Difference between Career and Profession

difference between career and profession

The term ‘career’ is often misunderstood as ‘profession’, but there is a fine line of difference between the two. A profession is an occupation, usually paid for, that requires a person to undergo prolonged training from a university, institution, or under certain experts.

The most important decision in a person’s life is to choose the right career for him. Career can be understood as work, which a person undertakes throughout his life, and includes all steps taken to increase income. A person’s lifestyle is determined by the career he chooses.

In this article I will discuss the difference between career and Profession, and I hope this article helped you in understanding how the term profession differs from career.

Career Definition

We define the term ‘career’ as all the roles that a person takes during his lifetime, such as education, training, occupation, job profile, work experience, and so on. It is the result of the decisions a person makes in his life, which affect his educational, professional, personal and social endeavors. It determines one’s orientation, commitment to work and willingness to grow and develop.

Career is a journey of learning and work that is different for each individual. It is a job order and job profile, i.e. the work a person does, the responsibilities performed, the shifts and transitions between jobs and the sense of satisfaction one gets from working with the organization. It is not concerned with one organization, but with all the organizations in which a person works throughout his life.

Because different people have different career goals, the measure of their success in career will also be different, meaning for some people the salary, position and frequency of promotions, will be called success, while for some people, it can be happiness and satisfaction, they get from doing what they like.

Definition of Profession

By ‘Profession’, we mean the type of economic activity that a person undertakes only if he has the knowledge, skills, and has undergone training for a certain period. People who practice professions are called professionals, such as doctors in the medical profession, advocates in the legal profession and engineers in technical professions, etc.

One can acquire the required skills and knowledge from the colleges, universities or specialized institutions dedicated to courses in this regard. Furthermore, some courses require expert training to become professionals in a particular field. They are regulated by a professional body, which also establishes guidelines or codes of conduct that all members must follow.

Professionals who work alone and not under anyone and charge fees for services rendered to clients in consideration are referred to as “Trained Professionals”.

Key Differences Between Career and Profession

The following differences between career and profession can be seen below:

  • Profession can be understood as a type of work that requires formal qualifications and prolonged training. On the other hand, career refers to the sequence of related jobs that a person takes in his life which includes jobs held, titles earned, projects completed, etc.
  • Profession is work. On the other hand, career includes work, in the sense that it includes the number of jobs and other roles that a person performs throughout his life. So, one can make a career as an entrepreneur, or as a doctor, or can work for an organization.
  • The profession one runs will be based on the education and training provided, but one’s career depends on one’s ambitions in life.
  • Profession is a service oriented job, because providing service is their main goal, even though they get paid for it, they cannot exploit people for giving their knowledge. On the other hand, career is growth oriented, people are looking for opportunities to excel in their career, to get better salary and good position.
  • Each profession has several guidelines or codes of conduct, which are framed by a regulatory body. On the other hand, there is no set of guidelines for a career, i.e. one is free to choose his career and pursue it.


careers and professions are both long-term endeavors of life. Career includes all work, business, or any other type of work carried out by an individual during his lifetime. While a profession is a job in which a person must have good knowledge and skills to provide services to others.