Chrome Extension For Google Meet To Be More Productive

Chrome Extension For Google Meet

In this article you will read how to add productivity features to Google Meet with a simple chrome extension called TurboMeet.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, many are working using different types of virtual meeting platforms to get work done. One of them is Google Meet. Not only for individuals, but Google Meet is also used as a platform to coordinate among team members within an organization, while companies work on a work from home model.

Google Meet is a reliable way to communicate between clients as well as team members for work. However, logging in repeatedly can sometimes be distracting for people who want to get work done quickly. For this, you need to log in to Gmail every time or open a Gmail account in a web browser to set up Google Meet. But now you don’t have to bother anymore, because with TurboMeet extension, everything will be easy.

TurboMeet is a Chrome extension for Google Meet that lets you set up Google Meetings in just one tap. These productivity extensions can make your Google Meet experience hassle-free. Let’s see how to use it.

Chrome Extension For Google Meet To Be More Productive

You just need to go to the Chrome Store and search for the extension TurboMeet. Or, you can download it from here. Add the extension to your Chrome browser and tap on the extension to get started with Google Meet. Make sure you are logged in to Chrome Browser to use this extension.

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This extension has various features, some of which are described below.

Auto Captions

With TurboMeet Chrome Extension, you can continue to use your video captions. This feature is activated automatically when you tap on the TurboMeet extension on the Chrome toolbar. You can disable this feature with one tap click on Turn off Captions in the lower toolbar of the Meet Screen.

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Auto Mute Audio and Video

Previously, whenever you joined a Google Meet Video Call or set up a video meeting, you had to manually mute the Audio to deal with any interruptions at the start of the video meeting. However, TurboMeet lets you join video meetings and automatically mutes your video and audio so that you can start the meeting whenever you are ready.

Auto Join

With this chrome extension, you can simply tap on it to join the Google Meeting video conference as it goes beyond all unnecessary screens and connects you directly to the meeting. There is no intermediate screen before joining the video call if you use TurboMeet.

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Shortcut keys

While video calling lets you connect with people across all platforms, you have to rely on a mouse or trackpad to set up a calling session. But if you use TurboMeet, you can use hot keys to navigate calls, like Ctrl + Q to end the call or Ctrl + E to mute videos and more.

Shortcut to copy Meeting URL

If you are setting up a video meeting, you can simply copy paste the link shown at the start of the video call to your desired contact or invite a Google Meet contact with a single tap.

However, if you want to toggle the settings and then add participants to the video call, then you can click on the three vertical dots in the lower right corner to toggle with the settings as per your wish and then click on Meeting details to add participants.

Apart from that, you can also click Copy URL to simply share the Meeting URL with the contacts you want to invite to the video meeting.

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Push to Talk

This feature is very useful when you are working from home in a crowded and noisy environment. With TurboMeet, you can use the Push to Talk feature as you like. Whenever you want to convey something to the participants, just press space bar or Left Shift and talk. Then release the button to mute your audio. This way, you no longer have to manually “mute” and “unmute” every time you need to speak in a video meeting with noise in the background.

Red Thread | TurboMeet is an essential chrome extension that working individuals should have if you work online and deal with clients and team work on a daily basis during video conferencing. This extension makes your video calling experience hassle-free and gives you a smooth platform for team collaboration and productivity.