7 Coinless Novel Apps 2022

If you are looking for a novel application then we will provide a free Novel application without buying coins.

In the following we will provide a novel application without coins as follows.

Coinless Novel App

1. Wattpad Coinless Novel App

Coinless Novel App
Wattpad Coinless Novel App

The first way you can try the Coinless Novel application called Wattpad, which is where you can use this application with cellphones with Android and iOS operating systems.

Wattpad provides many novels that you can read for free without the need to buy coins, you will not experience language barriers because there are many Indonesian novels in the Wattpad novel application. By downloading Wattpad you will not only be able to read novels but you will also have just like writing novels, so you can publish your novels to this application.

Often this Wattpad application provides novel writing content, so for those of you who have a hobby of writing, you can prove your novel writing skills to the world through this application, plus this Wattpad application also provides attractive prizes for the contest winners.

Download the Wattpad Novels App

2. Novel Coinless Novel Reader App

Coinless Novel App
Novel Coinless Novel Reader Aplikasi

Now there is also a coin-free novel application called Novel Reader, this application has thousands of free novels which are specially distributed to loyal users.

This Reader application is highly recommended for friends who like to read novels from Asia, especially from Japan, China, and Korea, where the story can make you baper to the maximum.

However, this Asian novel provided by Novel Reader has been translated into English, so those of you who are used to reading English novels will like this one application.

3. Novel Applications Without Coins We Read

Coinless Novel App
Novel Applications Without Coins We Read

The next novel application without coins is We Read, where Korea is known for its worldwide drama.

It turns out that some Korean dramas are obtained from Novels, for example in the Korean drama entitled Touch Your Heart and also Her Private Life which gets great interest from K-drama fans.

If you want to read Korean novels, it is highly recommended to use the Web Read application, where you can download this application for free via the Google Play store or you can also get this application through Apk download sites such as Apk pure and Apk mirror.

You can read all Korean novels in the We Read application for free, only with a quota, you can read Korean novels to your heart’s content.

This application is equipped with a night mode feature, by activating this feature, your eyes will not get tired easily when reading at night or in low light places.

4. Aldiko Book Reader Coinless Novel App

Coinless Novel App
Aldiko Book Reader Coinless Novel App

The fourth way is a coin-free novel application called Aldiko Book Reader which is recommended for all of you.

You can download this application for free through the Google Play application.

This Aldiko Book Reader has lots of free novels for its users, but all the novels here are in English.

For those of you who want to read novels as well as want to learn English, it is highly recommended to use this application.

The Aldiko Book Reader application has a feature that allows you to download the novel you want to read, after the novel you like is downloaded, you can read it offline, aka without an internet network.

However, it is impossible for us to mention what titles are in the Aldiko Book Reader application, so if you want to know what the novel is like, please download and install this application immediately.

5. NovelPlus Coinless Novel App

Coinless Novel App
NovelPlus Coinless Novel App

You can do this coin-free novel application using the NovelPlus application.

This NovelPlus application also provides many novels from various genres, ranging from Romance, Horror, Action and many others.

One of the novel reading applications for android gadgets has a very neat interface so you will definitely feel comfortable when reading novels through this NovelPlus application.

But besides being a reader, you can also become a novelist in the NovelPlus application, for those of you who like to write novels and want to share your work on the internet, you must try this application developed by NovelPlus.co.

If it can be accessed through the application, you can also access Novel Plus through the official website which is addressed at NovelPlus, co.

If you are interested in using this application, please download this application

6. Hinovel Coinless Novel App

Coinless Novel App
Hinovel Coinless Novel App

The next application for novels without coins is Hinovel, although of the many novels the most liked, the romance genre novel is one of the leading novels.

This romantic novel is usually liked by teenagers who like romantic love stories, if you want to read romantic novels for free, then please try the Hinovel application. You can run this application on iOS and Android phones, but the main content of Hinovel is novels. a romantic genre that can make the readers immediately baper.

In addition to romance, there are also comedy genre novels that are romantic and no less interesting to read.

But apart from reading novels, there are also special missions that you have to do, if you successfully complete all the missions, there will be interesting prizes that you can get.

7. Romance Novel Coinless Novel App

Coinless Novel App
Romance Novel Coinless Novel App

This last Coinless Novel application is a Romantic Novel where you can use this application.

Many people have downloaded the Romantic Novel application with a pretty good twig.

With the help of this application, you can read novels full of romantic scenes like you are watching Korean dramas.

If you like watching drakor, it seems very mandatory for you to try this application which is only 1.9 MB in size.

But in addition to the small weight of the application, this free novel reading application can also be run on Ginger bread android gadgets.

Even if you use old school Android, you will still be able to read novels from this application.

The final word

That’s information about free novels that you can use and you can read as many novels as you want without the need for you to spend money anymore.

You can also download the novel application for free, so you will not run out of reading material every day.

If this information is useful for you, then don’t forget to share it with your friends or relatives.

That’s all our discussion in this article about novels app without coins. Hopefully useful and good luck.