7 Best Color Splash Apps for Android

7 Best Color Splash Apps for Android

In this article, I share the 7 Best Color Splash Applications for Android. One cool way to make your ordinary photos more interesting is to apply a color splash effect to them. In this effect, your image is black and white, where only certain areas or objects are colored. It makes the object pop up, so this effect is also called color pop.

Most of the apps in this article use a name color splash, but they differ in their features. While some automatically render the image black and white except for one color, others leave you free to choose which object to choose. Some of the apps mentioned below even provide a recolor feature. So you get two benefits at once.

I’ve also included an explanation of how to use the color splash effect in all of these applications. Okay, here are the 7 Best Color Splash Applications for Android:

1. Paletta – Smart Color Splash

7 Best Color Splash Apps Android-1

If you are looking for a manual and automatic Color Splash application, Paletta will be a good choice. When you add a photo in the app, it will extract the color and show it in the color palette at the bottom. Once the image is grayed out, you need to tap on the color in the color palette that you want to appear in the image. You can activate multiple colors this way. You can download Paletta [dari sini].

If you want to manually apply or remove color from any part of the image, use the brush and eraser options located on the left side. Activate zoom from the left side to increase or decrease the size of the image using a pinch in and out motion.

Color extraction works fine
No ads
Can be compared with the original picture

Unable to adjust brush or eraser size
Size: 6MB

2. Color Splash Effect

7 Best Color Splash Apps Android-2

From Colorful Filter Studio, which has produced another great photo editing app, comes the Color Splash Effect app. The app also comes with a built-in photo editor which you can access at the start by tapping the Beauty option or using it after applying the Color Splash effect. You can download Color Splash Effect [dari sini].

It lets you add color pop effects in two ways – smart and free color. In both, you have to manually color the required areas. However, when you use the first option, the app tries to keep the color within the object’s boundaries. That’s why it’s called Smart Color. If you don’t like it, you can color it using the Free Color option.

PS: Use small strokes near the object’s borders when using Smart Color for better results.

Equipped with Smart Color features

No brush size
Can’t compare to the original image
Size: 15MB

3. Color Touch Effects

7 Best Color Splash Apps for Android-3

At only 4MB in size, the Color Touch Effects app not only lets you add Color Splash effects, but also offers other effects. You can even add captions to your photos right inside this app.
You can download Color Touch Effects [dari sini].

When it comes to the Color Splash effect, the app does not provide any automatic configuration. You need to apply the color by manually tapping the Original option. Use the Mono button to remove the added color. Here you can also adjust the brush size and opacity in this app.

Customizable brush available
Can zoom without pressing any button

No auto mode
Size : 4MB

4. Color Splash Effect Photo Editor

7 Best Color Splash Apps Android-4

The Color Splash Effect Photo Editor application works in three ways. First, it offers a manual way to apply the Color Splash effect, namely by brushing the required area. For that, tap on the hand icon in the bottom panel. Then color the desired area.
You can download Color Splash Effect Photo Editor [dari sini].

Second, similar to the Paletta app, it lets you apply colors automatically from the color palette. To use this mode, tap the color picker icon.

Third, you can apply effects using shapes. When you add a shape, the area inside will be colored. You can invert the effect and have the outer area colored by tapping the shape in the bottom panel.

Support multiple modes

Unable to adjust brush size
Size : 9MB

5. Partial Color Master

7 Best Color Splash Apps for Android-5

What makes this app interesting is the fact that it extracts colors automatically depending on the selected area. After extracting the color, you need to tap on the required color to apply it to the image. You can even adjust the intensity. You can download Partial Color Master [dari sini].

After performing the automatic Color Splash, you can manually apply the effect by brushing the required area. You can even remove the color.

Can see the original image
Automatic color extraction works fine
Brush size available

Add watermark
Size: 15MB

6. Color Splash Effect Photo Edit

7 Best Color Splash Apps for Android-6

If you are looking for a simple app for Color Splash without any added drama, you must give this app a try. This app does not provide any automatic or smart features to make the required area different from a black and white image. You have to color the image manually. However, it provides the necessary features for manual coloring. This means that you can adjust the brush size, remove effects, and enlarge the image for better clarity. You can download Color Splash Effect Photo Edit [dari sini].

Interestingly, you can even add new colors to your images using the Colors feature. And if you want, you can use predefined shapes to add a pop of color effect.

PS : Use pinch in and out motions to resize the shape.

Easy to use
Support multiple shapes

No auto mode
Size: 6MB

7. Color Splash Effect

7 Best Color Splash Apps Android-7

The reason I like this app is that it provides all the necessary features on one screen. You don’t have to go back and forth for anything. You can change the size and opacity of the same screen as well. For better results, the app offers a magnifying glass to check the boundaries of the object you are coloring in. You can download Color Splash Effect [dari sini].

Even though the app doesn’t provide automatic mode, the manual feature works perfectly. You can also use the Recolor feature for unique results.

Recolor feature
Allows you to undo changes

There are occasional ads
Size: 6MB

Bonus App: Google Photos

Last but not least, you should try the Color Splash effect from Google Photos. You will find it by the name Color Pop. Tap on it to let Google Photos automatically create a pop of color effect. You cannot apply this effect manually in this app. However, you can adjust the size of the effect by tapping Color Pop again and then using the slider.

PS: This feature mostly works for Portrait mode photos.

Make Your Photo Cool: Thanks to such applications, you can play with your images and give them a new look without resorting to complicated tools like Photoshop. I hope you like the list of Color Splash apps above. All the apps mentioned above are free.