Best Free Font Editing Software

Best Free Font Editing Software

In this article, I will share the best free font editing software for Windows PC. Using this software, you can create and edit font files like TTF, BDF Font, Bitmap Font, OTF, SVG, EPS, and other formats. Since this software is open source, then you can access and download the source code of this software which you can manipulate.

This free font editor software gives you several drawing tools to design fonts, such as freehand drawing, line, rectangle, curve points, flood fill, skew, flip, scale, rotate, etc. It lets you add layers to your font files. You can also set various configurations of designed fonts including coding standards, backgrounds, metrics, etc. One of them even lets you extract fonts from PDF and edit them.

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Apart from that, features like customizing font details, editing Glyph info, validation, changing styles, editing correct direction, combining fonts, inserting text outlines and more are also offered in this open source font editor.


Best Free Font Editing Software-1

BirdFont is the best free font editing software for Windows PC, Linux, BSD, and Mac. In it, you can edit or create fonts in various formats including TTF, OTF, and SVG. Both monochrome and color font formats are supported by it.

The GUI is very clean and intuitive. So, you can easily edit fonts in this software without any trouble. It offers more other features which let you edit the fonts. Here are some of its excellent features:

Main feature:

  • It gives you a whole set of characters including Glyph and Unicode to edit individual fonts.
  • You get various handy drawing tools to design fonts like create bezier curve, add new points, move control point, resize and rotate, freehand drawing, etc.
  • It contains several control point editing features, layer management options, stroke function, geometrical shapes, zoom, and guidelines and grid options.
  • You can use Transformation tools like italic, resize, align, set font width, etc.
  • Spaces and Kerning and Ligatures are some of its more features.
  • You can also set various configurations of the tool before using it, such as stroke width, precision for pen tool, edit character set, color theme, etc.

BirdFont is one of the best free open source font editor which allows you to edit TTF, OTF, and SVG fonts.

Downloads: BirdFont


Best Free Font Editing Software-2

FontForge is another free open source font editor for Windows PC. It supports many font formats to open and edit including Bitmap fonts, TeX Bitmap fonts, PostScript, OpenType, SVG, Type1, Type2. Type3, etc. You can also extract fonts from PDF and edit them.

When you launch it, it asks you to open the font file in a supported format. You can also start creating new font files from scratch. Let’s take a look at its main features now.

Main feature:

  • All the drawing tools needed to design fonts are included in it. For example, freehand drawing, rectangle, ellipse, add curve point, skew, flip, scale, rotate, etc.
  • It lets you set the encoding format, add layers, copy foreground to background, add anchors and do a lot more.
  • You can use various tools from Element menu to manage various font parameters including font details, Glyph info, validation, style, correct direction, merge fonts, insert text outline, etc.
  • You can configure metrics including center width, set LBearing, set RBearing, Kern By Classes, Kern pain Closeup, etc.
  • The final font can be saved in EPS, XFig, SVG, Glif, PDF, Raph’s plate, X Bitmap, BMP, X Pixmap, etc.
  • You can find some additional features in it which include Generate Mac Family, Load Word List, Revert Glyph, Hints, Execute Script, etc.

FontForge is another great open source font editor software that anyone can use to design and edit font files.

Downloads: FontForge

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Best Free Font Editing Software-3

Fony is another portable open source font editor software for Windows PC. It is a portable software, so you can use it on the go to edit font files. It supports TTF, Bitmap Font, BDF Font, and several other file formats for importing and modifying fonts.

You can also create new fonts in these supported formats. To start with, you can enter height, ascent, first character, last character, character set, family, weight, resolution, and others. Now let’s take a look at its main features.

Main feature:

  • You can use draw tools, draw line, and flood fill tools to design fonts.
  • It lets you bold the font.
  • You can resize, change width, reflect, and invert fonts.
  • It lets you export fonts to Bitmap, BDF fonts, and Binary data files.

Fony is a basic open source font editor that lets you design fonts.

Downloads: Fony

Favorite open source Font Editor Software;

BirdFont and FontForge are’s favorite software on this list. Both support multiple font formats for editing. Plus, several drawing tools and customization options are also provided in this software.