9 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

best korean drama on netflix

Best Korean Drama Movies on Netflix | One of the most popular forms of Korean pop culture in recent times is K-drama. K-drama is a Korean TV show that dates back to the 1960s. Musicians, also known as idols, often play a role in this but actors and actresses also play a role in many K-dramas. These days, movies, TV shows, and music from South Korea are very popular all over the world. Despite the fact that these songs, films, and shows are in a language that many people around the world who watch or listen to do not understand the language, Korean pop culture is still literally taking over the world. Fortunately, subtitles come in handy and enjoying music doesn’t necessarily require understanding the lyrics for most people.

Despite the name, not every K-drama is a dramatic show, although many of them have some sort of romantic or suspenseful element that really grabs the audience.

9 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

Here are the best Korean dramas to watch on Netflix. Featuring new and classic Korean TV shows of all time, this list of popular K-dramas includes romantic dramas, funny comedy series, and more. If you are looking for something with romance, drama, some long lost siblings, and rich parents, K-drama is the right thing for you.

1. Romance Is A Bonus Book

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Romance Is A Bonus Book premiered in early 2022 with a total of 16 episodes. The series quickly became one of the most popular K dramas on TV when it aired.

This series tells of Cha Eun Ho, a writer and editor at a magazine and newspaper company. Cha Eun Ho has known Kang Dan-i for a long time, but the two of them grew closer and closer during the series as Kang Dan-i went through some major changes in their lives.

2. Cinderella with the Four Knights

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Cinderella with the Four Knights is a Korean drama that aired in 2022 for 16 episodes. The series is based on a novel of the same name and is often compared to the K-drama Love to Boys Over Flowers, another very popular series that almost every K-drama lover has seen time and time again.

The series tells of Eun Ha Won, a student who is dedicated to his education and plans to become a teacher. Unfortunately, after she lost her mother, her life changed and she no longer had the money to pay for college, forcing her to move in with her stepmother. One day, he gets an invitation to move into a big house with a group of wealthy cousins.

3. Mr. sunshine

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Mr. Sunshine is a Korean drama that tells the lives of activists who fought for Korean independence in the early 1900s. Lee Byung-Hun was born into slavery, fled to the United States, and then returned to Korea years later as a United States Marine Corps officer.

Upon his return, Lee Byung-Hun finds love and uncovers a foreign plot to colonize Korea. The series received major critical acclaim for cinematography, historical accuracy, and storytelling, and won the Drama of the Year award at the 6th APAN Star Awards. If you are a historical drama lover, you should not miss this one drama.

4. Something in the Rain

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Something in the Rain, a series exploring the evolution of romantic relationships, became a commercial hit and became one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history. So, why success? Maybe it’s because the romantic relationships in the show are a lot of fun, unlike American romances which are often overdone and far-fetched.

Almost anyone can relate to a love story involving a shop supervisor in his mid-thirties and a video game designer (who happens to be his best friend’s younger brother). It was serene, sweet, and totally believable.

5. Chocolate

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Chocolate is a Korean drama that started airing in November, 2022. Two new episodes are airing on Netflix every week, so even though fans will have to wait between episodes and won’t be able to just watch the entire series until it’s finished, it’s definitely still a great series to start watching. .

Chocolate tells the story of a man named Lee Kang who dreams of becoming a chef, but ends up becoming a neurosurgeon. Moon Cha Young is a young woman who once met and tasted the dishes that Lee Kang had cooked and became so inspired by the delicious food that she became a chef herself. The two of them met later in their lives and became close while cooking meals together.

6. Crash Landing On You

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Crash Landing on You began airing in December 2022 with a total of 16 episodes. New episodes air on Netflix every week, while fans will have to wait between episodes, this show is quite promising and good to start watching if you don’t mind having to wait between new episodes.

The series tells the story of a South Korean heiress named Yoon Se-ri who is in a terrifying paragliding accident that forces her to make an emergency landing in North Korea. There, she meets a member of the North Korean army named Ri Jung-hyuk who she falls in love with while he helps her hide.

7. When The Camellia Blooms

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When The Camellia Blooms is a K-Drama that aired in 2022. A total of 40 episodes and 4 specials aired for this series, so anyone who is really addicted to the series doesn’t have to worry about running out of episodes too soon after starting to watch. And that’s definitely a good thing because this K-Drama has a unique plot and interesting elements to tell the story!

The series tells the story of a woman named Dong-baek. Dong-baek is a single mother who opens a bar called Camellia. Her life gets complicated when a cop comes to Camellia and falls in love with her, determined to win her affection despite Dong-baek’s disinterest. Unfortunately, Dong-baek’s status as a single mother makes their potential relationship complicated.

8. Memories Of The Alhambra

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Memories Of The Alhambra aired from December 2022 to January 2022 for a total of 16 episodes. Even though this K-Drama has fewer episodes than any other K-Drama that has been aired and put on Netflix, that hasn’t stopped the series from being one of the most popular in South Korean TV history. The series is well-loved for its quirky plot and interesting twists that will keep viewers in their seats and wondering about what will happen next.

The series is mostly set in Spain, but there are a few episodes in the final part of the series that are set in South Korea like more traditional K-Dramas. The series tells of Yoo Jin-woo, a businessman who travels to Spain to meet the mysterious creator of an AR game. There, she meets and falls in love with Jung Hee-joo, the owner of the hostel where she lives. The two of them get tangled up in a stranger’s mystery more than they could ever dream of.

9. My First First Love

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My First First Love is a Netflix original K-Drama that was released on streaming services in 2022. The series is a reboot of 2022’s K-Drama, My First Time, and is a fun series to watch for anyone with a passion for romance. and drama.

My First First Love tells the story of five friends who all find themselves living in the same house for a variety of different reasons. Being in such a close environment leads to their lives intersecting in new and unexpected ways and leads to drama, romance, and some budding friendships.

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