Best Free Wholesale Store Inventory Management App

convenience store inventory management app

In this article I share best free wholesale store inventory management app. This grocery store grocery app can be hosted on Linux or Windows OS and lets you manage your grocery store inventory and household goods with ease. This application is called Grocy.

The app comes with a very smooth interface with some additional highlight features that other convenience store apps usually miss. It lets you manage all the items in the inventory and has a main dashboard where you can see the status of the whole system.

One of the best part is that this app comes with a built-in barcode reader which helps you to find products quickly. You can easily add products in stock, create shopping lists, and even see the status of products which are expired in next 5 days.

Best Free Wholesale Store Inventory Management App

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If you want to use a grocery store management app to manage your household or store items, then Grocy is an excellent choice for you. Installation is easy and comes with a very simple and interactive user interface. Initially, you just need to populate the database with items and then use the app in the same way you would use any other app of its kind.

What’s even better is that this Grocy supports mobile devices and you can access every aspect of this app from your mobile and even use your phone’s camera to scan barcodes.

How To Install Grocy: Wholesale Store Inventory Management App

The installation part is very easy. Here you can install Grocy on a dedicated server, personal computer or on a cloud VPS. It supports both Windows and Linux platforms but the process is very easy for Windows. On Windows, you can download the EXE file directly and then you can install it like any other application.

You can then access the application’s main interface in the browser, running on localhost. The default credentials are admin/admin.

If you want to install this on a Linux VPS, the best way is to do it via Docker. There are only 2 steps involved in the installation via Docker, I assume your computer has Docker and Git already installed on your VPS.

First, you clone this repository on disk and then open a terminal inside the cloned repository with the following command.

git clone

Now, you just have to run the following commands one by one. The whole image retrieval process will take some time and when it is done, you can access Grocy’s main interface by typing “localhost” in the address bar of your browser.

docker-compose pull

docker-compose up

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In the screenshot above, you can see the login page where you can login as admin using default credentials. After that, you are free to do whatever you want with this app. Start by adding items in the inventory with their details and tracking their status from the dashboard.

How to Use Grocy: Wholesale Store Inventory Management App

After setting up the Grocy, it’s time to use it. At first, you have to create a shopping list and add some items in it. Not only that but you have to add items in the database and then assign those items in your stock to track their status. Apart from that, there is a buying system included which helps you to manage the prices of the items in stock.

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Now, from the Inventory, you can audit the items that you own. You can search for any product there and if an item is not in the database it will automatically ask you to add a new product. Also, while searching in the database, you can see suggestions that are displayed automatically. And to search for items in the database, you can use the included barcode reader. When adding a product in your stock, you can specify details about the item. Details like unit price, location, stock, quantity, etc., must be filled in.

Next, you can move to the section Purchase to add products in your stock. Just search for the product in stock and then specify the price and quantity. Item will be added to stock. Also, to buy items, you can use QR code as well.

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Other features of this app are task management and work tracking. You can add multiple tasks here. After adding some tasks, you can track their status from dashboard with details like due date and some other parameters. All options are available right on the main interface.

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Above, you can see an overview of almost everything that Grocy has to offer. Just install it on your computer and see it in action for yourself. You can change some admin settings like changing password, night mode for main interface, battery overview, and time zone.

Red Thread | So, this was all about the free and self-hosted grocery inventory management app. You can use it anywhere you like. The installation only takes a few minutes and you get all the features of an ideal wholesale store management system. If you are looking for a good and reliable ERP tool then you can try Grocy and then see if it works for your needs.