Difference between Rebonding and Straightening

Difference between Rebonding and Straightening

On this occasion I will discuss the difference between rebonding and straightening. The main difference between Rebonding and Straightening is that Rebonding is a permanent hair treatment, whereas Straightening is a temporary change in hair texture.

There are millions of women around the world who are tired of unruly and unmanageable curly or wavy hair and want to have straight hair that many women are born with. Straight hair attracts these women because there are many celebrities who flaunt straight hair even though it is known that they have curly hair.

Changing the type of hair from curly and wavy to straight is done through the Straightening technique. There is another technique called rebonding, which has become very popular in recent times, and it confuses many women. This is because of the similarities between the two techniques. This article attempts to find out the differences between the two to enable women to do a hair straightening method that is more suitable for them.

Definition of Rebonding

Rebonding is a special hair straightening technique that has the potential to change a person’s appearance if he has curly hair and wants to have straight hair like Caucasians. As the name suggests, the chemical bonds in damaged hair follicles are rearranged to make hair straight.

In rebonding, hair straightening is done using strong chemicals. These chemicals get into the inner layers of the hair and change its structure to make it permanently straight until new hair grows back. The whole procedure takes 5-6 hours and must be carried out in a beauty salon by a specialist. Rebonding can last for 5-6 months.

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Definition of Straightening

Straightening is styling the hair in such a way that it makes it look even and straight if it is initially wavy or curly. Hair, not only becomes straight, they also become smoother and slimmer for easy management. Straightening the hair can be done using various methods such as hot irons, chemical relaxing agents, shampoo and conditioner, etc., which help the hair to become temporarily straight. Some salons in Southeast Asia use the word rebonding to straighten hair.

Straightening can be classified under various categories like chemically straightening hair, thermally straightening hair, straightening hair through hot irons, using hair serum, etc. Whichever process you choose, stylists use this method on only a small section of hair at a time and then repeat it all over the hair.

Using a hot iron and comb can only temporarily change the texture of your hair and make it straight. However, relaxing chemicals change the bonds within the hair to make hair straight. However, even the chemicals act on the current hair and have no effect on the new hair that grows in a few months’ time. Hot iron is used in conjunction with some products such as creams, gels, conditioners, etc. to enhance the straightening effect of the iron.

Difference between Rebonding and Straightening

  1. Rebonding is the name of a special Straightening technique.
  2. Rebonding, as the name implies, utilizes chemicals that break the chemical bonds present in the hair and rearrange them to make one’s hair straight.
  3. Straightening is temporary, while rebonding is permanent and can last for 6-7 months.
  4. Rebonding is a bit expensive and the price can be more than 300 thousand.
  5. Straightening can be attempted at home, but rebonding needs to be done in a salon by a hair stylist who has experience in performing the procedure.
  6. Rebonding does not require regular maintenance, while Straightening requires regular maintenance.
  7. Rebonding looks natural, while Straightening is less natural.


Hair rebonding is a permanent solution for straight hair, but Straightening is a temporary treatment for straight hair. The Rebonding process is done with chemicals while Straightening is a thermal treatment.