Best Podcast Apps [Android & iOS]

The best podcast creator app for Android and iOS

Today, podcasts are a popular way to share conversations and stories with a group of people. If you want to record podcasts and share them across multiple podcast platforms, use this Android Podcasts recording app.

With this best free Podcasts app for Android, you can easily record solo podcasts and save them locally. Through some of these apps, you can also create podcasts with other users. After that, you can also share recorded podcasts on popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Podcasts, Google Podcasts and others.

Some of these Podcast apps also offer their own platforms for sharing your podcasts. Apart from recording podcasts, you can also edit podcasts, add background music, add effects, etc., to make podcasts more enjoyable. To help you out, I’ve also included the necessary podcast recording steps in the description of each app.

Through this podcast recorder app, you can also create a new podcast channel by specifying the channel name, icon, description, etc. Apart from that, you can also use most of the apps to subscribe and listen to other podcast channels.

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Here are our recommendations for the best podcast apps for Android and iOS to create and record podcasts. Don’t forget to prepare the right topic for your podcast first.

1. Anchor

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Anchor is one of the best podcast apps for Android and iOS. If you are looking for a one stop solution that does it all, Anchor is the easiest way to go. This app is completely free and you can easily login with your Google account. You can record and edit your podcasts within the app.

It is very flexible as it lets you record from any device. For example, if you are outside, you can use your phone or when you are at your place, use a laptop. Editing is also very easy as it lets you move around and change the order of your recordings. You can cut, split, add backsound, sound effects and also insert ads between segments.

How to record a podcast using Anchor:

  1. Launch this app and create your account or sign in using your Google account.

  2. After that, you can invite friends to join your podcast using the Invite Friends To Join Option.

  3. Now, tap on the Record icon to start the podcast recording process.

  4. During the podcast recording process, you can add flags so you can make changes to the marked areas before publishing your podcast.

  5. Finally, press the Stop button to finish recording the podcast.

  6. To make your recorded podcast ready for publication, you can add background music and remove parts of the recording, etc., using the available editing tools.


  • One tap live podcast published
  • Built-in editor
  • Invite others remotely
  • Unlimited free hosting

The app has tutorials on how to compose a podcast, approach interviews, etc. I also like the invite feature where you can invite your friends by sharing a link with them, which makes it really easy if people are recording remotely. If you want to publish it, Anchor also distributes your episodes for free to multiple platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc.

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2. Speaker Studio

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Spreaker Studio is one of the best podcast apps for Android and iOS. Speaker Studio is similar to Anchor but there is one feature that makes it stand out, which is that you can go live with your audience and chat with them in real-time. You have 2 options, either you can live stream or record audio.

Another useful feature is tap to speak, this way audio will only be recorded when you tap the button. This is a great option when you are just starting out. Other basic editing tools like trim and crop are also present.

How to record a podcast using Spreaker Studio:

  1. Launch this app and create an account. You can also use your Google account to quickly create an account and sign in to this app.

  2. After that, go to the Create and configure audio effects section, audio input intensity, auto DJ, Parameters, etc.

  3. Next, press the REC button to start podcast recording. If you have connected this app to a podcast platform, you can also go live by pressing the Go Live button.

  4. Once the podcast is done, hit the Stop button which gives you the Edit option.

  5. Using the Edit option, you can delete any part of the podcast.

  6. Finally, hit the Save to draft button to save the locally recorded podcast.


  • Live by audience
  • Live chat option while live
  • Also provides hosting on Spreaker

The app is free, but there is a 15 minute time limit. You can also purchase the app for $18/month which gives you more recording time, some podcast hosting support, monetization, and advanced stats of your podcast.

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Those are the 2 best podcast creator apps for Android and iOS. Now you can become a podcaster from your mobile. Start creating interesting and useful content for anyone.