7 Best Zombie Games on Android and iOS

best zombie game on android and ios

Best Zombie Games on Android and iOS.| Do you like watching zombie movies and wonder what it would be like if they were real? Well, we really hope they never become real but for all zombie lovers, today I am bringing you the best zombie games which will surely give you an unforgettable experience with them.

These zombie games are available for Android and iPhone/iPad that range from killing brutal zombies to helping them find their love. So, without further ado, let’s start the list.

Here are 7 of the best zombie games on Android and iOS. All games on this list are available on both platforms and can be played offline.

1. DEAD TARGET: Zombie Apocolypse Survival Game

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Get ready to kill zombies and save the city. The evil company injects prisoners with a zombie virus and creates an apocalypse to fulfill their desires. You have to stop the zombie invasion from spreading in the city and ensure your survival.

With tons of amazing, dangerous and different types of weapons, kill the waves of zombies that come your way. Zombies will increase in strength as you progress through levels with more than 20 different types. At the end of each level, you will also get a chance to fight against zombie Boss which is really very big and scary.

No need to move to kill them, just stand and let them come to you, the rest you know what to do. Complete daily and main quests to get ranked and get more bonuses which will allow you to buy and upgrade your weapons. With great graphics, you will surely have fun killing those brain-eating zombies and saving the city from evil corporations.

Downloads for: iOS | Android

2. Zombie Highway

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Roam the deserted highway in the car and get rid of the zombies that attack you. This game is great because it is very simple to play, just steer your car by tilting your phone and keep destroying zombies with your car. Apart from destroying them, the zombies keep attacking your car and you have to kill them by hitting them into an abandoned car or with a gun that your passenger has before they destroy your car and overturn it.

With different levels like Classic, No weapons, The mist, Hardcore, Less Traveled, Frostbite, Swamped and Infinite ice infinite to choose from and multiple cars, weapons to choose from, just drive through the highway and kill all the zombies and see how far You can achieve.

Downloads for: iOS

3. Stupid Zombies

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It is a very interesting game among the best zombie games for Android and iOS devices because it is very easy to play and also addictive. Just sit back and start shooting zombies on your screen. To shoot them, you have to adjust the angle of the gun and shoot the bullet to kill the zombies.

When you fire the bullet it will bounce several times off the wall. So, try to kill all the zombies in one shot by applying strategy and finding the right angle.

You will get five bullets per level, so make each bullet valuable. Complete and collect all the required stars from the level to unlock others.

Downloads for: iOS | Android

4. Zombie Tsunami

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Tired of killing zombies? Well, then you can become a zombie and eat people. Zombie Tsunami is a game where you will play a zombie and run through the city. The objective of the game is to collect as many zombies as possible by eating humans so that they become one of you and collect coins.

Apart from traveling, you can also eat humans in cars, buses, tanks, etc. Make sure you have the required number of zombies to flip the object. For example to flip a car you need 4 zombies, less than that will end your game.

With good animation, this is definitely one of the best zombie games and quite fun to play. With exciting powerups and bonuses like Tsunami waves, Ninja zombies, giant monster zombies, etc, nothing will stop you. Keep an eye on missions and complete them to get energy fluids that will enhance your skills. Eat as much brain as you can.

Downloads for: iOS | Android

5. Plants vs. Zombies

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Another fun zombie game for smartphones. Zombies attack your house and to get rid of them, you have to sow various plants in your garden. This is not an ordinary plant, in fact, it has different abilities like shooting, exploding, creating solar power and many others. Keep planting them and defeat the waves of zombies that are approaching your house. Remember zombies can eat your plants so you have to kill them before eating your plants.

Now to add plants, you have to collect solar energy which will keep falling on the screen like Sun or you can also plant sunflowers which will give you more solar energy. New plants will keep growing as you complete levels. Make a strategy to place the plants in the right places and clean up all the zombies that come to your house.

Downloads for: iOS | Android

6. Zombie Catchers

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Zombie Catchers is a zombie hunting game where you have to catch zombies. Bud & AJ run a juice corner drive-thru and sell their produce on Earth to humans. Surprisingly, humans love fresh and squeezed juice, but what they don’t know is how it is made.

AJ is an extraterrestrial who makes a juice corner with his robot friend Bud. They catch zombies to make delicious juices that humans love. All you have to do is help him catch different zombies from different regions. Each zombie will produce a different flavored juice.

Catch zombies with spears, take them out of their hiding places by feeding their brains and selling products and expand your shop. Complete missions to upgrade your shop with new flavors, engines and equipment types like spears, jet packs, etc. To catch zombies.

Downloads for: iOS | Android

7. Zombie Castaways

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Ever wondered what would happen if zombies stopped eating brains? All zombie games are kill or hunt, but not this. This game depicts a zombie who has fallen in love with a girl so that you have to help her get the love of her life.

Explore the island, use and harvest resources to build your house and equipment. Clear the forest and trees with the tools you get to make a path to his love.

Apart from finding his love, you can also explore different islands and find treasures by building ships to travel. This game certainly requires good strategy and attention to play because it has a lot of things to explore.

Downloads for: iOS | Android

Those are the 7 best zombie games on Android and iOS. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting. Don’t forget to share yach.