7 Best Korean Drama Watch Apps on Android & iOS

The Best Korean Drama Watch Application

The Best Korean Drama Watch App on Android & iOS. | Drama is an integral part of entertainment that everyone watches with great interest. Most dramas mainly from Korea are based on family themes but now new themes such as history, love, science fiction and thriller films are also appearing.

The Korean drama genre can also be said very much. It includes romantic melodramas and youth comedies, colorful fantasy with twisted plots, intricate detective stories and criminal intrigue.

Every year the number of fans of Korean shows is not getting smaller. But Korean dramas and TV series are becoming more popular. Every day the premiere comes out, which has long attracted millions of fans of Asian TV shows to the screen. Everyone will find their own favorite genre.

There is a Korean saying: “Laughter brings good luckIf you have something to laugh about, the sadness and trouble will go away. Korean TV shows make viewers laugh all week long, whether it’s comedy programs or reality shows.

7 Best Korean Drama Watch Apps on Android & iOS

Below are 7 of the best Korean drama streaming applications on Android and iOS. In recent years Korean dramas have become increasingly popular, especially admired by young people. All over the world, people watch their favorite Korean dramas every day.

Viki: Korean Dramas, Asian Movies & TV

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Whenever you want to watch Korean dramas on your Android device, try the Viki app. It doesn’t matter what language you understand, here all dramas are available with subtitles. It is a community contribution based application where drama subtitles are available in more than 200 languages.

Viki: Korean Dramas, Asian Movies & TV is one of the largest online cinemas broadcasting Korean programs. Here you will get easy and convenient access to the best collection of movies and TV shows.

Dramas, TV shows and programs are specially selected from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. If you are new to this app and have no idea to choose a suitable drama, just use the chat feature.

This feature allows users to interact with existing users who can suggest some of the best viewing programs. This app also has a premium service that offers ad-free entertainment in HD quality.

Downloads for: Android | iOS


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OnDemandKorea is another popular streaming option that you may be familiar with from using it on your computer or Roku. However, you can also get OnDemandKorea now on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

OnDemandKorea is a completely legal service dedicated to offering you the most popular dramas, movies, variety programs, etc. in Korea.

OnDemandKorea Features:

  • All Programs are updated within hours after they air in Korea so that you can stay up to date with the latest in Korean programming.
  • All content is free of charge (excluding Plus, Premium, Pay-Per-View content)
  • Sign in with your ODK account to continue watching live videos at your place.
  • It can be accessed through various devices like Computer, Your Mobile Device (Android, iOS), Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.
  • Available in Korean and English (Change any time via the Settings menu in the app).

OnDemandKorea not only provides the latest Korean shows and movies, but also has a huge catalog of popular content from classic dramas of the past.

Downloads for: Android

Korean TV Show, Drama, K-POP Video Collection

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Korean TV Show, Drama, K-POP Video Collection is a universal service for watching Korean shows. This app provides a wide selection of popular series, movies and shows with voice acting and subtitles.

Every video has excellent video quality and high download speed. Most of the content in the application is presented in HD quality. If you have low Internet speed or limited traffic, then you can opt for lower quality. This can be done in the application settings.

The interface and navigation in this application is clear and comfortable. It’s very easy to navigate and hardly confusing. Implemented easy navigation through genres, categories and options.

Here you will always find new series of your favorite Korean shows earlier than any other source. App developers always update new releases quickly and on time. If some videos aren’t already on this platform, it means they weren’t found anywhere.

With this app, you can create a collection of your favorite shows. For that, you have to use the Bookmark feature. You can also subscribe to notifications about new series releases. There is also a “memorize series” function. This will help you not to miss the moment when you stop watching.

Also, in Korean TV Show, Drama, K-POP Video Collection app you can read biographies of your favorite actors or listen to music.

Download for: Android


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Are you looking for an app to watch Korean dramas? Then SBS is perfect for you. It is a universal service that has new Korean movies and TV shows.

It also offers a wide selection of popular music programs, various TV shows and videos about life in Korea. You can watch videos in original or with subtitles. Subtitles are available in more than 200 languages.

Registration is required to enjoy this app. During registration, you need to specify a phone number or email address. Next, you fill out a profile form and state the program and genre that you are interested in. Based on your preferences, the program will select the best new video for you.

Apart from that, this app will help you to choose a suitable program. It is based on your preference. You can check reviews and recommendations from other users who have watched the selected show. There is also a selection of movies and TV shows. You just need to choose the most interesting topic. Then, the app will offer you several options.

If you want to get rid of ads, you have to subscribe. This feature will also give you early access to new releases of your favorite shows.

You can save the watched shows in a special tab. There is also a “watch later” function. You can add videos there and go back to watching them as you like. At the same time, the application does not store the user’s personal information.

Downloads for: Android | iOS


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If you are looking for an app that is completely dedicated to Asian dramas especially Korean, then KDrama will be a great choice. You will do nothing but dramas of different genres in this app.

The content of this application is divided into three main categories namely broadcast, completed and search. Whenever a new drama is uploaded, the app automatically notifies the user so that their favorite episode won’t be lost. To keep the app fresh, new events are added every week.

Every K-Drama lover is invited to join Amino’s K-Drama! You be the first to know about the upcoming big dramas, review the latest episodes of the hottest dramas currently airing, and much more.

Downloads for: Android

KORTV for iPhone

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KORTV is a mobile application for those who love Korean shows. Thousands of movies, TV shows and programs are collected here in high quality. Choose your favorite show and start watching.

In this app you can:

  • download videos and watch without internet connection.
  • start browsing on one device and continue on another.
  • Leave ratings and reviews for Korean dramas.
  • add videos to folder “see later“.

The app saves the history that you see. If you want to review your favorite shows, this feature will help you. In addition, the application is a convenient division of TV shows, movies and shows by genre.

You can disable ads while watching video content. Some series premieres can be seen before they start airing on Korean TV channels.

This application is available anywhere in the world, even where there is no Internet. Create your profile in the app. It will save your view and offer new videos based on your preferences.

Here you will find Korean premieres and original TV shows, most awaited hits and much more.

Downloads for: iOS

KOREA TV – Korean Drama, KPOP, Korean Music Video

Best Korean Drama Watch Apps-7

KOREA TV – Korean Drama, KPOP, Korean Music Video was created for fans of Korean shows. It is very convenient to watch your favorite movies and TV shows from this app. You can select the desired video quality.

There is also a convenient video rewind function by double tapping the screen. You will find the most interesting Korean shows, new movies and exclusive series in this app.

Featured features:

  • easy search for movies, TV shows and shows
  • trailers, viewer ratings and reviews
  • information about the actors
  • list of Korean shows for every taste
  • Also, there are reminders about new series releases or new releases of your favorite shows.

This app is totally free. No subscription or registration. You just need to turn on your favorite TV series and you can watch it right away.

If you want to watch new Korean shows, but can’t vote, then the app’s algorithm will help you. You can search for the latest news, thematic collections, premieres, and additional materials. Select Korean shows and TV shows by topic or genre.

Application developers have created a unique technology. It lets you watch videos in high quality even at low Internet speed. It is possible to customize the app according to your taste. For this, you have to add your favorite shows to Favorites folder.

Also here you can exchange views with other app users or friends. This feature allows you to find the most talked about shows and see their ranking.

Downloads for: Android

Those are the 7 best Korean drama watching apps on Android and iOS. Please choose one of the applications above according to your taste and immediately enjoy the drama. Finally, I hope this article is useful and thank you for visiting. Don’t forget to share huh.