7 Best Free Google Authenticator Alternatives for Android and iOS

best free Google Authenticator alternative

Google Authenticator is one of the best apps for generating codes and it allows the two-step authentication process to be completed when logging into an online account. What if this app doesn’t satisfy you? Did you know that on Android and iOS devices there are many Google Authenticator alternatives that you can use?

Without a doubt, Google Authenticator is one of the easiest and unique two-factor authenticator apps for Android and iOS. But, as the saying goes: ” Nothing is perfect in this world “; Google Authenticator is no exception. This app lacks one of the most important features a user needs, which is app lock. Although you can lock it with a third-party app lock for Android, it is not the best solution to this problem.

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If someone unlocks your phone, he can access the app to see the code. While these codes are temporary, they make things vulnerable to break-ins. This might be the main reason why you should look for alternatives.

7 Best Free Google Authenticator Alternatives for Android and iOS

The 7 best free Google Authenticator alternative applications below I consider the best Google Authenticator replacements with certain additional features.

1. Microsoft Authenticator

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Microsoft Authenticator is one of the best free alternatives to Google Authenticator. Whether you want to use it on Android or iOS device, both are available for free. The user interface of the app is neat and offers only essential options for the benefit of the user. Talking about functionality, it comes with cloud backup, app lock, block screenshot, autofill, etc.

Featured features:

  • Lock apps with passcode, PIN or biometric
  • Built-in password manager
  • Show/hide code on home screen
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Allow/block screenshot

The best thing about Microsoft Authenticator is that it doesn’t show any code on the home screen. For that, users have to tap on their respective accounts to view them.

Downloads for: Android | iOS (Free)

2. Twilio Authy

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Twilio Authy is also one of the best free alternatives to Google Authenticator. Twilio has dominated the 2-factor authentication segment for a long time and is proving to be one of the better choices than Google Authenticator. It lets you add an account by scanning a QR code, entering the code manually, and using zxing (a barcode scanner is required).

The most prominent feature is that you cannot take screenshots even with the Google Assistant Screen Context option. Get started with this app by creating an account using a mobile number and email ID. After that, the settings panel has several options to enable backup, allow/block multi-device usage, etc.

Featured features:

  • PIN or fingerprint lock
  • Dark mode
  • Secure backup (password-enabled)
  • Multi-device use

Downloads for: Android | iOS (Free)

3. 2FA Authenticator

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2FA Authenticator is another best Google Authenticator alternative for Android and iOS. It works offline and saves all code locally. However, it is possible to enable backups that allow users to store tokens in Google Drive.

Like other apps on this list, it lets you set a password/fingerprint to protect the app. On the other hand, you can choose a theme according to your needs as it offers both dark and light modes. Unlike Authy, it cannot read codes from a special barcode scanner.

Featured features:

  • App lock to protect apps
  • It stores tokens locally
  • Backup token on Google Drive
  • Dark mode

Downloads for: Android | iOS (Free)

4. LastPass Authenticator

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LastPass is a well-known password manager app/service and an alternative to 1Password. Although the settings panel is not equipped with many features, users get what they need most: simple UI, PIN or fingerprint lock, backup.

However, there are drawbacks to this backup functionality. Users have to install the LastPass password manager app on their phones to gain access to this facility.

Featured features:

  • Built-in password protection to lock apps
  • App-dependent backup
  • clean UI

Downloads for: Android | iOS (Free)

5. Aegis Authenticator

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Aegis Authenticator is a replacement for Microsoft Authenticator as most of the features provided are identical to what this app has to offer. Nonetheless, you can find options to enable/disable screenshots, unlock biometrics, show code on home screen, etc.

Apart from that, this application is also equipped with dark mode, digit grouping, account name search, PIN protection, backup, etc. It is possible to import from files and export the vault if you move to another app.

Featured features:

  • Dark mode
  • Allow/block screenshot
  • Passcode / biometric protection
  • Digit grouping
  • Search by account name
  • Tap to copy token
  • Tap to unlock token
  • Vault Backup
  • Easy import/export

Downloads for: Android (Free)

6. Duo Mobile

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Sometimes, you might want to move away from Google Authenticator and opt for a similar app for several reasons. If so, Duo Mobile is useful because it offers the same options as Google Authenticator. In other words, there is no built-in app lock for the user. However, tokens can be backed up on Google Drive. Another option is Allow screenshots temporarily. As defined, it lets you capture screenshots of apps without any problem.

Featured features:

  • Very easy
  • Google Drive Backup
  • Allow/block screenshot
  • No PIN or biometric lock

Downloads for: Android | iOS (Free)

7. andOTP

best free Google Authenticator alternative-7

andOTP is another best Google Authenticator alternative for Android. andOTP might be the best choice for you. It offers countless features to secure accounts and keep things organized. Some noteworthy options are – password protection, Panic Trigger, Relock on screen off/on background/when inactive, Block accessibility services, dark mode, tap to show token, show/hide global timeout bar, backup code locally, etc.

Featured features:

  • Lots of choices
  • Password / biometric protection
  • Local token reserve
  • Tap to show tokens
  • Enable/disable Autofill
  • Instant reset
  • Encrypted database

Downloads for: Android (Free)

Those are some of the best free Google Authenticator alternatives for your Android or iOS phone. Hopefully this article is useful for you, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.