Coco WhatsApp 2022

Coco WhatsApp

Coco WhatsApp – Coocoo WhatsApp APK can be an alternative if you want to use WA Mod which has an attractive appearance and features.

Because in addition to the well-known GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp, Coocoo WhatsApp also includes a Mod Apk which is no less popular and must be tried.

Like other WA MODs, Coocoo WhatsApp also promises an anti-banned application, which means it can be used safely and comfortably.

Although relatively new, Coocoo WA also provides various interesting features that will not be found in the official WhatsApp application, including theme customization, filters when making voice calls, to transparent WhatsApp features and all of them can be used for free.

You must be curious, what kind of application? To answer this curiosity, here we will share a full review of Coco WhatsApp.

Coco WhatsApp

1. Specifications of Coco WhatsApp

Coco WhatsApp
Coco WhatsApp Specifications

Just like other Mod applications, Coocoo WA also has specifications that you need to know, before using it.

That way, you can prepare a device that is compatible or compatible with the Apk, so that it can be used smoothly without any lag or errors.

Here are the specifications of the Coco WhatsApp Apk that you need to know:

  • Details: Coocoo WhatsApp
  • Minimum OS: Android 5.0 and above
  • Size: 42MB
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Version: v.5.1.0
  • Release Date: December 2022

2. Best Features of Coco WhatsApp Apk

Coco WhatsApp
Coocoo WhatsApp Apk Featured Features

As previously explained, Coocoo WhatsApp has various interesting features, but focuses more on the video call feature.

Where this application provides a number of filters and theme customization when making calls, so that the appearance of your face or other users will look much brighter, glowing and beautiful.

The excellent features of Coco WhatsApp Apk are as follows:

1. Anti Banned

The first feature that Coocoo WhatsApp has is the Anti Banned feature and it has become a mandatory thing that WhatsApp Mod developers must provide.

Coocoo WhatsApp itself promises exclusive support, so that user accounts are free from being blocked and banned from WhatsApp, although it is not 100% safe, but this should be appreciated.

2. WhatsApp Video Call Filters

To maximize video calls, Coocoo WhatsApp provides a Filter & Beauty Effect feature when making video calls.

Here there are 72 filter effects that can be used and there is also a One-click Beauty feature for automatic beautification and Texture Effects to give your face a different style or look.

3. Color Phone

Are you bored with the wallpaper that appears when you receive a voice or video call? Don’t worry guys, because you can replace it with the Color Phone feature on the Coocoo WhatsApp application.

There are thousands of cool, colorful and dynamic themes that can be used in it, from cartoons to funny ones.

4. Transparent WhatsApp Theme

Want to change the appearance of WhatsApp to be transparent? Well, you can do it guys because there are features provided by Coocoo WhatsApp and it’s quite easy to use.

That way, you can enjoy thousands of themes to explore and try out one by one, as you wish.

No less interesting, you don’t need to install additional applications if you want to change the WA theme to be transparent.

3. The difference between Coco WhatsApp and WhatsApp Original or Official

Coco WhatsApp
The difference between Coco WhatsApp and WhatsApp Original or Official

If you read some of the features that Coocoo WA has, of course you have clearly seen the difference between the Mod and official versions.

All the features in Coocoo WA are safe to use and will not harm your account or cellphone, guys.

Well, here are some of the differences that Coco WhatsApp has with the original or official WhatsApp:

1.Cocoo WhatsApp

  • Document submission limit in 1 time 100
  • Number of letters in status 255 characters
  • Maximum media size 50MB
  • Sending text / PDF documents Yes
  • Change theme Yes
  • Hiding last seen Yes
  • Sending a blank message Yes
  • Copying people’s status Yes
  • 45 . language support

2. Regular WhatsApp

  • Document submission limit in 1 time 30
  • Number of letters in status 139 characters
  • Maximum media size 15MB
  • Sending text/PDF documents No
  • Change the theme No
  • Hiding last seen Yes
  • Sending a blank message No
  • Copying people’s status No
  • 130 . language support

4. How to Download and Install the Coco WhatsApp Application

Coco WhatsApp
How to Download and Install the Coco WhatsApp Application

Coocoo WhatsApp is a Mod application that cannot be downloaded on the Play Store but must go through a special link and the whole process must be done manually.

For more details, please see how to download and install the following Coco WhatsApp application:

  • If you are still using the official version of WhatsApp, you should first backup WhatsApp chats and media, so that the stored data is not lost when transferred to CooCoo WhatsApp. The trick is to open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and wait a while until the process is complete. After that you can uninstall or delete the official WA application.
  • Then download the Apk via the following link (Download Cocoo WhatsApp).
  • Then go to the Settings menu, because you need to allow the installation of applications from unknown parties through the Settings menu> Security Settings> enable Install Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Then click the .APK file and select Install then open the application.
  • On the main screen of the application, please tap AGREE AND CONTINUE and continue with the registration as usual.
  • Follow the steps on your smartphone screen such as filling in your name, selecting a profile photo until finally entering the CooCoo WhatsApp main menu.
  • Restore chat backups from official WhatsApp to CooCoo WhatsApp, so you can resume chats that were delayed.

5. Tips for Preventing Permanent Banning When Using Coco WhatsApp

Coco WhatsApp
Tips for Preventing Permanent Banning When Using Coco WhatsApp

Coocoo WhatsApp does prioritize the Anti Banned feature in its application, but that doesn’t mean you will avoid being completely banned, either temporarily or permanently.

There are several tips to prevent permanent ban when using Coco WhatsApp that can be applied, including:

  • Register WhatsApp with a backup number and never use the original number where you keep the main contact to communicate.
  • It is recommended to use only theme customization features, such as video call filters, Color Phone, and transparent WhatsApp only in Coocoo WhatsApp.
  • Avoid using features that can harm other WhatsApp users, such as hiding blue ticks, downloading other people’s statuses, spamming messages, and others.
  • Avoid sending reports and feedback in the Coocoo WhatsApp application.

The final word

That’s a complete review of Coocoo WhatsApp that you need to know, if you want to use a safe WA Mod.

Basically, all WhatsApp Mods have been equipped with security features, but because they are used excessively, users cannot avoid getting banned.

Therefore, use the Apk Mod fairly and certainly not too much, guys.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about Coco WhatsApp 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.