Difference between Burger and Hamburger

difference between burgers and hamburgers

The difference between Burger and Hamburger is that the filling of the Burger is a patty made of cooked meat or vegetables, whereas the filling of the Hamburger includes a patty made of only meat.

Burgers and hamburgers are both very popular fast foods and have become a staple in fast food restaurants. A burger is simply defined as a dish consisting of a filling and a bun. This filling can be a flat patty made from cooked vegetables or meat, or cheese and a variety of other options are available for filling.

Burgers and hamburgers are tantalizing fast food. In general we are all familiar with the word burger and a little bit confused between the two terms because sometimes people think they both are same or hanmburger is the full name of burger. And also some people might think that a burger with ham becomes a hamburger. To clear up this confusion, let’s start with a simple definition of a burger.

What are Burgers?

Burgers are a type of fast food. It is defined as a dish consisting of meat, vegetables and sauce inside a round bun. This filling generally contains patties, vegetables, cheese, and the like. Burgers are a delicious dish. It is liked among people, and many restaurants are gaining popularity because of them. A bun is the name of a bread that has a round surface. It consists of various flours, for example, wheat.

There are different types of burgers, for example, Fishburger, Hamburger, Mushroomburger, Pizzaburger, Porkburger and Vegeburger, etc. Burger buns are available in the market ready to cook. Burgers are gaining popularity because they are quick and easy to prepare.

Burger history tells that the buns were prepared by hand from beef. At this time, the burgers are thin with a uniform thickness. Burgers are also made to have so many layers of sliced ​​bread. These burgers are known as layered burgers. The burger round patty, which is made from mashed potatoes, is one of the most popular fillings for burgers.

What are Hamburgers?

The hamburger is a Burger specification. This is a kind of burger with any meat filling. This filling can be a patty based on beef, chicken, mutton, etc. Hamburger fillings or layers include a patty made of only meat. There are many types of meat such as mutton, chicken, beef, etc.

Hamburger bread consists of various types of flour, such as wheat. Ready-to-cook hamburger buns are also available in the market. However, some people prefer to make their hamburger buns at home. The hamburger itself is a type of burger. Bread containing Hamburger can be one or more than one. While the patty is made by various methods such as stir-fry or grilled.

Hamburgers are served in restaurants or homes with a variety of herbs and spices. Also served with cheese and vegetables, such as lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, onions or pickles.

Difference between Burger and Hamburger

  • Burger is a general term, whereas hamburger is a Burger specification.
  • There is a meat or vegetable filling between the bun slices on the burger on the other side of the hamburger with a cooked or grilled patty of ground beef as a filling. This meat can be mutton, chicken, beef, etc.
  • There are different types of burgers, for example Fishburger, Hamburger, Mushroomburger, Pizzaburger, Porkburger, Vegeburger, etc. While the Hamburger itself is one type of Burger.


Burgers and Hamburgers are types of fast food. Both are very tasty and are a common dish in restaurants. But there is a slight difference between the two.