9 Best Free Apps To Merge Videos on Android

Most new smartphones have almost two or three cameras. Actually, modern Android smartphones are capable of shooting amazing videos at great frame rates, but still, sometimes we feel like we need a video editing app.

If we face a situation where it is necessary to merge several videos into one video, this handy App which can merge videos will solve your problem! Today I am going to review a simple and affordable video editor that you will learn to use today.

Here are 9 of the best free video merging apps on Android. These apps allow you to combine videos recorded in different formats, create a single movie from photos and video files, equip them with unique filters and special effects, creative transitions, and titles.

1. Movavi Clips

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Movavi Clips is the best free video merging app on Android. Conventional videos can be turned into stunning movies in minutes with the free video editor Movavi Clips.

Just add videos to the program, trim unnecessary ones, add transitions, music – and it’s done! You can also upload mini-movies to social networks directly from the app and collect likes, read enthusiastic comments from friends.

Also in Movavi Clips, you can apply stickers and text, rotate and copy clips, and also crop them in frames. Easy-to-use tools for working with audio will allow you to adjust the volume of the original sound, as well as the music that is superimposed to achieve the best balance.

In Movavi Clips, you will not be distracted by anything from video editing: there are no in-app ads, and the exported clips have no time limit. Never processed a video before? Does not matter! Thanks to the in-app tips, you quickly master the basic tools and create your movie in just a few minutes.

With Movavi Clip, the creation of truly beautiful videos is just a matter of minutes. Download the free video editor and try it yourself!
[Download Klip Movavi]

2. VivaVideo

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Viva Video is also one of the best free video merging apps on Android. This is a very good video editor. It is also available for free download, which is another advantage. Both beginners and professionals in video editing will have a great time using this app and its built-in interface.

VIvaVideo main features:

  • Powerful built-in kernel, with implementation of multi-capture mode and support for PIP functions.
  • Duplicate and multi-load songs, as well as support for animated headers.
  • More than 60 functional filters, various special effects.
  • Powerful tools for creating animated slideshows and photo compilations.
  • Ability to embed images into each other.
  • Ability to customize Control panel.
  • Easy export of results to internal galleries and social networks.
  • Regular updates and constant expansion of functionality.

Its presence in more than 60 countries worldwide means you can trust the app to do quality editorial work.
[Download VivaVideo]

3. VideoShow

best video merging app android-3

If you need an app that can combine videos, try VideoShow. This video editor is a great program for working with clips on Android. The design of this program is very cute. The interface is quite simple, but inexperienced users can experience some difficulties. They all disappeared without a trace after a few minutes of studying the menu. The program has many opportunities to edit, customize and create videos. With this app to perform eye-catching and special visuals in just minutes.


  • Extended work with videos lets you cut them as you like, combine several into one, or insert in the middle of playback. At the same time, the file format is not important, working with different formats is carried out as quickly and conveniently as with the same format.
  • The integrated interface function allows the user to view the final result directly on the screen. This is very convenient if you want to add some effects and film scale.
  • In video, you can add photo or text. There are no special restrictions, from the photo it is possible even to install a high-grade roller. Ideal for adding small parts and customizing stock videos.
  • The program includes several interesting effects, which instantly give the creature a special appearance and underline its strong features. In almost every case, you can choose the right filter.
  • You can work with audio tracks. Adding sound and music, the trimming is done to literally a few tapes on the screen.
  • Export is possible both in a compressed state, respectively, with less weight, and in maximum quality. It should be borne in mind that as quality increases, file weight and processing time increase.
  • Directly from the program you can upload the created works on popular social networks or Youtube.

VideoShow is an excellent tool, the functionality of which fully meets the needs of most users. This is a program from the category that is a must have on mobile gadgets!
[Download VideoShow]

4. Magisto

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This magic video editor with the option to purchase a premium version is designed to make editing movies easier. It gives you the ability to select videos, photos, music and effects, and then combine them all to create your own edited video.

  • It is the most downloaded video editing app on the Google Play Store, so what makes it the best? First of all, it offers more opportunities:
  • You can share your videos on all social networking sites, and create your own albums on the Internet to display them publicly or share with friends and family.
  • There’s face detection, image stabilization, filters, transitions, and effects.
  • You can use it when shooting the camera built into the smartphone, and with previously saved videos, photos and music.
  • This app really covers a lot of fields and specializes in combining all the features for easy video editing. Plus, all of this functionality is free.

For those of you who are looking for a simple app that can do all the hard work for you and create videos with amazing effects, Magisto will be the best choice.
[Download Magisto]

5. Videoshop

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Videoshop is an excellent video editor for Android, which offers a large number of various filters and editing tools. With it, you can easily cut unnecessary moments from videos and “glue” several independent fragments (to merge multiple videos). In addition, the program includes powerful tools for changing video speed and creating Slow Motion effects.

Like other video editors, this application also allows users to adjust color settings such as brightness, contrast, white balance, and so on. During the clip installation, you can also add music to it and even force your voice to be recorded on the built-in microphone. Before the overlay, the recorded sound can also be edited in a separate section.

Another useful feature of Videoshop is the creation of beautiful animated subtitles and captions. For this purpose, the application has many ready-made templates and presets. Other advantages of the editor include the ability to work with high-definition videos and share ready-made videos for various hosting and social networks.
[Download Videoshop]

6. Vidstitch

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Vidstitch is a program that helps you combine your photos or video recordings into amazing collages that you can share with friends via Instagram. Choose funny frames, view materials with the possibility of editing them, add your own soundtrack and share your creations on Instagram or on other social networks.


  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Ability to choose a frame and its color.
  • Ability to combine videos and photos.
  • Ability to edit your photos and videos.
  • Ability to add multiple videos.
  • Ability to add your own music.
  • Preview the video before saving the collage.
  • Possibility to post collages on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

[Download Vidstitch]

7. Cute Cut

best video merging app android-7

Cute CUT – a simple video editor for iOS and Android, which lets you cut clips, merge videos, perform simple video edits, and even work with audio tracks and subtitle tracks.

This app allows you to add and move multimedia files by simply dragging and dropping your finger. Before you start, all the required content should be added to the internal memory of the video editor. How to do this is generally quite easy. Moreover, when you first start Cute CUT, the app offers you a detailed guide to using the editor and even provides some ready-made video examples.

You can work with the program in landscape and portrait mode. The interface of the application is designed in such a way that it will be comfortable and ergonomic on both the iPhone and iPad screens.

After you put all the video clips in the right order, add soundtrack and captions, apply filters and so on, you can save the resulting video to your mobile device memory. Cute CUT lets you save files in SD and HD formats. Another good point is that this app is completely free.
[Download Cute CUT]

8. VidTrim

best video merging app android-8

You will enjoy using various editing options, including merge, clipping, audio extraction, and frame capture among others. The app is free, but there are many functions available in the full version, including:

  • Ability to convert video files to MP3 audio.
  • Multiple ways to share your video, add music to it and various interesting effects.
  • Ability to convert videos to MP4, resize and compress videos to take up less memory.
  • Although this app is very easy to use, it seems more professional because of the features that analogues don’t have. The premium version offers you the most interesting features (add music, resize, and effects, etc.)

If you don’t need an app capable of doing all the work yourself, but want to take a direct part in the creative process of making movies, then VidTrim will be an excellent choice.
[Download VidTrim]

9. Filmora Go

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Filmora Go is one of the best video editing apps that you can get on Android. And as you might expect, it is capable of much more than just merging videos. This app basically gives you access to a powerful video editor which is stuffed to the brim with various different features.

You can join as many videos as you want by just tapping on the plus sign in the bottom right corner. However, the best part is that you can add lots of amazing animations to make the transition smoother.

The app also includes preset themes which you can use to change the look of your video. The app also lets you add music and offers all the other basic features that you would expect from any video editor. Apart from all those features, the user interface is quite beginner-friendly and I am sure that you will not face any big problem getting the hang of it.
[Dowload Filmora Go]

Conclusion: Thus a review of the 9 Best Free Applications for Merging Videos on Android. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you, finally, thank you for visiting.