Can TikTok Make Money? Let’s Find Out

In the last few months a lot of questions have arisen from TikTok users. The question is whether TikTok can make money. If this is one of your questions, let’s try to peel it off in this article whether you think it can or not.

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TikTok is now able to rival the popularity of Instagram almost all over the world. Why? Yes, because most TikTok users were also Instagram users. With much more powerful features, TikTok is now starting to rival the fame of Instagram. The only difference is that on TikTok users don’t find the Business option like on Instagram.

If there is a business TikTok option then the possibility to earn money from TikTok is even greater. But is it because there are no options like Instagram Business can’t earn money from TikTok? Not necessarily yes. Let’s try to review it in this article.

Can TikTok Make Money? Really?

Of course it will be very disappointing if you have become a popular person on TikTok. Then you already have an orange check mark or a blue check mark on TikTok but can’t make money. Of course it would be very stifling. Therefore, as a TikTok user you should not remain silent.

Can TikTok Make Money
Can TikTok Make Money?

So how do you make money from TikTok? In our opinion, because the features on TikTok are very similar to Instagram, you can take advantage of Endorse. That way you can earn money easily from the TikTok application. But is that all?

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From the various sources that we have compiled, it turns out that there are other ways to earn money from TikTok. Therefore, the answer to the question you ask is the answer Yes, Can.

How to Make Money from TikTok Easily

Here’s how you can make money from the TikTok app. Hopefully you can practice.

  • Collaboration with Influencers.
  • Get endorsements.
  • If you are abroad, the more TikTok followers you will get / 1 follower will be paid for $0.005. Even just one video post, can get a total of up to $ 13.9 billion. Whether it’s true or not, prove it yourself by getting millions of followers first.
  • Try Live Streaming on TikTok who knows, you may get saweran from your followers.
  • You can also share Saweria or Sociabuzz links in your posts / live streaming to give your followers the opportunity to gift money to you.
  • And so on, for example, selling products on TikTok.

We think that’s how to make money on TikTok. Hopefully you can try and apply it because it will definitely be very useful for you.

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Now we ask you. Can TikTok Make Money? Please answer in the comments column that we provide. Hopefully it can provide information to you TikTok users.