Autumn Draw Mobile Legends, Here are the Details

Autumn Draw Mobile LegendsMobile Legends has introduced the Autumn Draw event to all its players. With this event, every Mobile Legends player will have the opportunity to get at least one epic skin.

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Mobile Legends is a very large player game with almost 281 million downloads worldwide. Many players have considered Mobile Legends to be a very fun game to play for various reasons. For example, because the gameplay is interesting or it could be because the game is aesthetic in terms of playing experience.

The main part of the Mobile Legends game is brilliant skins and events every month that Moonton releases to please its players with various prizes. Now, among these events, there is one event that is very interesting for Mobile Legends players, namely the Autumn Draw event.

Autumn Draw Mobile Legends Event, Watch Here

Autumn Draw Event is a draw event that can be accessed from within the game which when you click it will go to a web browser. This event is very similar to the previous event, namely the Summer Draw Event. All Mobile Legends players can play this event by going to the Events menu on the left bar of your game dashboard.

Autumn Draw Mobile Legends
Autumn Draw Mobile Legends

After you enter the event, open the community on the top tab of your cellphone screen. The autumn draw event is third from the left. When you’re there, scroll down on the left and look for ‘Draw Skins for FREE‘. This is the last option in the left menu bar under ‘Vote for the Winner!’.

Once you find it, tap on ‘Go Now’ then you will be redirected to a web browser. From there, players must collect Autumn Tokens that are earned by doing Autumn Token Tasks or buy it to participate in Autumn Draw Event.

You will see three options to add an opportunity to get autumn tokens, namely ‘Log in the event’, ‘Invite friend 1 time’, and ‘Recharge 1 time (daily)’. The first and second options will continue for the duration of the event, while the third option will always be refreshed every day.

Autumn Draw Event Rules

Keep in mind that you only have 9 free chances to play in the Autumn Draw event. This means that Mobile Legends players must log in at least 1 time every day to take part in the entire series of Autumn Draw events just to get 7x Autumn Tokens.

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The other two tasks are other free tasks. This is in addition to daily logins to get a chance to draw events. On the other hand, there are skins that are guaranteed to get on the first ‘Draw 10x’ as mentioned in the event banner and not for the first 10x draw for those with the ‘Free’ button. There is also an ‘Epic Skin Progress’ under the button mentioned above which accumulates for every draw you make. After you reach 60 draws, you are guaranteed to get an Epic Skin.


Those are the details of the Mobile Legends autumn draw event. Hopefully what we have explained above is useful for all of you Mobile Legends players.