Application To Identify Plants [Android & iPhone]

application to identify plants

This article reviews the best free plant identification (name and type) apps on Android and iPhone. Sci-fi movies get us all excited about things like identifying a plant or flower just by scanning it with a device. You can scan any object at any time with your phone but need a database where it can search for matches.

PlantNet is a research and education initiative that seeks to build a plant database. The initiative has apps for Android and iPhone that can find plant names along with other useful information. By using this app, you become a participant in an initiative where you can confirm the results found by the app by contributing. This is completely optional, you also skip the confirmation section and use the app to identify the package for free.

How to Identify Plants with Android Phones and iPhones

To identify plants with a scan on your phone, install the PlanetNet – Plant Identification app on your phone (Android & iOS) or use the web version. This app has a community where users can share their identification results with the community. Each share is a post that appears in the feed in the app. You can tap on the post to get details and also validate identification.

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Whenever you have to identify a plant, open the app, and click on the camera icon from the bottom of the screen. It gives you two options on the screen, one for camera and one for gallery. If you want to scan saved photos then click on gallery icon select the photos you want to identify.

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And if you want to scan plants, click on camera. It opens the camera on your phone and takes a clear and bright photo. After that, the app asks you to select the plant organs that are in your photo to sort the results.

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When you scan a plant, it takes a while and then finds similar plants from the database. List of plants with similar characteristics and photos. Then, you can confirm your match from the results and get details about the installation. Please note that, to confirm the result, you have to create an account in the app.

Downloads for: Android | iPhone | Web Version

PlantNet – Plant Identification is a great app for identifying plants by scanning with your phone. The initiative behind the app is to build a platform for the public that can benefit anyone and everyone. If you want to discover new plants then you might like the PlantNet site where you can find a catalog of plant species with images.