9 Best Free EMF Radiation Detection Apps for Android & iOS

Best Free EMF Radiation Detector App

You may not know EMF radiation may be around your house, and you can absorb such radiation without knowing its harmful side effects. Did you know that excessive amounts of electromagnetic radiation can be generated from various electrical and electronic equipment?

There are some of the best free EMF radiation detector apps available that can be used to measure the electromagnetic levels present in a place or room. In this article you can find a list of the best EMF detector apps which can measure all types of EMF radiation.

1. Free EMF Detector

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ElectroSmart is a free EMF radiation detector app available on Android. With this app, you can find out which devices from your nearby area are generating excessive amounts of EMF. You can measure EMF level from anywhere at any time, and you can keep your room safe by reducing EMF level.

Electromagnetic waves are very harmful to children, and you can use this free mobile app to measure your child’s room EMF level. It can help you further to identify threats or devices that emit excess radiation. Apart from that, you can dispose of the equipment to keep your home safe.

You can use this free app to measure the EMF level of your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. This app displays simple index data that doesn’t require you to be a physicist to know if your radiation exposure is high, moderate, or low.

So if you are feeling unwell and suffering from headache, fatigue, dizziness, reasoning ability and other radiation related ailments, you should read your room EMF because electromagnetic radiation can damage health over time if you don’t take action to stop it.

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2. Electromagnetic Detector EMF

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Electromagnetic Detector EMF is one of the best emf meter for iPhone. Now you can turn your iPhone into an EMF meter. This app will use your phone’s built-in compass hardware to detect EMF radiation.

EMF radiation is one of the main causes of nausea, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, memory loss, sleep disturbances, itchy or burning skin sensations, and skin rashes. So you need to check the EMF level of your room, especially your bedroom and kids room.

You can download this app on iPhone to detect EMF exposure. You can even use this app to detect metal objects and magnetic devices behind walls and even underground.

Although it has not been scientifically proven, people associated with paranormal research have also tested this app to be useful for finding traces of supernatural existence. You can track high magnetic field with this app and measure electromagnetic radiation emission from device.

It is a three-axis EMF meter, and you can store more than a hundred readings in this app. You can also send this data by mail.

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3. Ultimate EMF Detector Free

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Ultimate EMF Detector Free is one of the best emf detector app available in Pro and Free versions. The free version of this app can detect any magnetic field, and can measure electromagnetic radiation in amperes per meter.

You can record data in text format and use it on your computer. However, you need to grant the necessary permissions to read and write on your phone’s external storage.

The basic version of this app is designed with a needle and LED light. The large number of ads appearing in the app is a major problem in the free version. If you don’t like ads, then you can use the Pro version.

Apart from coming with all the basic features and being ad-free at the same time, the Pro version has an audible alarm that notifies you of changing EMF levels around you in real-time. You can use this app to detect electromagnetic fields and their sources. Some people believe in ghosts and other paranormal phenomena, and this EMF detector app will come in handy for that purpose.

The magnetic sensor of this app can easily detect EMF radiation and show measurements with easy-to-understand graphs. You can also change the unit of measurement from uTesla and Gauss as per your preference.

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4. True EMF Detector

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If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use this app like a scanner, and you can detect any metal device that creates electromagnetic fields by this app.

People are generally not aware of EMF radiation, and they can be affected by such harmful radiation in their homes. EMF can destroy your rational and mental abilities, and you can suffer from fatigue, headaches, memory loss, sleep disorders, and skin diseases.

Hence, you need to secure your home by measuring the EMF present in your room, and this app will come in handy for that purpose.

It can also detect all kinds of wireless devices, Wi-Fi connectivity, hidden metal devices, cordless phones, cell phones, computers and laptops. It uses your iPhone’s built-in compass to detect electromagnetic radiation.

Apart from that, you can record more than a hundred readings on your phone and transfer those data to your computer. You can save your readings in text format. The magnetic field is calculated by this application in microteslas (µT).

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5. EMF detector and Emf meter

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Different types of electric and magnetic devices are available around you. It is your responsibility to keep your family safe from the electromagnetic radiation emitted from these devices.

It is one of the best EMF protection app available on Google Play Store. It can detect any electromagnetic device by using your phone’s built-in compass. This app is also known as ghost detector, and you can use this app for paranormal activities if you believe it.

However, magnetic sensor is a must to use this app, so If you don’t have it in your phone, this app cannot be used. EMF meter is expensive, and you can save cost by converting your phone into EMF meter using this free app.

In addition, this application has the additional feature of being equipped with a hidden camera detector. This feature is useful if you are using a public locker room or restroom, and you suspect that there might be a hidden camera.

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6. Electromagnetic Radiation EMF

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Electromagnetic Radiation EMF is one of the best emf meter for iPhone, and you can use it to detect ferromagnetic metals. It usually uses the compass of your iPhone or iPad to locate electromagnetic devices.

Did you know that EMF radiation can also reduce or destroy your fertility rate, apart from many other health problems? Your household appliances and gadgets, such as telephones, electronic devices, power cables, routers, intercoms, alarm clocks, and antennas, can emit large amounts of EMF.

You may suffer from serious physical and mental problems if you continue to live in such an environment for a long time. In fact, the WHO or the World Health Organization has stated that electromagnetic waves are one of the main causes of cancer. So, you need to protect your family from such EMF, and you can use Electromagnetic Radiation EMF app for this purpose.

You can measure EMF with this app, and this app will sound when it detects excess EMF in your room. In fact, it will identify the source of the radiation, and you can easily disassemble it to save your family.

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7. EMF Detector

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This EMF Detector app uses your phone’s magnetic sensor to read the magnetic field around you. It can measure EMF instantly. You can detect electromagnetic field, metal and presence of any electronic gadget with this app. Moreover, the LED indicator of this app can show readings in numbers and graphs.

This app does not change or modify your EMF readings, and displays them in real-time. It is designed with a speedometer needle, and it shows EMF readings in uTesla and Gauss. You can also use this app to find out the spy camera.

People related to geomagnetic studies can use this app to find out the electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields underground. You can move the phone to detect metal and magnetic devices.

For those involved in paranormal studies, this app serves as a great alternative to their expensive EMF reader devices.

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8. Metal Detector

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Metal Detector is one of the best EMF apps available for iPhone. You can detect electromagnetic devices using this app easily. It is a three-axis EMF reader which can calculate magnetic force in microtesla (µT).

You can use the clock dial on this app to read the EMF of a magnetic device. You can change the settings of this app to enable or disable auto sleep mode. It will read electromagnetic radiation with your phone’s compass sensor.

Alarms for readings are also available in this app to notify the presence or increase of EMF. You can download and install this EMF app completely free from Apple app store.

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9. Electromagnetic Field Finder

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If you are looking for the best EMF app, you can try this Electromagnetic Field Detector. You can detect metal, electromagnetic field and any gadget with this app efficiently.

You can move the phone around the house to detect EMF devices and measure the radiation level of those devices. Next you can use this app to identify spy cameras. People who believe in paranormal phenomena can also use this app to detect ghost activity.

Easy to use and reads EMF up to 49 microteslas (μT) or 490 milli-gauss (one T equals 10 milli-gauss). This is a digital EMF detector that can detect any electromagnetic radiation. So you can keep your family safe from harmful EMF by using this free app.

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Those are some of the free EMF radiation detector apps available on Android and iOS. Hopefully the applications above are useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.