AXIS 2022 Free Quota Code No Toll

Axis Free Quota Code No Toll

Axis Free Quota Code No Toll – Who doesn’t want to get a free quota, especially in this day and age where everything is credit or quota to activate Whatsapp, Facebook, IG, YouTube and others.

Now is the time to hunt for free quota, where you save money in terms of finances, especially as a student, you will benefit from getting free quota.

But for you to get a free quota, it is not so easy for you to get but you have to complete a mission so that you can easily get a free quota.

Free internet or free quota is one of the solutions for Indonesian people to get a free internet connection without spending money to buy another quota.

Moreover, loyal Axis users who don’t want to get free quota, of course everyone will want to, apart from increasing the amount of internet quota.

Now for those of you who have never tinkered with the secret code from Axis and are curious, for that you need to know the method is quite easy.

If you want to get a free quota, then follow the steps or methods below. Axis Free Quota Code Without Credit.

Axis Free Quota Code No Toll

1. Axis Free Quota No Toll Free Axis Hitz Quota Code

Axis Free Quota Code No Toll
Free Quota Axis No Toll Free Quota Code Axis Hitz

So, the first way for you to get this free quota, you have to use a cellphone to use the code, then several internet package options will come out, ranging from the cheapest to free if there is a promo.

The following is the Axis 2022 Hitz free quota code:

  1. The first step, please type the code *123*7*8# in the USSD dial menu on your cellphone.
  2. After that you press Call or OK.
  3. Then you select the number 1. Hitz among the three options that appear.
  4. Then you just press OK.
  5. After that, a description will appear containing an explanation of the quota, then reply to 97 for Next, and reply to 99 Next.
  6. Then you select 1. “Yes”.

Then you wait until there is a confirmation about the free quota secret code that can be used.

2. Axis Free Quota Code No Toll 10GB

Axis Free Quota Code No Toll
Axis Free Quota Code No Toll 10GB

This second method is where a code is available to get a free quota and don’t forget to use it wisely so that you can use it very quickly.

The following is the code for Axis free quota without credit 10 GB:

  1. The first step is to type the code *123# especially on the Dial Up menu, then Call or OK.
  2. Then, please check the credit you have, so you can get a free quota from Axis and also make sure that your remaining internet quota is 0.
  3. After that, then you download and install the free internet application By Axis.
  4. After that you open the application and you click VPN Conting which is at the top.
  5. Then please change the SSL Protocol by using port 443, then select Ajustes Avansados ​​SSL.
  6. After that you edit the SSL and please check the Advanced SSL Settings section.
  7. Then you use Spoof Unlimitied, for the port please use: 2424, and click OK.
  8. After that, so that you can connect to the internet, you can use Hostpot.
  9. If it is successfully connected, then try turning off the Wifi connection.
  10. Furthermore, if the Wifi is dead, then you can reactivate internet data and also connect to the application.

3. Axis Free Quota Code No Toll 100 MB

Axis Free Quota Code No Toll
Axis Free Quota Code No Toll 100 MB

Now for how to get Axis 100 Mb quota, it’s very easy for you to get.

Here’s how:

  1. The first step, please dial in the phone menu this number *838# then you call.
  2. Then the second menu will display two options no. 1, namely download scan and get the bonus.
  3. Then there will be a display that the order will be processed, then you wait, then you will be sent an SMS notification that the quota has been sent.
  4. After that, to check it please dial *889# then a popup will appear that you have got Axisnet 100 Mb.

4. Axis 2GB Free Quota Code Rp 1

Axis Free Quota Code No Toll
Axis 2GB Free Quota Code Rp 1

If you want to take advantage of the secret code for 2GB quota from Axis, you must have a credit of IDR 1,- at *888#.

As follows, the Axis 2GB free quota code is Rp. 1:

  1. First you download and install the Axisnet application on your cellphone or you can directly install it on the application via the following link: Download the Axisnet Application
  2. Then you open the Axisnet application.
  3. Next you select the Axis Play menu by sliding the cellphone screen to the left.
  4. After that you play the Spin Wheel game and try to stop at a surprise.
  5. So, for that, please win the game with a free quota of 2GB from Axis for only Rp. 1,:.

5. Free Quota Code How to Get Axis 1Gb Free Quota for 7 Days

Axis Free Quota Code No Toll
Free Quota Code How to Get Axis 1Gb Free Quota for 7 Days

Now the way to get a free quota that you can do if you follow the method, then you will get a free quota of 1 GB which you can use for 7 days, interestingly open.

To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Your first step is to enter your call menu.
  2. Then you enter the code *123# then you send it, after that you wait for the process.
  3. After that in the window that appears, you will find a menu with the words “Free 1 GB 7 days.
  4. Then you select the menu by inputting the number 1, then you send it.
  5. Then you wait a while, a confirmation prompt will appear by entering the number 1 again then you continue.
  6. If your registration is successful, you will receive an SMS notification if you get a free Axis quota for 7 days, and you will immediately be able to use it for unlimited internet until the package runs out.
  7. Finished.

I said

So that’s how to get Axis free quota without credit that you can try, and you can also save expenses.

If you want to try it then you follow the steps that we have explained above.

If this information is useful for you, then don’t forget to share it with your friends or relatives.

That’s all our discussion in this article about Axis free quota code without credit 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.