9 Best Angle Counter Apps For Android & iOS

Best Angle Counter App

Below are the 9 best angle counter Apps For Android & iOS, in several apps, not only to find or calculate angles, but also to measure surface flatness. Sometimes it is necessary to find a corner, be it when there is homework in school lessons or building a house, drawing, or making a detailed plan of what you want to build.

Measuring angles is unavoidable if you do all the tasks I mentioned above. But how to do it, just use your smartphone.

In this list, you can see the best angle finder apps, which are available for Android and iOS. Let’s just start and read to the end.

1. iHandy Level

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It is one of the most reliable applications. This looks like a conventional level for measuring angles. But the working principle is extraordinary.

iHandy gives you a chance to get accurate results. It also has various effects that can be used when measuring. It is interesting that iHandy is one of the best 5 applications used for measuring and engineering. And the only one, which is free.

As it is clear from the name, iHandy is only available for iOS users. Click the download button below to download it now.

2. Level

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Level is another great app that’s perfect for measuring angles. It has an elegant design. The number of tools embedded is also quite decent: there are bubble levels, surface levels, and many other details, which you find useful. Everything is free.

The new version of the updated application works quickly and has no bugs. The accuracy is also at a high level. But unfortunately this application is only available for iOS.

3. Angle Pro Free

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The Angle Pro app is packed with various functions, including finding angles. The accuracy depends on the gap you are using, but the accuracy is quite high.

Angle Pro has a memory function, which stores all the measurements you take. You don’t need to remember anything. Best of all, this application does not need to be calibrated, the application will be ready to work immediately after download. You can also change the theme if you are bored. Currently available 6 colors.

Features of Angle Pro features:

  • Accurate angle meter with memory function
  • bubble inclinometer function
  • Level Function with visual and sonic feedback at 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°
  • No calibration required, always ready
  • Integrated Assistance
  • Functional and intuitive design
  • Fully optimized for touch interface

All of these tools are free. Android users can fully enjoy all the functions in this application.

4. Protractor

Best Angle Counter App-4

This Protractor application is suitable for those who are learning geometry and trying to solve problems about geometry. For example, if you are learning about triangles and want to find the angles, Protractor will do it in just a second.

Protractor has detailed guides, which will help make the most of the app’s functions. Another nice feature is its intuitive design which is very realistic.

5. Bubble Level for iPhone

Best Angle Counter App-5

Bubble Level is another good and accurate App for finding corners. This app has a creative and bright design.

Accuracy is also at the top level. This app is famous for its other functions, such as metal detection (yes, you can know for sure if there is a wire or something made of metal inside your wall), inclinometer (especially useful for cars and bicycles) and angle calculation.

Bubble Level, which remains the main function of the app, looks real and is easy to use. Get Bubble levels on the App Store for free.

6. Angle Meter

Best Angle Counter App-6

This application can measure the shape or angle of inclination. According to various ratings and comments, Angle Meter seems to be the most reliable application. Has no bugs and can work offline.

It is rated 5.0 in the App Store, which is the highest result in the list of apps mentioned here. It can measure angle from Camera, and also from image.

It has calibration and recalibration options, aimed at providing maximum accuracy. The graphics are also at a good level, which makes the app more attractive and therefore highly rated. Angle Meter is only available for iPhone users. Feel free to download it now.

7. Triangle Calculator

Best Angle Counter App-7

If you don’t need to measure angles when building a house or repairing a bicycle, but you need to solve geometric problems, this app is a must.

Triangle Calculator is used to solve triangles by entering two sides and one angle, two angles and one side or three sides to find the remaining values ​​as used in trigonometry.

You can get it in radians, degrees or graduates. The app is smart, and if a problem has more than one solution, it will give you all of them. Triangle Calculator is completely free to use. You can download it from Google Play.

8. Angle Meter 360

Best Angle Counter App-8

This app has the same functionality as all the apps listed in this article. The only thing that makes it really different is the interface. This is the easiest to use.

This is why we recommend Angle Meter 360 for unskilled technology users. This app is packed with hints, instructions, and other forms of help.

Angle Meter 360 will be the perfect app for those who like simple and accurate measurements through using a basing angle finding tool. The size of the app is small – only 26 MB!

9. Clinometer Bubble Level

Best Angle Counter App-9

This app is made not only to find angles, but also to measure surface flatness. Clinometers can be used in all kinds of situations: to solve problems, to install a roof, to fix shelves in a house or just for fun.

Measurements are accurate and fast. The only thing you have to do is calibrate your phone and then hold it for a few seconds. The rest of the work will be done by the Clinometer Bubble Level.

Those are the 9 best angle counter apps for Android and iOS. Hope this article helps you. If you think this article is useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thank you.