8 Best Tank Games [PC Windows, macOS, PS4, Android dan iOS]

Best Tank Games

Tanks are an important part of the military. The first tank was launched during the First World War in 1917, Britain was the first country to use this rolling death machine. Tanks play an important role in modern games. Be it power-ups, lying on the battlefield, or causing mass extermination across the globe. This is an amazing top 8 tank game.

Tank games are a lot of fun, and come in a variety of styles. From fun arcade games to realistic games, the best tank games will appeal to anyone who loves big cannons.

Below is a collection of the best tank games that you can play on Windows PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox, Android and iOS. Straight away, let’s explore the best tank games that you can play right now on different platforms.

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World of Tanks is the best tank game in the world today. The war machine giant has more than 100 million registered players, and set at least two Guinness world records for the largest number of concurrent players on a single server.

World of Tanks takes an arcade approach to the tank genre. Vehicles have HP bars and lose health regardless of where you hit them. World of Tanks has some tricky mechanics under the hood to keep things interesting.

For example, hitting a tank perpendicular to its armor is better than hitting it from an angle, as the tank has a high chance of rebounding. Each tank has its own armor thickness value, so it’s worth learning where your enemy’s weak points are.

There are quite a few things to be aware of, but World of Tank’s one-respawn design means you can quickly queue back up after a defeat. World of Tanks also promotes mastery of one or two individual tanks, which means practice makes perfect.

World of Tanks is available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4. However, the PC version is more updated, as the console version is limited by 360 hardware. Regardless, it’s still one of the best tank games on PS4 and Xbox.

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If you want to know what it’s like to get into the cramped cockpit of a tank, Steel Armor is one of the best tank games to play.

Steel Armor comes in two different parts. The first part plays as an operational strategy game, where you will deploy, supply and repair units on the battlefield.

The second part is a tank battle simulation. You can switch between shooter, driver and command station to take over different tasks. From the command station, you can give orders to your entire troop.

You can create missions and play in any of the four operational areas. Each battle gives you experience points which upgrade your units.

As a result, you have to balance map-based tactical warfare with the demands of controlling one tank to be at the top, making it one of the best tank games to simulate the real one.

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If you combine the realism of Steel Armor with the online competitive nature of World of Tanks, you get War Thunder. It is a free to play game that lets you control planes, tanks and ships in a variety of different battle scenarios.

War Thunder has an arcade mode, which is great for casual play; However, many War Thunder players are interested in realistic and simulation modes. These two modes are where War Thunder stands out as one of the best tank games for realism.

Realistic mode removes enemy indicators above enemy tanks, but retains ally indicators. This means you need to look and snoop carefully to find enemy tanks, but you know where your teammates are.

On the other hand, the simulation mode forces you into an “in-tank” point of view, removing enemy and teammate indicators and activating fire. In short, you should know your IS-2 from Tiger II if you are planning to play War Thunder in simulation mode.

The damage calculation in War Thunder is different from games like World of Tanks. Instead of a health bar, each tank has an interior similar to that in the real world. Everything from crew positions to engine placement to ammunition racks is remade, which you need to break down to take out the tank.

Unlike other tank games, War Thunder shifts the focus away from individual vehicles and widens it to the arsenal of specific countries. For example, while other games let you fight in Sherman, War Thunder lets you assemble and take down entire American formations. After one tank explodes, you enter the next one in your lineup.

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Blitz is the mobile version of World of Tanks, which received a PC port not too long ago. This app reduces the complexity, but maintains the fast-paced combat to make it the best tank game for Android and iOS.

Choose one of 250 tanks and engage in 7v7 battles with players from around the world. There are tons of tanks to unlock and upgrade the crew which lets you customize the way you play.

Even though the game is designed with a touch screen interface, you might find it difficult to play it on a mobile screen. Playing it on a tablet should make it a bit easier, although many people play it on their phones without a problem.

If you are only interested in free mobile games, World of Tanks Blitz is a great addition to your list of favorite games. This game is free to download and play.

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If you like the sound of the games above, but prefer to control your entire tank team rather than just driving one, try Armor Age: Tank Wars. This game is somewhat similar to the game World of Tanks, but lets you control the whole team.

The main focus of Armor Age is the single player campaign. You collect lots of tanks from different countries, each one acts as one of four classes. You have to take advantage of the strengths of each tank and position them properly to maximize each tank.

While there’s an extensive campaign to sink enemies, the game also has a PVP mode. You pilot up to five tanks against others in mini-battles. Despite being a mobile game, PVP is surprisingly tactical and well worth checking out.

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Panzer Corps is one of the best tank games for strategy. Instead of controlling one tank, you will control their entire legion and guide them, through turn-based strategy to victory.

There are 26 scenarios for you to complete, as well as a multiplayer mode that pits your skills against others.

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Pocket Tanks may not be as realistic as the entries above, but it’s still fun for all fans of tank games.

In Pocket Tanks, you face off against one opponent on a 2D map. Mountains and potholes block your way, so you need to aim your shots and choose the right ammunition to hit your opponent. With over 100 types of ammunition including napalm, a dirt mover, a fission bomb, a lightning strike, and a gravity well, you have plenty of experimentation.

It’s a silly game, but if you want to throw crazy projectiles at one of your friends, Pocket Tanks is worth checking out.

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Over the years, there have been different variants of the “tank arena” game. Players fight in a simple arena with several walls as barriers, firing shots from the walls.

Tank Hero is the smartphone version of this game. You drive your tank around different environments and game modes, bouncing shots off walls to be the last one standing. Even though this game is simple, it can keep you playing. It is also one of the few offline tank games that you can play without using data.

Those are the 8 best tank games that you can play across platforms. Hopefully the games above can fill your spare time. Thank you for your visit.