7 Best Free Science Apps [Android & iOS]

best science app android and ios

7 Best Free Science Apps [Android & iOS].| Smartphones are getting more sophisticated day by day. Apart from being used to play games or run some general category apps, you can use your smartphone to satisfy your curiosity or become a scientist who solves complex problems.

App makers and app developers are harnessing the power of mobile devices to create interactive showcases, educational ebooks, and even apps for scientists to aid in the search for knowledge.

If you are a student, researcher or hobbyist in scientific field, Here are the recommendations for the best free science apps on Android and iOS that you can try:.

1. Science Journal

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Science Journal is one of the best free science apps on Android and iOS. The Science Journal is a digital notebook aimed at researchers, students, and hobbyists. This app provides an easy way to quickly add your observations with notes and photos on the spot with just a few taps. Apart from that, since the app is developed by Google, you can also sync notes and journals between devices using Google Drive.

Science Journal is very different from other journal apps. It has built-in tools that use your phone’s sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, etc. Using this sensor, you can measure various things like light, sound, air pressure, acceleration, movement, angle, etc. Apart from that, you can also connect external sensors via Bluetooth.

Apart from that, this app allows you to automate certain tasks like data recording, ability to export sensor data, use the built-in camera app to scan and take photos, etc. All in one, if you are looking for an app to track your findings, observations and research, Science Journal is a pretty good app to try.

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2. WolframAlpha

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WolframAlpha is one of the best science apps on Android and iOS. Using WolframAlpha, you can calculate and analyze various things like math, physics, chemistry, data analysis, statistics, materials, life sciences, etc. No matter your field, WolframAlpha probably covers that domain and can help you with whatever computing needs you have.

As you can guess, WolframAlpha makes your life easier when you need precise and fast answers to complex questions. Simply put, if you are someone who deals with a lot of computing questions then WolframAlpha is a must-have app.

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3. Star Chart

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Start Chart is one of the best free science apps on Android and iOS. With Start Chart on your device, you get a clear and completely new view on the stars and universe. If you like looking at distant planets, but are bad with directions and remembering names, the Start Chart app can quickly find the positions of planets or stars and then use a telescope for a quick look.

Star Chart does all this by using your phone’s GPS and the built-in 3D universe. Star Chart is very helpful in finding known planets and stars.

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Of course, NASA is one of those apps that should be on every science app list. This is the official app and gives you instant access to the latest space news, more than thousands of real and awesome photos, 2D and 3D model earth satellite tracking, mission information, NASA TV, live definition earth viewing from International Space Station, etc.

Featured features:

  • View over 16,000 images (and increasing every day)
  • Watch NASA TV live
  • Read all the latest news and feature stories
  • Watch over 14,000 NASA videos from across agencies
  • Find the latest NASA Mission Information
  • Check out upcoming sighting opportunities for the International Space Station and get notified before they happen
  • Watch a live video stream of the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment on the International Space Station
  • Featuring satellite tracking of 2D maps and 3D models of the earth with the International Space Station and other Earth orbiting satellites

You can explore the featured content section with 3D planetary models and information, you can also view Earth as a collection of Art images and interactive maps.

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5. Calculator N+

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Calculator N+ is also one of the best free science apps on Android and iOS. The built-in calculator of your phone may suffice for normal everyday calculations, but when it comes to scientific matters, it is almost useless. For that, you can use the N+ Calculator. It can perform manual calculations of complex equations and problems. If necessary, it can also draw graphics for you.

Keep in mind that unlike WolframAlpha which can handle many different domains, Calculator N+ only supports Math. Also, it will not show the steps to solve the equation, only show the final result.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use scientific calculator that is packed with features, then Calculator N+ is worth checking out.

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6. Microsoft Maths Solver

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Microsoft Maths Solver is another scientific calculator app. Compared to Calculator N+, there are 2 big differences between the apps. Firstly, Microsoft Maths Solver can scan equations from a piece of paper, and secondly, it also displays the steps and formulas taken to solve the equation. You can also switch between different available methods or view a similar video demonstration.

Similar to the Calculator N+ app, it also shows graph calculations. The app also has a web version so you can access it on the desktop as well. If you are a physicist, math student, or researcher, Math Solver can be of great help in a pinch.

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7. Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is also the best free science app on Android and iOS. Although you can always search on Google or watch lessons on YouTube, it is better to have an app with the right curriculum. Khan Academy is a free learning app and offers courses for students from Kindergarten to Masters.

These courses cover a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, science, history, humanities, arts, economics, computing, etc. The courses are well categorized and you get interactive tests too. In addition, the app also features partner content from sources such as The British Museum, American Museum of Natural History, etc.

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Those are the 7 best free science apps on Android and iOS. Hopefully the article is useful for you, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends.