorie counter apps. This program has all the basic functions for keeping a food diary. It also adds useful information like glycemic index, cholesterol, salt, trans fat, fatty acids in most foods.

In addition, there are data on the content of vitamins and trace elements. There is even practical advice for choosing the right product and storage. There is a very large product database, which is updated regularly. At the same time, this is also a drawback: this list causes confusion and makes it difficult to use the application.

Another disadvantage that users experience is the inability to add ready-made recipes, as well as long application download times.

In the list of sports loads, you will see many fitness programs with ready data on calories burned per session.

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6. Calorie Counter+

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Calorie Counter+ is a very simple and minimalistic calorie counting app. It includes all the necessary functions to keep a food diary.

If you want a simple and direct program with no backup, “Calorie Counter+” is ideal for your purposes. It’s also one of the few calorie counting apps that works perfectly without internet.

At the same time, all the main functions are implemented perfectly. A set of ready-made products with calculated macros, the ability to add recipes.

List of basic sports loads, individual calorie calculation. And feedback on the app, while minimalistic, has been overwhelmingly positive.

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7. Easy Fit

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Unlike the previous applications, Easy Fit is designed for those who appreciate the bright interface and animated design in the program. This calorie counter has no rival in design.

The developers have created not only trivial tables with product lists and macros but approached this issue from a creative point of view. In the program there are many animations, products are depicted with visual icons.

Moreover, the setting has 24 colors, so you can choose the most pleasing design for you. Despite the rich design, the program works steadily and without interruption.

This app has all the main functions and an attractive design adds to the fun of counting calories. By the way, this application also works successfully without Internet.

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Those are the 7 best calorie counter apps on Android and iOS. Hopefully this article is useful for you, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.