Apex Legends: How To Get Into The King’s Canyon Secret Bunker

How to Enter the King's Canyon Secret Bunker

How to Enter King’s Canyon Secret Bunker in Apex Legends.| One of the features of the new season of Apex Legends is the addition of new locations to the King’s Canyon map, and some old places like Skulltown are destroyed, a new and useful element called Charge Towers has been added to the game and there is a balloon zipline and a new POI called Salvage.

As the new season progresses, players are still trying to figure out the best places to land and where not based on loot. And now it has been discovered that there is a secret bunker on the Broken Coast as revealed by Redditor Damon388; a landing spot that will give you a legendary resurrection shield every time you go there.

How to Enter King’s Canyon Secret Bunker in Apex Legends

Here’s how to get into the King’s Canyon secret bunker in Apex Legends. The bunker is located on the Broken Coast, and you must set up the drop line up properly, making sure you land in the gap and don’t go off the edge of the map, as this could result in your death. This area should be familiar to those who saw it in Loba’s gameplay trailer.

How to Enter King's Canyon-1 Secret Bunker

After landing, you should look for the Charge Towers right in front of you. When you see it, turn right and keep going straight until you find a door that you need to open. Then, walk through the door to find the legendary knockdown shield waiting on the other side. Grab the shield and find your way back down the middle of the hall you went through to get to the door, and with the help of the touch panel, find your way to the exit.

How to Enter King's Canyon-2's Secret Bunker

Now that you know where to find the secret bunker, I suggest you get to it right away and make the most of it, as it’s not a secret anymore as news of its location is already spreading like wildfire.

How to Enter King's Canyon-3 Secret Bunker

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