CES 2022: This Robot Can Make Breakfast for You

This Robot Can Make Breakfast for You

All of the technology on display at CES 2022 is interesting and steals a lot of attention, and Samsung’s Bot Chef hand robot is no exception, which brings something to satisfy our hunger.

The company is showing off its robot called Bot Chef that can make delicious breakfasts and meals for you. The Chef Bot consists of two mechanical arms hanging from the kitchen cabinet, on display on the Samsung exhibition floor at CES. However, it was first launched at KBIS 2022.

The company Samsung says it’s a collaborative robot that can serve as an extra pair of hands for chefs. This robot can do things like chop, shake, pour, clean, etc.

New skills can be downloaded from the internet and customized according to user requirements. For example, a user could download a stirring skill to stir soup in a pot, or if a food robot had to operate a device he had never seen before.

However, such a vast and robust ecosystem of downloadable skills had to be in place from the start. Not to mention the cooperation that Samsung needs from kitchen appliance makers.

Of course, there’s AI and machine learning built in, and Bot Chef is based on Samsung’s programmable multi-purpose platform. With six degrees of freedom, the same diameter, and safety, it attempts to mimic the workings of the human arm.

The autonomous food robot is smart enough to sense the position of various objects placed on the kitchen platform. It can be controlled via the app and using the user’s voice commands to select objects and perform the desired action.

However, it looks like there is a long road ahead. Samsung has yet to make an announcement when it will launch Bot Chef for the commercial market and at what price.