8 Best Free Password Folder Lock Software

folder lock software with password

Despite the fact that no version of Windows comes with a password lock option for your private folders, most of us don’t care about the data we store on our PC or laptop and would not even consider protecting it.

What we don’t understand is that it allows others to gain access to your privacy which can be deleted accidentally by friends or family, or even manipulated by others. Hence, it is a good practice to keep your folders password protected so that your data is safe and secure.

Even though you have the option to hide folders in Windows operating system, it is of no use as folders can be searched or not hidden. Therefore, in this article, we share the 8 best free folder lock software to lock your private folders.

8 Best Free Password Folder Lock Software

There are lots of apps out there that help lock your folders, but most of them are paid versions. Today I compiled a list of 8 best free folder lock software to lock folders with password which will help you to store folders securely on your Windows platform.

1. Folder Lock

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If you have a large amount of data then you definitely want to keep it safe, and Folder Lock is one tool that helps you. It helps you to lock and hide your files, folders and drives with password. Apart from that, it also encrypts files, folders and email attachments, meanwhile safely backing up your data and also protecting your CDs and USB drives.

It doesn’t stop there, as you can also create a wallet to store credit card details and other personal information with the help of Folder Lock. It prevents your data from being accessed by even the smartest hackers and spies with hotkey enabled secret mode. Clear history and delete junk files with Folder Lock and try all its benefits for free.

2. IObit Free (Protected Folder)

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One of the best options of folder lockers is IObit Protected Folder which is user friendly, takes up less disk space and offers solid basic protection for your files and folders. With IObit you can hide your files and folders from outside access. Even though all outsiders are blocked from accessing your data, they can’t even see it when you are not around.

It offers a very simple dashboard where you can just drag and drop the data of your choice to lock. Apart from that, the program also keeps it safe with a password that protects itself so that no one can delete it. Although IObit Protected Folder is a free application, it is completely free of malware and viruses.

3. Lock-A-Folder

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Even though the developer has suspended the project which means that there will be no updates for the product, you still have the option to download the Lock-A-Folder app for free. It is a user-friendly software that takes up little disk space and helps you to lock or hide private folders on your PC or laptop. This action blocks other users from having access to your files and makes your data invisible.

You need to create a master password to select the folder which you want to hide or lock. Just click on the option to make it invisible. You can re-enter the password and select the desired folder to open it. Even when you have to uninstall the app, you have to enter the master password which means that no one can uninstall the tool without the password.

4. Safehouse Explorer

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Another free encryption software, Safehouse Explorer helps maintain the privacy of your data by protecting it with a password. It effectively covers your data from snoopers or anyone who should not have access to it. With 256-bit maximum strong password and encryption to make your data completely inaccessible from outside world.

From photos, videos, complex files, spreadsheets, etc. Up to all file types, it protects and hides your data completely. It can also retain data contained in your USB and CD drives, memory cards, iPods and even network servers. It allows you to access your files only when you enter the password, which also makes it safe from external intrusion.

5. Easy File Locker

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Easy File Locker is an easy-to-use and lightweight free software. Perfect for Windows operating system, this tool helps protect your files and folders from being lost or stolen. It provides solid protection for your secured data from other users and blocks them from viewing, opening, reading, changing or deleting info, copying or even moving folders. The file or folder is completely hidden from being seen by other users or spy programs.

Easy File Locker is developed to protect your personal files and folders on your personal computer. The best part is that it doesn’t slow down your system speed, doesn’t change or corrupt any data in your protected folders.

6. Folder Guard

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If you have decided to hide your personal files and folders from outside users, password lock your data, restrict access to Control Panel, defend files in system from destruction and to control access to files, programs and folders to different Windows resources, then Folder Guard is the right choice for you.

Although you can specify to restrict access for which file types, you can also create “read-only” files with Folder Guard for other users or viruses and restrict them from corrupting or modifying your data.

It is a lightweight application that takes up almost no hard disk space and protects your personal data efficiently. Moreover, with a very user-friendly interface, it makes the whole process super easy for the users.

7. Private folders

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With Private folder, you can hide or lock private folders effectively using password. Any folder that is hidden is accessible only to the owner who can enter the folder manually even without hiding it and using configuration tools. The locked folder can only be opened with the Personal Folders configuration software as it cannot be accessed by unknown users.

When combined with the Hide folder option, it will create a strong protection that will hide the folder completely. If you try to find a file in this mode, it will return with a prompt saying “windows cannot find….” rather than the usual message saying “access denied”.

Moreover, you can get access to the hidden files only if you enter the correct password. Also, the lock automatically resets itself when you leave the folder unlocked for more than two minutes. Some of the unique features of Private folder is that when the name is changed to folder or root, the rules will automatically fine tune themselves to show the changes while the files are still locked and hidden. There is no limit to lock files and folders.

8. Free Hide Folder

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As the name suggests, Free Hide Folder is a free software which helps you to hide the list of private folders. This software provides password protection to your folders which can be modified or deleted at any given time. Free Hide Folder is an easy-to-use tool that works with just a few clicks. Open the tool, find the folder that you want to hide, select that folder and finally click on the option that says “Hide Folder” to hide your personal folder.

When you run the program, the folder is password protected and does not require any changes in the file system. You can hide unlimited number of files with Free Hide Folder which is completely free of viruses, ads or spywares.