7 Best Free AirDroid Alternatives

best free airdroid alternative

AirDroid is an app for Android that lets you manage phone files, text messages, and incoming calls from any computer. You can also control your device remotely using this service, and it is available for PC, Mac, and Web. AirDroid creates a wireless bridge between PC and Android to exchange files.

AirDroid offers full features that allow users to manage their smartphone from their computer using a web or desktop interface. It can do more than just sync messages and device content across computers. AirDroid can cast media, send device notifications to PCs, back up and install apps, transfer files, copy and paste links from Android devices, and mirror smartphone displays to other connected devices.

Not only that, AirDroid also allows users to control smartphones from the desktop via a desktop application. AirDroid is now the most widely used tool to control Android from a computer.

However, Airdroid is not the only tool available out there. Actually, there are many AirDroid alternatives available on the web that can be used instead of AirDroid.

7 Best Free AirDroid Alternatives

In this article I will share 7 of the best free AirDroid alternative apps used for file sharing and Android management from PC. So, here are 7 of the best free AirDroid Alternatives:


PushBullet is a comprehensive software package consisting of all the features like sending and receiving text messages, syncing notifications from popular apps like WhatsApp, phone calls and text messages, following topics and posting links from your smartphone to desktop, etc.

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It even allows users to easily chat with friends on all your devices and makes sharing even more convenient. Like AirDroid, it can also send files between different devices quickly, and files can be opened directly from the notification.

Pushbullet supports almost all OS and browsers, including Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


AirMore is another best AirDroid alternative on this list which you can use to share files. AirMore is a competitor to AirDroid. However, its features are not as complete as AirDroid but it brings almost every important function which makes it a great challenger and as the best AirDrop alternative.

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AirMore has the ability to transfer files, messages and sync notifications from smartphone to PC. Users can even play media from the device using the built-in music player.

AirMore can easily manage your media files and can transfer seamlessly between mobile devices and PC. Apart from sharing files and documents, it even allows retrieval of call history, notifications and contacts without any problems.

Users can display real-time views with just one click on the web. It is available for iOS and Android devices. It is completely free to use without restrictions.


Just like AirDroid, Xender also has a web application that you can use to drag and drop files from your PC to your Android smartphone. However, this app only focuses on file sharing, it doesn’t include call logs, contacts, SMS on the computer screen.

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This is the best value AirDrop alternative available for Android and iOS devices. Primarily, it is a file transfer application that can share all kinds of files, including photos, documents, music, videos and applications without using a mobile phone. This is an easy way to transfer files between two devices without using Bluetooth or NFC.

It supports cross-platform transfers between iOS, Android, MAC, and PC. Xender is the best utility to transfer files across multiple platforms easily and quickly. The web version allows users to share files by drag and drop from Windows or MACos.

Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows

Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows is one of the best and new Windows app which can be used to mirror Android text messages, Skype notifications, browser notifications on PC.

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This tool is backed by Microsoft, so, reliability & trustworthiness is unquestionable. Users just need to link your Mobile app on PC with your Phone’s Android app. Once done, users can connect their phones and computers to view photos, text and more on their PC.

Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows Features:

  1. Make and receive calls from your PC
  2. Manage your Android phone notifications on your PC
  3. Access your favorite mobile* apps on your PC. Enjoy your PC’s bigger screen, keyboard, mouse and touch screen
  4. Read and reply to your text messages from your PC
  5. Directly access photos on your phone from your PC


SHAREit is the most downloaded file transfer app for Android. It is widely used by Android users to transfer files between PC, Android, and iOS devices. It also acts as a media manager, as it can list music, photos, and other document files in separate folders. SHAREit also fetches Apks of installed apps which can be transferred to the receiving device with a single tap.

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It is a file sharing app available for Android, iOS and Windows computers. With SHAREit, you can easily share files between Android to Android, or Android to computer.

SHAREit supports WiFi method to transfer files between two devices quickly. This is a free app and displays in-app ads for monetization. Unfortunately, this app does not support casting or display mirroring. The only purpose of the app is to manage and transfer files. You can download apps for Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.


Vysor is not a file sharing app, but a screen mirroring app which can give you control of Android on PC. That means you can control your entire Android smartphone from PC via Vysor. However, setting up Vysor might be a bit tricky, but still, it is one of the best screen mirroring apps available. You can easily manage calls, SMS, etc from PC with Vysor.

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These tools are available with both paid and free memberships. However, there are certain limitations if you choose the free plan. In the free plan, users can only mirror and control Android devices and can take screenshots. Features like High Quality mirroring, full screen mode, Go Wireless, Vysor Share, file drag and drop feature are limited on paid plans.


if you are looking for the best Airdroid alternative for file sharing, then you need to give SuperBeam a try. SuperBeam is one of the best and top-rated Android file sharing app available on Google Play Store. Users only need to install the SuperBeam app on both Android smartphones to start file sharing.

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SuperBeam is a file transfer tool with support available on Android, Windows, MAC, and Linux. It can quickly transfer files between different devices, and uses QR code scanning techniques like AirDroid to easily connect devices. It can transfer videos, pictures, messages, documents and other files in a convenient way.

SuperBeam is free, but users need to purchase the pro version to transfer files from Android to PC machine. Also, there is a need to add a firewall exception on your Windows PC before using it. It uses WiFi-hotspot or WiFi direct technology to send files quickly.

Red Thread | Those are some of the best free AirDroid alternatives available today. This app can quickly transfer files and can connect your smartphone remotely with PC or any other supported machine. Each of the above applications has a different working method. I suggest you download the app that best suits your needs.