Axis 2022 Free Quota

Axis Free Quota

Axis Free Quota – Since this past year, the government through the Ministry of Education and Culture has indeed provided free quotas for all provider users in Indonesia, one of which is Axis.

The free quota is given to support teaching and learning activities so that they can continue to run effectively, because they are carried out online by students, students, teachers and lecturers during Covid-19 hitting several countries, especially Indonesia.

The amount of free quota given also varies, because it is adjusted to each level of education.

However, in addition to free quotas for students, Axis also provides free quotas for other users that can be used to play social media, play games and others.

Well, in this discussion, we will provide a review of the Axis free quota that can be obtained in various ways, guys.

Axis Free Quota

1. How to Get Axis Free Quota for Students and Teachers

Axis Free Quota
How to Get Axis Free Quota for Students and Teachers

All students, students, teachers and lecturers are entitled to a free quota from Axis for these students, because it is a program from the government.

The quota will be distributed directly through each school or campus.

Here’s how to get free Axis quota for students and teachers:

  • New Axis and XL customers who activate school starter packs will get a quota of 37 GB + 45 GB activation bonus and will be distributed through their respective schools.
  • Axis and XL customers whose numbers have been registered as recipients of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s quota assistance in 2022, can get a quota of up to 213 GB in the next period.
  • Customers who register their Axis and XL numbers as recipients of free quota assistance from the Ministry of Education and Culture in April 2022, will get a quota of 2 months and so on.

2. How to Get Axis Free Quota for Gaming, Social Media and Other Applications

Axis Free Quota
How to Get Axis Free Quota for Gaming, Social Media and Other Applications

Axis is a provider company that is well-known for its cheap internet package services.

There are even several internet packages from Axis that can be purchased at a price of Rp. 1,000 only.

So that the package is very suitable to be purchased when the contents of the bag are starting to run low or dry, guys.

You can get a free quota bonus if you make transactions through the AXISNET application, guys.

If you want to get an internet bonus, of course you have to download the AXISNET application first on the Play Store or via the following link (Download the AXISNET App).

Here’s how to get Axis free quota for gaming, social media and other applications:

1. Lifetime

For those of you who are loyal customers of Axis, then you can take advantage of the Alifetime feature from Axis so that you can get quota for free.

This feature can be used easily, because you only need to use the Axis card continuously and make regular purchases of credit and internet packages.

The more transactions you make, the greater the opportunity to get prizes, one of which is free quota, extending the active period and others.

2. Unlimited gaming bonuses

If you are a person who likes to play games, then you can use this method to get an unlimited gaming quota bonus.

With this quota, you don’t need to be afraid of running out of quota while playing games, because it’s already unlimited.

So, to be able to get unlimited gaming bonuses, you must activate the internet package in the AXISNET application.

After successfully activated, then you can enjoy the free quota, guys.

However, the new quota bonus can be activated and used after you have purchased another Axis internet package.

The free quota that is obtained is around 1GB and can be used to play various popular games such as ML, PUBG, FF and others.

3. Sureprize Quota

The AXISNET application also has the Sureprize feature that can be used to get free quota from Axis.

As the name implies, the Sureprize feature often surprises loyal Axis customers.

The surprise given is also in the form of an abundant quota bonus, guys.

To be able to get the bonus, you must regularly check the application and click the Sureprize menu and take the bonus immediately.

The final word

Those are some ways to get free quota from Axis, whether it’s quota for students or the public.

The learning quota can only be used to access the learning platform, because other platforms have been blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information.

As for the general quota, it can be used to play games, social media or access other applications freely.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about Axis free quota 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.