7 Best Giphy Alternatives | Best Giphy-like GIF Sites & Apps

Best Giphy Alternative

Best Giphy Alternative | Facebook has acquired one of the most popular gif uploading and sharing platforms Giphy and has plans to integrate it with Instagram. Other sites like Slack and Twitter also use Giphy’s services.

However, Facebook has not confirmed whether the Giphy self-service will be permanently removed or not, people have started looking for Giphy alternatives if this social media takes the decision to discontinue the Giphy self-service. Finding the best GIF websites and apps is not an easy task as there are millions of similar sites available on the internet.

Hence, in this article I am listing the best Giphy alternatives or you can say the best GIF apps and websites which you can use to create and share awesome GIFs.

1. Tenor GIF

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Tenor is one of the best sites that can be used as an alternative to Giphy. Tenor is the most popular GIF search engine that allows users to upload and share GIFs. This platform has a vast library of GIFs to express all your moods at any time.

Whether you want to make someone else feel special or you want to shower someone with funny words, Tenor has your back. You can also use the GIF maker tool on the platform and create a GIF using any video or image you like.

The most amazing part about Tenor is that it has a GIF Keyboard app for Android. Keyboard apps are available on Google Play Store and you can use the same to convey your feelings while chatting with someone. You can even add a caption to your GIF.

Available for: Website | Android

2. Imgur

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Imgur is also one of the best sites that can be used as an alternative to Giphy. Imgur is an online image sharing community that has a large collection of viral images and GIFs posted on various platforms like Twitter, Reddit, etc. This platform works as one of the best GIF creators as you can also convert videos into GIFs on Imgur.

The platform also has an amazing GIF editor where you can add text to GIFs and perform other edits as well. You can also create memes on Imgur as it comes with a meme generator.

Imgur has three categories for downloading GIFs and memes which include ‘Most Viral’, ‘User Submitted’ and ‘Highest Scoring’ to choose from. Imgur can be one of the best Giphy alternatives.

Available for: Website | Android

3. Ezgif

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Ezgif can be dubbed as one of the best gif editor or creator on the list. This platform allows you to create GIFs, add text to images and resize or blur images to use in GIFs as needed.

The platform gives you the freedom to organize and edit any image you want to include in the GIF while creating it. Apart from that, you can use different effects for your GIF including color filter, cut duration, adjust speed, add overlay, etc.

Visit site: Ezgif

4. GifBin

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Gifbin can be said to have the most user-friendly and simple interface. As soon as you open this website, you will see a screen where you can choose from various gifs by tapping on the next button.

You can also tap on the Browse button available on the home page to access the newly added GIFs. Various categories including top rated gif, funniest gif, most commented, most viewed and more. You can also increase or decrease the speed of the GIF and you can even adjust the size of the GIF on the platform along with adjusting the sound.

The best part about this app is that you can see various tags related to GIFs on the screen. You can tap on the tag to get more GIFs of the same type.

However, its simple interface is a little boring as it has a mustard and brown theme that misses an interesting vibe compared to other apps on the list like tenor and Imgur.

Visit site: GifBin

5. ImgPlay

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With a 4.0 star rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.8 star rating on the Apple App Store, ImgPlay is one of the best gif maker apps available for Android smartphones and iPhones.

The app has a unique GIF editor that lets you select various photos and create things like GIFs or slideshows. You can also edit the previously created GIF and add new elements to make it fresh again.

You can also add different effects to your GIF including changing the playback or giving it a boomerang effect. This app also allows you to share GIFs created on ImgPlay instantly on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and LINE.

Available for: Android | iOS

6. Gifs

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Gifs.com can be said to be everything you need to create the best gifs to share on various social media platforms. The best part about this app is that you can import full YouTube videos on the platform to edit and create GIFs from them.

Just paste the YouTube video link in the text box and trim and take part to make a GIF. You can add text to image in different text styles used for meme GIF or reaction GIF. External images or PNGs available on the platform can also be added to GIFs.

This platform also allows to crop, invert color, blur, invert any GIF. Gifs.com’s experimental features including Ping Pong and Warp are something quite different.

Ping Pong mode is similar to boomerang mode in that it adds movement to and to the GIF. On the other hand, the time warp feature lets you increase or decrease the GIF playback speed.

Visit: Gifs

7. Gfycat

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If you are looking for a GIF maker that can provide you with the best things to create GIF memes, then Gfycat is your complete solution. The platform consists of millions of GIFs and you can also create or edit old GIFs to make them unique.

The best part about Gfycat is that this platform provides you with amazing GIF categories including celebs, popular, popular and one of the most popular i.e. games category.

You will get the best game GIFs based on popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, Counter-Strike, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Dark Souls, Mario Kart, Far Cry, Minecraft, GTAV and many more.

Available for: Website | iOS

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What are GIFs?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, it is used to convey emotions in a more interactive way. You can even create and use GIF memes for a makeover on social media platforms. You can use GIFs anywhere, while sending messages, in comment threads, in stories and statuses on various social media platforms.

Is it charged to send GIFs in chat?
No, sending GIFs in chats on any platform doesn’t cost you a penny. You just need to have a GIF maker app if you want to send a unique GIF.

How to add text in GIF?
To add text in a GIF, just install a GIF maker app and open a GIF editor. You will get lots of editing options. All you have to do is tap the add text button. Now, write whatever you want to add in your GIF.

How do I embed a GIF?
Visit any GIF maker website and tap on any GIF you want to embed. You can also create it using a GIF editor. Now tap on the share button and you will see the embed code available next to the GIF. Copy the embed code and paste it wherever you want to embed the GIF.

Why are GIFs the best?
GIFs are now becoming very common because everyone is using them while chatting and in the comments section. GIFs help convey emotions in a more precise and precise way. The best part is that you can create GIF according to your needs with the GIF maker apps and websites that I have mentioned above.

Can I make a GIF with my phone?
Yes, you can create various GIFs using your phone with GIF maker apps available for Android and iOS.